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  1. Start with a strong bass, keep your middle centered, and stay out of treble.
  2. The main reason I would vote for the Helix LT or full Helix would be for the interface. It is truly inspiring. The HX, while awesome, is not as fun to mess around with. And even though your nephew is 100% acoustic now, is there any chance that could change in the future?
  3. @ddufour, what kind of music does your group play?
  4. Small update: I contacted Strymon and they believe the predelay on the Flint 80s verb is around 40ms.
  5. Anyone found settings to emulate the Flint's beautiful infinite decay "80s" reverb? It seems that I can get close with the Cave reverb using a decay of 10.0 with high cut around 2k, but I would love to hear what others have tried.
  6. dotpc

    Tube amps Gone?

    Great solid state amps (Quilter Tone Block 201 and others) got me off tube amps long before I got a Helix, unless you count the Vox MV50AC.
  7. That was the one ... is this happening on all presets?
  8. Have you turned down the usb output on the Helix?
  9. No more overdrive or distortion pedals until we get a Klon in there! Oops, sorry, thought I was on the Fractal forum.
  10. Thanks! Looks like it doesn't double as a volume pedal though.
  11. Looking for a recommendation. The Fractal EV-2 looks like the best bet but I am not sure if it is compatible. Anyone have experience with it or know of any other options? Would be nice if it also worked with the Strymon Flint and BOSS RV-6.
  12. I am in love with the new reverbs. Also glad I found out about the input pad. Makes the clean amps actually clean.
  13. Some more updates here. TURN THE INPUT PAD ON! Makes a huge difference if you want all amps to have more clean headroom. Even on low output single coils this makes far more amps usable for me (I am primarily a clean player). I wish someone had suggested this early on, best overall change to my Helix yet.
  14. Go Full Helix. The scribble strips are amazing.
  15. Did you try the input pad?
  16. Crazy question--but--have you tried turning the guitar volume all the way up?
  17. Plug one into 'Guitar In', and the other into 'Aux In'. Change the input paths to accept those respectively.
  18. So I believe I have solved the issue, thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I checked a few other presets and they seem way louder than my preset. But I think the keyword is seem, since they are far brighter than my preset. I added the LA Studio Comp as a limiter at the end of the chain and that helped immensely. I also dialed back the amp's channel and master volume slightly and the issue seems to be gone. I think the LA Studio Comp was the real magic here. Thanks again!
  19. It is not fizz/sizzle, I have used other modelers before and am familiar with those type of tones. Valid concern though.
  20. Thank you, I will try that. If anything though, the volume is too quiet. Just clips. It must be how I have my patch dialed in.
  21. It happens even at 50% headphone output. It also happens through studio monitors. It happens when I play through the headphones. It is probably my patch, but the patch is quite simple. Happens on other headphones I have (as I mentioned in the post) as well as studio monitors.
  22. I get clipping even at low volumes using the headphones out. I am using Sennheiser HD650 headphones (I also tried Sony MDR-V6 headphones), and even with a relatively clean tone I still get clipping. When I record via USB with the Helix, the level is quite low (never going above -6db) often wavering around -10db or -15db, so I don't think the level of my patch is too high. Help? Issue solved.
  23. Any ideas on how to accomplish an organ tone on the Helix? What effects were your patch using?
  24. It's interesting. Having a time-lapsed EQ change that took place over an hour would be a (somewhat) easy place to start.
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