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  1. Oh didn't realize I can do that. I just gave up and bought interface. Works like a charm and I get my sounds from plugins anyway so I might sell my pod. Thanks for the tip anyway!
  2. Do you know which usb port you have on the back (2.x or 3.x)? My laptops seems to work fine with usb 2.0 port. My new computer has only usb 3.0 ports I think and can't fix bsod no matter what I try...
  3. Try placing wah before tube drive if you already know that is the problem. You can move the effect in chain in hd edit from the top where you see your whole chain as images. Just drag and drop it between other effects. And without hd edit, there is button on your device that says "move". Wonder what that would do.
  4. Was this a joke or does recalibration really affect the knobs too? @Anthonybecker there might be some dust or dirt inside your device. Try to roll your knobs from 0 to 100 several times and see if that solves the problem. Personally I wouldn't mind the problem because the difference between 100 and 99 settings isn't noticable.
  5. There is "fx loop" or something similar named in the effect block list. Place this block in your chain where you want your overdrive to take place. Then, connect the physical pedal to the pod with the effect loop in/out ports. (Not 100% since I don't own any pedals, but should get you started.)
  6. Check the manual. There should be a step-by-step guide. Or google it.
  7. I bought HD500 for 180€ used and I think it was totally worth the money. I would recommend upgrading to (used or new) 500 or 500x too.
  8. Those should be on the bottom of your device.
  9. The master volume affects all your patches. For example, if your overdrive patch is at 50db and clean lets say 30db and you turn master volume up so you get overdrive at 55 then clean patch also goes to 35. If you have two separate patches for clean and overdrive use the channrl volume to level the volumes. Remember to save before changing patch if not using HD edit.
  10. Also try using compressor for cleans (or for both). That can make your quiet notes louder.
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