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  1. Does anyone know how old the 'incompatible' version is? I bought a CS12 this year.
  2. How about a 1-switch looper with a 4 minute loop time? Pretty please?
  3. The TC Electronic Nova was digital with analog drives.
  4. I have a Helix and love it, but very nearly went the Fractal route for two reasons: - Editor runs perfectly on Linux. - Loop time is longer.
  5. Thanks for the feedback ... hopefully Line 6 can take a look at that after releasing HX Edit for the HX Effects.
  6. Sweet! Yeah, more setup time unfortunately, which is not a luxury I always have ... basic is fine for me. I do one loop and play over it. I play mostly Jazz, so feature wise the looper has more than I even need. Just too short. If it could get to 4 minutes (even at a lower fidelity) that would be perfect. I am on firmware 2.54.0, I will try again tonight. Thank you!
  7. Woo! Nice to be joining this club. :^) A little background. I have been playing for 30+ years, and used to be a tube snob. Have owned a lot of vintage and modern tube amps (they are great!). I spent 8 years as a professional musician (teaching and gigging). Although that was a ton of fun, it was not the right career choice for me. I am a Software Engineer now, but still play a decent amount of paid gigs. When I started gigging again after 'retiring' I ended up getting into solid state amps. I still have some and love them. But the Helix (and the Ampli-Firebox) are my first serious foray into digital. I think the technology is finally 'there', at least for my needs. I spent months demoing and researching all of the top floor board units. I did not dig the tone of the Headrush. The GT-1000 sounded great but had an awkward interface. I was VERY close to getting the AX8, but I hate using a computer while being creative, so I really wanted an inspiring interface on the device. From what I have read and heard, the AX8 and Helix BOTH sound incredible. So here I am! Initial impressions of the Helix (using it with quality headphones): - The interface is brilliant. There are tons of little touches letting you know this product spent a lot of time in user testing. It is incredible that such a complex device can be so fun to use! - The tone is inspiring. I was getting lost in just playing clean tones. I have never had a headphone-only session where that happened. Usually headphones (in my experience) are too bright and brittle. The Helix has plenty of options to dial in a warm tone. - The looper length is too short. I knew this going in and it was swaying me toward the AX8, but the Helix won on too many other counts. I play a lot of solo gigs and looping is an important part of that. I may need to still bring my trusty RC-1. - Is there a way to move a block from Path 1 to Path 2? I tried copy and paste as well as just moving the block, but nothing seemed to work. I ended up just deleting the block and recreating it on the other path. - I sure hope the updater or HX Edit work on Linux through Wine. I know AX8-Edit works perfectly through Wine, so I am hoping for the same here, if worse comes to worse I will have to figure something out for firmware updates. - The hardware is incredibly sleek and sexy. Plus it just feels very solid. I baby my stuff, but this thing looks like it could take a beating. Any other tips besides the things I asked about?
  8. Do you know how to make the VST full screen? I am a Reaper n00b, but want to learn.
  9. Anybody try Helix Native with Reaper? I know Reaper tends to be very efficient (CPU/performance wise).
  10. dotpc


    You may want to look into a Tripp Lite Isobar. Solved some strange noise issues for me.
  11. Didn't see this one, but maybe I missed it ... Jared Scharff:
  12. Four cable method is usually used when you still want your amp's preamp, you are likely to have the best luck going into your amp's return, if it has one. That being said, if it sounds good to you, it IS good.
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