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  1. I must say that the Helix Floor that i bought when it came out years ago is the best investment in music gear i have ever done. The way you keep updating and improving this thing is unprecedented. So thank you very very much for the helix Line 6. When and if Helix 2 comes out i'm first in line.
  2. I have owned the Helix Floor since the day it was released and have updated it with every single update published by Line6. I have not had a single problem ever. I have used both PC and Mac for updating and they both work fine. But i have always made sure that the PC config is "clean" and without any weird drivers, programs, configs and so on. It's absolutely impossible for any vendor to cater for all kind of configs on users PC:s so to spare yourself issues create a secondary Boot sector on your machine and use that as clean as possible when you are updating.
  3. New Tuner modes... I just purchased a really expensive Peterson strobe tuner... :-( . :-D
  4. The Tuner isn't up to par with the rest of the unit. Really bad, and hard to get a stable reading regardless of instrument.
  5. Couldn't agree more. I made a comment about the lack of L6 Link in the Firehawk 1500. I thought it was a shame they left it out because that would have been a nice way to connect my Helix to it. I was then immediately declared an idiot by both all the fanboys and L6 staff. This is not a very nice place to be if you don't say how great everything is about Line 6. I also bought my Helix with the promise that it would be so much more after some time. But maybe it will be with the Helix like it is with Line 6 Stagesource. Take the customers money and run.. ;-)
  6. Some good Boost pedals isn't to much to ask for i think... ;-)
  7. Very nice job. Thank you very much for the editor, it's a nice piece of software. Have used it both on my Macbook Pro with latest OsX, Win7 and Win 10 but the nicest way to work with it is on my Surface Pro 3 with Win 10. It works excellent with the touchscreen.. :-)
  8. How do you know what settings to use for impedance. I have mine set to Auto but maybe there are some "tone" to be found there.. :-)
  9. I had the same experience so i bought some iR packs from and it made a huge difference in my case. Tried some other IR:s out there but the ones from cabIr are the ones i like best.
  10. I ordered mina a week ago, got sent out today.
  11. Helix is the first Line6 modeler i like. I have tried all the others including Firehawk and the 500x. The Helix is actually better than both the Kemper and AxeFx imho. If it's worth the money only you can decide, but you wont get disapointed soundwise....
  12. Very nice job, Thank you very very much. It's bookmarked and shared to my friends.. :-)
  13. I will try it out and give you some constructive critic.. (if i can) ;-)
  14. But it's not the same as a couple of dedicated Boost/Comp Pedals.. ;-)
  15. A really good Boost pedal would be very useful. I know you can do a boost with the eq but i would like to some dedicated boost, there are some very good ones out there to model.
  16. I have no clue how to this. I have confirmed my new mail a number of times but still get an error when i'm trying to save my new adress. /Tobbe
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