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  1. Hi all. Maybe a noob request, but I'll give it a try... I use the tempo LED a lot when I'm the one starting the song, but since I have my Helix, I'm so bad at reading the tempo. I can't get used to the "half the time on / half the time off". For me the LED just stays lit for too long, when I'm rather used to something more like a flash. So I wish I could change that in the options. Am I the only one having a hard time with this ? Raph
  2. Hi Line 6. I have a Program Change message associated to each snapshot in the Command Center to control a MIDI pedal (TC Electronics Nova Drive). With the "Duplicate PC Send" option On, when I activate a snapshot my pedal briefly switches to the desired preset and immediately returns to the preset 0. It looks like the programmed PC# is correctly sent but followed by a PC#0. BTW Helix Edit is great ! I just wish the Instant Commands could be always displayed (there's a lot of room at the top near the snapshot name...). In fact I just wish for a ton of other small things, but this one is related to my issue :) Raph
  3. Hi. Same issue here: msvcr120.dll missing. Also solved by installing Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, nothing more. I think this thread should be pinned :)
  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! IIn the controler assign section of the editor, all the parameters are in the same order as when editing a block... except the Note Sync parameter which is at the end of the list ! I just missed it and lost so much time duplicating delay blocks. Thanks so much !!!!!
  5. 2 things for me. - Delay time/subdivision not being a snapshot parameter (and of course I want trails :) ) - Flanger. I probably lack some skills tuning them correctly. I have a basic MXR micro flanger I like a lot, and I can't dial anything close to it.
  6. I know you can, I use it a lot. I'm still new to the Helix, and I always find a lot of things to improve in my presets. And it often means updating them all. The thing is loading and pasting a block to 40 presets takes a lonk time. Using a dedicated preset is a very good tip to remeber yor prefered settings (thanks !), but it still takes the same time when you have to apply a modification everywhere. I really need linked blocks and a propagate button ! :)
  7. And doing this for all snapshots of all presets is a lot of (complicated and boring) work ! I just wish you could share blocks between presets, so that when you find the right spot (for volume or any parameter), you don't have to go through all your presets and paste this block. This is the main reason why I don't use Helix distortions and amps. I stick to external drive pedals in the loops and go into a clean amp, so that my distortion levels are the same for all presets. And I still have troubles with compressors, split pickup level drop... and the fact that you cannot play the same volume all the gig long :)
  8. I wish they were configurable too, and Preset/Bank Up & Down as well. I don't use the tap tempo as all my tempos are configured by preset. I could easily live without Preset Down. Activating the tuner by holding the Mode switch would be just great for me. Would allow to have 6 snapshots in the bottom row and 4 stomps in the top one.
  9. Hey guys. Just to let you know that my previous results were totally incorrect :) My settings were certainly wrong and my protocol too bad to get consistent results. So I started from scratch, and here is what I found. - Input is boosted by 0.2db. - Sends are OK - Returns are boosted by 0.4 db. - The 1/4" output is OK. Mostly negligible... which is good news :) With a -0.2db gain block right after the input, and setting all 4 returns to -0.4db, I get exactly the expected output volume. Setting the Return level costs nothing, but not sure the 0.2db boost is worth a block... Raph
  10. Hi Fido. Thanks for sharing your ideas on my issue :) I also made a test without the send block after updating to firmware 2.21 with the same results. At least I think I did.... But I will have to test again, because you are probably right about the signal split at the Send block level. I thought they were serial loops (like in the loop switcher I currently use).
  11. Hi guys ! I finally got my Helix and found some time to integrate it in my setup. For the next gigs, I plan to use it with my valve amp and keep using a few drive pedals to keep my base sound. I will keep it simple with my Helix in front of my amp, and my drive pedals in the Helix loops. Here is my problem. I spent a few hours trying to match the input, send/return and output volumes, to ensure the same signal level drives my amp and pedals. And with the settings that seemed suitable for my setup, the output is 4.1db lower that the input. To measure the levels precisely, I recorded a short guitar clip in my Jamman looper, replayed it and recorded it with a DAW : - directly: Jamman -> Audio Interface (UR44) -> DAW - through Helix : Jamman -> Helix Guitar In -> Helix 1/4" Out / Send 1 -> Audio Interface -> DAW I used an empty preset and the following settings : - Guitar In Pad: Off - 1/4" output: Instrument - Send/Return1: Instrument - No Global EQ - Input: Auto Hi-Z - Output: Multi, Level=0db - Volume knob : XLR If I add a 4.1 db boost (either with a gain block or the send block setting or the preset output setting), the input and output level match. I tried playing with the global settings. But if I set the output to Line, it is 8db too loud. Any idea on this ? I may have missed one setting... A gain block at the beginning of all the presets would solve the problem, but I'd rather avoid it. I will need one to match my guitar volumes anyway, but if I set it to 4.1 db for my loudest guitar, there is not much gain left for the quieter. Thanks for the help :) Raph
  12. Hi. Former Midi Moose user here (plus I went to check the manual to be sure :) ). It can only send Program Change MIDI messages. So the only way would be to assign specific functions to program changes in your Helix. I don't think it is possible for now. Raph
  13. It rather looks like a good idea to me. Sure, the expression pedal would work. But if you only need a solo boost, a simple switch could probably cost less and would take much less space on a pedalboard. Strymon pedals accept either an external switch or an external expression pedal with a single port. Raph
  14. Just saw this one on ideascale a few days ago. Looks like you're not the only one requesting it. Or maybe you submitted it :) https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Bypass-State-of-Effects-Not-Controlled-by-Snapshots/866269-23508 Maybe not a top priority for me, but it sounds useful, as almost everything adding flexibility. Raph
