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  1. i have hd 500, and trying to get that typical sound of Dominic Miller ( Sting's guitarist). The best example would be "Something the boy said" from Ten summoners tales album , but you can hear that sound all trough out his career. I've seen videos of him using a tele, les paul, strat and always sound good. I thing the trick is in the reverb or hall or echo may be little flanger or chorus or tremolo? i am also looking for that glassy tone. All u guys with years of experience and good ear, I don't expect you to make the patch for me but could you throw out some suggestions to point me the right direction? THNX
  2. I think the software just cgenged sh*@t to lollipop. Wtf
  3. Check out Meambobbo. He's the lollipop when it cones to patches
  4. I'm happy with what I have but the temptation is strong. Friedman has this nice little combo that sounds incredible and is plenty loud and easy to carry. Help me resist... what is it that you have right now that you are so happy with. I'd like to know
  5. So I started recording some guitar track tru Reaper via HD 500 USB port into PC USB. My backing track sound same tru earphones as it does going tru my clean channel of the amp. However my recorded guitar track was lacking a lot of delay and reverb. while playing live the delay/reverb ratio seemed perfect. So I increased the mix on both delay and reverb. Sounded terrible playing it but recorded it and sounds pretty good to me that way. Why would there be a discrepancy in USB signal vs line out? Are my global settings wrong? (I am using tube pre amp for clean channel drive at 2, volume at 7, no efx loop method) funny thing is modulation an over all sound of the guitar is not changed (at least to my ears) but time effx are.
  6. I was strictly just hypothesizing but: used POD 500 on ebay can be had for under $215. So instead of "upgrading" to 500X which from I understand is only increased capacity of DSP would 2 500 do the same trick for under the price of new 500X
  7. newbie to midi and PODs as well. Hypotethically speaking how would I daisy chain 2 pods to use one as a an extension to increase the DSP limit - example: usinf 1st unit for all the double amp and distortion effects and 2nd one for time delay fx . ( but no 4 cable method - that only increases confusion for me)
  8. what are your setting on POD for that. Are you using cab simulation? OR just using preamps of specific amps. Is the POD setting on direct line . man I am all confused with that 4 cable method at this point. I guess trial and error for me.
  9. I am somewhat in the same position as the orginal poster: just few steps behind. My amp has a FX loop with a mixer knob. Planning on using POD for all the distortion and using clean channel of the amp. DO I even need to use FX loop for that ? Also regsrdless of the answer , how do I mix FX mix on the amp and levels mix on POD. IS pod jacked up to 100% mix and regulate FX mix on the amp. this while 4 CB method is just totally new thing for me especially since I never owner a REAL amp before.
  10. so I'm not sure what the outcome was of this thread. I am about to embark on the 4 cable method journey and have few questions. My amp has FX loop with mix knob to it. From what I understand HD pod fx loop block has levels mix too. So what do I set HD poD levels to and what levels on Loop mix on amp?
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