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  1. Sorry, I'm running this as an interface, using the Helix for fx primarily. I run a preamp pedal into the helix then through the effects. Then I run that out to my IRs in my PC. I have the powered monitors hooked up to the helix. I then run the mono out from the Helix into the front of my tube amp. I had the powered monitors hooked to the XLR outs so I could hear it without using the PC. But the levels are way off. I just want to be able to use the Helix in my interface and play on my amp at the same time. I may just have to run my powered monitors in a different set up rather than directly out of the Helix, and monitor it from the PC
  2. I like the sound of my rig going into my tube amp. It runs Pedals - Helix - Amp. I also like to use my powered monitors for certain things. However, the level of the Helix needed to feed the amp just blasts the sound out of my amp. Is there a way to independently control these volumes?
  3. I have one guitar with active pickups and the rest without. Is there a way I can turn the pad input on or off for a single patch? Like say I want a patch for my active guitar with the input pad set for that but then have it normally for the other patches? Or is it a global setting I have to switch manually?
  4. I've hooked up a Fuzzhugger Doom Bloom into my Helix before the input. When I go to use it it has crackling glitchy sounds almost like it's cutting in and out, especially when palm muting. It reminds me of either digital clipping or an overactive noise gate. I don't have this problem with other pedals (I don't have a standard amp to test it on at the moment) including a fuzz. I've posted a link below to soundcloud. It's running into the stock AC-30 patch with no distortion, compression or noise gating on. Is this an issue with the pedal or using the pedal with the Helix? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. So basically run the guitar into the helix and use the onboard preamp and run it through an IR?
  6. I have an acoustic with a piezo pickup and a little preamp. I know I can run a DI into the DAW but do you guys have a favorite amp or set of effects when recording? I haven't found one I really like yet.
  7. Tehzim

    Blending cabs/IRs

    I guess what I mean is I know what I want to do, I'm just not sure which controls do it. But like you said, time to experiment.
  8. Tehzim

    Blending cabs/IRs

    I'm running an amp and want to make a doomy sound. So I'm running an IR of a guitar cab and a bass cab. How do I blend them to get say, 30% bass, 70% guitar cab? Does the mix option effect that or does it only effect the amount of dry signal that is blended with the cab. Thanks.
  9. Tehzim

    Helix forum issues

    Okay, just making sure it wasn't just me. Best of luck!
  10. Has anyone else been having trouble using the Line 6 forums? I frequently got "not available." Is this just on my end?
  11. Yeah I missed it too. I was quite sad. But my Helix doesn't really travel much so it's not as big a deal for me.
  12. I use Guitar Pro 7 myself. But I do have some basic knowledge of music (beats, rests, notation). Here's a good basic video on it. This guy is also cool to learn from: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkp4xDOwqqJD7sSM3xdUiQ Easiest thing to do is learn to read basic music notation then you can figure out by ear what to put in your tab program. Even then I spend a lot of time tweaking.
  13. If you've not bought your helix yet they are running a promotion that gets you a free Helix Backpack ($150) with purchase of floor or LT. https://l6c-acdn2.line6.net/data/6/0a020a3f06205a970f6962e17/application/pdf
  14. I use the LSR305s with mine and I like them fine for my small room with plenty of volume to spare and it sounds good when listening to mixes or even just regular audio when I use it as an interface/sound card.
  15. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll keep tweaking. Thanks! When you say parallel you mean splitting the signal into 2 cabs right then back together for the output? I have some of those GFS HB size 90s they are great.
  16. Tehzim

    pitch raise

    +1 on the Capo. Although I've gotten some decent pitch shift sounds out of the whammy in the Helix. I use it to "play bass" when I'm tracking so mileage may vary.
  17. I use Audio-Technica ATH M50-X. Not a better set to be had in that price range, imo. The really nice thing about the Helix is you can use some small speakers or headphones and still get a similar sound to an amp on 10. It's not the same when you're not moving the air but it's still remarkable.
  18. If you have Native just record via USB direct into Reaper then reamp the recorded track using it. That's what I do.
  19. I can't seem to find a good recording sound for cleans. They always end up sounding kind of muffled. I've got a good dirty sound, just want a fresh clean. This was just my Les Paul, with a Deluxe Vibe and an Ownhammer 212 3/4 Lynchback with a Telefunken MD421. I have a compressor on it as well. I want something like the clean sound in the verse of Cemetery Gates by Pantera. Clear and simple. Here's a sample of the clean I'm getting. I've stripped away all the post production. This is straight from the Helix via USB. Is it just a matter of EQ? Or am I missing something? Thanks. https://soundcloud.com/darkharbor/cleansound
  20. Thanks, I guess I never noticed they were all in stereo. That will teach me to be more observant.
  21. When I go to Reverbs on the Helix the Legacy verbs show up in mono and stereo menus and the Helix reverbs are in the Legacy panel. Is this a bug? Are the Helix verbs still stereo/mono?
  22. I think that having the icons wouldn't be very good if you have your Helix on the ground and you're standing up. The colors / titles would make it easier to see. And if you're in performance mode you can see the names of the pedals on the strips. And I think you can change the names on the scribble strips so you could name the pedal after what is actually is. Granted you'd have to do it for every preset (I don't think it transfers with snapshots) but it is doable. Perhaps a good compromise would be the ability to change the names of FX in the menus. So when you bring up a list of blocks in the menu you could name Minotaur as Klon and it would read that way in the menus and on the scribble strips. Just a thought. Dunno how feasible that would be.
  23. What will happen to Legacy effects that duplicate FX already in the Helix? For example the Tycobrahe Fuzz (Tyoctavia Fuzz in Helix and Octave Fuzz in Legacy). Will there be two instances? What will the difference be? Any clues?
  24. Pardon my ignorance but I can't find the download link in the thread.
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