  15. I also spent some time studying the AX8 and the Helix before buying (which should be ... next week!!!) , and what made the difference for me is: - FX loops: I intend to keep using a few distortion pedals, my Micro Pog (and probably my amp). Well, at least at first :) Maybe I will drop everything once I find out I can get the same sound (or better) with just Helix. Maybe I give this a too high priority. - Dual path: I don't want to spend extra money on EQ, reverb and DI for my piezo pickup (used in conjunction with the magnetic pickups) - User Interface: nothing more to add :) - Expectations on evolutions: Helix lacks a few features that would be really cool for me, but there is generally an acceptable bypass. I also rely on what I saw on this forum: Line 6 seems determined to keep making Helix better and better. Raph
  16. HI ! What I understand is that for now, you have to assign the same footswitchs to DAW control in ALL your presets. That's why you use a template (your own or the stock one mentioned by DI). If you switch to a preset not based on this template, you cannot control your DAW. Do I get it right ? I would need to do something similar to control some MIDI-enabled pedals, so I recently proposed this idea: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Custom-footswitch-layouts/865069-23508. It would allow us to define some layouts or pages where footswitches could be assigned to generic functions (like sending midi PC or CC messages, controlling the looper, etc.) independant from the current preset or snapshot. These layouts could be reached from any preset or snapshot. You could cycle through them with the MODE switch for example. The term "page" is not very clear. I borrowed it (and the whole idea in fact) from the RJM Mastermind PBC, which is not a direct competitor but has great tweaking possibilities regarding the controls. Do not hesitate to upvote this idea if you like it :) Raph
  17. Sorry, I haven't read the whole thread. 1:1 mapping may work for you, but I would suggest not to do this :) Ideally, you would rather define in each Helix preset which PC # is sent to your H9, so that : - you can associate the same H9 patch to several Helix presets - when duplicating/moving patches on the Helix, you do not need to modify your H9 patches, and do not need to modify the PC # sent by Helix. Bye. Raph
  18. Another one for those who want to use the Helix as a midi controller for external systems, like pedals or amps. During gigs, everything should be automated on preset or snapshot change. But when jamming, or looking for a sound, or if anything goes wrong, I'd like to be able to jump quickly to a page where I can easily control my MIDI pedals. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Custom-footswitch-layouts/865069-23508
  19. Axe FX II + control pedalboard is not in the same price range as Helix, is it ? Also more effect loops on the Helix, maybe useless for most users. I was thinking about keeping my current fuzz and disto, and maybe even my tube amp (hard to totally cross the line :) ).
  20. Oh no more need to tweak pedals with the feet while playing ? I was getting not too bad :)
  21. Hi ! I submitted this one about Song Mode, to easily reorganize your presets for your next rehearsal or gig : http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Song-mode/864431-23508 Also started a new thread about it : http://line6.com/support/topic/25006-song-mode/ Your experience, advice and tips on live use of Helix are welcome :) Raph
  22. Thanks for the tips. Snapshots look really convenient. It's very similar to what you get with a loops switcher: a single set of pedal, and you activate/deactivate some for each section of your song. My switcher cannot go into "pedal mode", so I have to save switches for my main pedals (OD / Mod / Boost). Helix looks so flexible for this ! I want the best of both worlds. A variety of tones while being able to reuse the main bricks that make your own sound. These bricks can be presets (in song mode) or blocks (in snapshots). That's why I also support an idea about default or saved blocks :) http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Ability-to-save-default-blocks/741187-23508 When I was a Pod X3 user, my main issue was to keep my dozens of presets consistent, especially the output level. Amp volume was a nightmare to manage. I got fed up with that and sold it to go back with a tube amp...
  23. Thanks for you reply jbuhajla. I don't know precisely how much I will use multiple presets for one song versus single preset with several snapshots. I was considering using snapshots only for songs with very specific tones (for example combining magnetic and piezo pickups) or delay trails need. And keep using basic (and preferably shared) presets for simpler songs with more common tones (always the same lead tone, or the same clean with chorus). That's off-topic, but I really fear spending too much time dialing presets for each song (which I know I will love, this unit seems sooooo good :) ) and less time playing. But it is good to know moving presets is easy. It is also easy when you have to move and keep grouped 2 or 3 presets at a time ?
  24. LaurentJoulzy

    Song mode

    Hey guys! Sorry if this topic has already been discussed, could not find anything with the search engine. I submitted an idea on ideascale about the Song mode: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Song-mode/864431-23508. It is all about saving time when managing presets for gigs or even just rehearsals. I wanted to know what you think about it. I must precise I'm not an Helix user (yet :) ), but former X3 Live user (and many other. units in this price range). I currently play in two rock cover bands with 50-60 songs. For now, I use a pedal switcher (from GLab), which is great for the price, but: 1) lacks some memory to store all my presets for both bands. Even for one band/gig, I need to optimize the banks/presets organization, making my pedalboard layout not very intuitive. 2) lacks this "song mode" feature. When the order of the songs changes, I have to spend hours reorganizing my presets and learning the new layout. 3) probably lacks 12 lcd screens :D And a lot of thinks Helix can (or should or will soon be able to) do... This is the main reason why I am considering changing my setup. I don't think I can buy a unit (mfx or switcher) with just the standard bank/presets organization. And I don't think Line 6 concept of "setlist" changes anything for me, but maybe I'm wrong... Does anyone have any experience with Helix in the same kind of situation ? How do you handle this issue for gigs and rehearsals ? Thanks for you advice or idea support ! Raph
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