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  1. The Drop goes in half step increments. I use that and a POG with my Helix
  2. "what am I missing?" Are you using an acoustic guitar? If so, could it be you are missing the acoustic sound of your guitar? I realize it is kind of a dumb question
  3. Except it doesn't sound like a Univibe. At all.
  4. Pretty sure I saw him on a cruise ship in Alaska a few years back.
  5. IMO you did a good job troubleshooting this and narrowing down the issue. Don't let someone's baditude get to you. Generally speaking MoBo software can be a bit extraneous, but if you do want to use it, you are taking the right approach. You WILL find the true culprit. You may find out there is a newer version of that culprit out there and that one may work fine. Keep plugging away and report your findings.
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