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  1. I get it. I’m eager to see the release, too, but it’s all self-inflicted. If I didn’t want to waste time and risk disappointment, I’d check back the first day of Summer for a product that they’ve said from the start is coming in Spring.
  2. The HX Stomp FAQ on Line 6’s official site states “Just update both HX Stomp’s firmware and HX Edit to 2.70. Both should be available very soon.” The last update to the FAQ was a week back so presumably that’s now very, very soon. It seems unlikely that HX Edit would update without the rest of the family having corresponding firmware updates. I presume qualification is taking a little longer as they align their technology to make it easier to update and qualify the Helix, Helix LX, HX Effects, and HX Stomp all at once going forward.
  3. Have to concur. The headphones aren’t likely the issue, so is it a matter of hearing your speakers in your room? Room tone isn’t something you’re going to get out of the Helix because it’s intended to reproduce the mic’ed amp - not the sound of the amp in a specific listening environment.
  4. Wonderful! I’m glad to hear you had a positive experience and have decided to jump in. I’m certainly having a blast with mine.
  5. I'm not sure how I can tell. Just listen to continuous audio for long periods of time waiting for a timing glitch? I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm afraid it's not practical. There's nothing particularly convenient or simple about trying to reconcile multiple audio interfaces, which will add significant lag by necessitating a round-trip through a host computer among other issues. I'm looking for my best option to integrate the Helix into an existing setup, and I can't be the only person whose studio environment isn't completely guitar centric.
  6. I speak from very recent experience, since that’s how I convinced myself to buy the Helix that arrived Saturday!
  7. Yes, it’s the Floor model (but not the dealer’s demo unit, which many would refer to as the “floor model.” Some dubious naming, there.) That certainly sounds like a good idea for my own future creative efforts. Thanks for the suggestion! It’s still a pain when I’m just auditioning factory presets to get a feel for what’s possible, and makes sharing things with the community more complicated than it needs to be.
  8. Everything you describe should work just fine. One way to find out if you like the results is to download a free trial of the Helix Native plug-in and use it with a computer and audio interface that has two inputs with pre-amps. That way you have fifteen days to see what you think and you get a good introduction to everything except the physical aspects of the Helix floor and rack units. The Helix Native user interface is essentially identical to HX Edit, which is used for remote configuration of the hardware versions.
  9. New Helix owner here as of this past weekend. So far it’s everything I hoped it would be, but then I had done quite a bit of research. I love having a physical object to interact with while I play and am very impressed with the user interface design on display. Stellar, really, and along with the availability of Helix Native for reamping when away from my studio these were the two deciding points for me. I’ve read the manual pretty thoroughly and have done what research I can here, but I still have a few questions that I’m hoping someone might have insight into: The Helix Rack offers a clock input but the floor unit does not. Will it lock to an external clock when using the S/PDIF input? Or does it insist on being the master? The manual is no help at all here. Is there any way to globally override the multi input used in all presets to use another input? I prefer to use my audio interface’s preamp for recording clean, and would use S/PDIF for the round trip but it’s irritating to have to edit every preset, one at a time, to adjust to my chosen input. Presumably anyone running a line level input to one of the returns would be similarly inconvenienced. If anyone knows any tricks here, please let me know! If not, weigh in on my IdeaScale suggestion to see if Line 6 can’t address this scenario better in future. When using S/PDIF as an input signal, how does the Helix interpret a stereo input? All other guitar inputs are mono, so does it sum the two channels? Just use one? Or actually allow a stereo source? It might be nice to be able to select the left or right channels individually for two guitars or a guitar and bass. Again, loving what I’ve heard so far from my new Helix. It’s clearly a very capable, well designed, and solidly constructed unit. The only out-of-the-box surprise I had was a DoA USB cable included in the box. I was worried initially about the unit itself, but it works perfectly well with another cable.
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