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  1. I have gotten snapshots and CC Toggles to work, with one significant caveat. It seems as if single CC Toggles work fine, but multiple toggles engaged produces inconsistent results. I haven't had much time to fuss with it, I'm not really willing to invest much more time in the Helix at this point.
  2. Respectfully, I disagree. There were 52 bugs specifically listed plus another bullet that stated "many other fixes and optimizations". The 2.4 patch was released many months ago so these bugs have been present in their shipped software while they were working on new models. I completely support product development, especially since I own the product, but I have some experience working with large software development operations, and when teams prioritize shipping new features over fixing broken features it's a sign of serious problems in the software development process. "Slipped through testing" isn't a reasonable response in today's world. Most of these tests should be automated and run every time a developer checks in code. If an existing feature breaks it gets fixed then and there. Yes, I've shipped software with defects. I'd also expect serious questions if I shipped software claiming to fix a defect that had been out in the wild for months and it was still present.
  3. Hey man, yes I hear you! For me this is one of the most important aspects of the helix. I'm pretty sure it's not totally fixed, but I was able to accomplish all desired tasks I had in mind controlling two external loopers, and helix looper through snapshots.  Let me describe what I did. First I erased all midi commands on my preset. Then set up control of two devices, a timeline looper, and helix looper with the instant commands. The parameters of instant commands do save percentage snapshot! Then I setup several footswitches to control my 2880 looper. This IS working! If you have any questions let me know

  4. This is exactly what I'm experiencing. Basic toggling of a footswitch works fine, snapshot recalls are completely bonkers. I've tried setting up completely new patches and using my existing patches. Same result. It's completely unacceptable for a software defect to exist this long. I enjoyed the Helix but Line6 support is completely awful.
  5. So the MIDI CC Toggle bug that was reported in 2.5x is still present. I've been waiting since March for this update and it has utterly failed. Helix, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT only: In some cases, Command Center CC Toggle messages are not sent when selecting snapshots — FIXED NOPE. Not fixed in the slightest. I currently have my Helix set up to control my RJM analog loop switcher which accepts CC commands. The assigned switches control the gizmo as expected. When changing between snapshots the lights work as intended but no MIDI CC command is sent. This bug was reported in February or March. Come on Line6, get it together!
  6. I'm with you man. It's pretty frustrating that they aren't releasing a 2.55 patch to correct a major defect. I'm all for more cool tones but I'd rather wait on that for this defect to be resolved.
  7. Here's my setup for accomplishing what you're after... I do use my helix as my audio interface but I don't think that would matter much... Helix Snd1 > Amp Input > FX Snd > Helix Return 1 > Helix 1/4 L out > FX Return > Amp Spk Out > Two Notes Captor DI > DI Line Out > ( Helix Aux In & 4x12 Cab) This way I can run modeled or analog, go direct to DAW through USB, to my monitors using XLR or to my 4x12. I can also play around with wet/dry/wet setups if I'm feeling, ya know, out there...
  8. I would use this feature too. Here's a hack that I use to achieve the same results. Depending on how you use your unit this may not work. My rig: Helix with a Mesa Mark V and an RJM midi controlled effects looper for analog effects in loops 1 & 2. A TC electronic Ditto X4 in stereo loops 3 & 4. I normally use "Snapshot/Stomp" mode with 8 switches. I used the top row of stomp switches for commonly used effects on a given patch and normally I have 4 snapshots on the lower row. To make MIDI setup easier, I have a template saved with MIDI toggles set up on the first 4 for my commonly used effects pedals. I also have midi CC's for my looper set up in the bottom row of stomps and bank up/down switches. This way when I set up a new patch I have my 4 pedals already set up, if I want to use something else the helix interface makes that pretty easy to do. If I want my looper while I'm playing, (normally hidden by the bottom row of snapshots and bank up/down), I just hit the mode switch to switch into stomp mode and that brings up my bottom row of stomps which has all of my looper controls ready to go. Hope that helps you...
  9. FYI - I did successfully upgrade to 2.52 while it was up and live. In fact I'm still running that firmware. The bug for MIDI CC Messages and snapshots I mentioned is present in 2.50 and 2.52. Unless they have additional fixes for the next patch I don't think the issue my passionate friend above and I are experiencing will be resolved. Please help. I'm spoiled after replacing my pedalboard with this setup, and I'm not a fan of tap dancing, even if I use fewer exclamation points to make my case.
  10. I'm encountering a bug that first appeared in 2.50 and still seems to be present in 2.52. I have foot switches assigned to midi toggle for effects in my rack. These work as intended when toggling the switches manually. In 2.30 snapshots would save the state of the footswitch and when changing to that snapshot the appropriate midi messages would be sent. Now the indicators are lit, but no MIDI message is sent. Seems similar to the reported, and now fixed, bug with external amp switching though I don't use that feature. Please look into this bug for your next release.
  11. I've had my Helix Rack for about 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I'm having an issue and while I have workarounds I'm looking for some input. I use the Helix in 4CM with an analog looper (RJM Rack Gizmo) and my amp (Mark V). The looper responds to MIDI CC as well as Program Change messages. I currently have Program Change messages disabled on the Helix and am using CC either as an instant command or assigned to a footswitch. I use these to switch channels and enable the 3 OD pedals I have in the loops. The problem I'm having is related to saving the state of a CC Toggle assigned footswitch to a snapshot. From what I can tell the Helix does seem to attempt to save the state of the footswitch but when I select a new snapshot the "enabled" CC Toggle switches don't seem to have any effect. Also, currently active CC Toggle footswitches dim the LED as expected but the appropriate CC message doesn't appear to transmit to disable the loop. I realize that I can use Instant CC messages and have been doing that as well but I'd like to assign my loops to a FS on some patches. Is anyone else using the Helix like this and have you been able to use Snapshots?
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