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  1. Hey hurghanico, Thanks for the reply and for the details on the channels. I only got to actually try this out last week. - The only thing I didn’t check was the different channels setup (I though the DAW should be set to the same MIDI channel as the POD). - I also made sure the MIDI IO is set as described. Unfortunately, the only thing I’m getting from the DAW so far is the tempo, which is working just fine, but no other control. I will check the last gaps I haven’t done yet as per your comment and will let you know of the result.
  2. Hi guys, my band has recently started using Studio One 3 to send the song tempo using MIDI to all other devices. (if anybody curious, the devices are: Korg Kronos, Line6 HD500X and Line6 Helix LT) We do change tempos during our songs, so classic metronome wouldn’t do in our case. We’d also like to program the Studio One to switch the effects for both bassist and the guitarist. Does anyone have experience how to do this? Should the Line6 effects be set up in any specific way? Are any special plugin(s) neeed for Studio One? Given we would like to have the effects changed for both Line6 HD500X and Helx LT: Is any setup synchronization needed for the devices - e.g. same effect names, same structure, any hierarchy settings? What needs to be done? If you have any idea or experience, your help would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, Just to let you know that following applications work flawlessly on macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 - POD HD500X Edit 2.27 - Licence manager, Version 1.14 - Drivers, Version 7.6.8 I haven’t needed any other software yet (I don’t even know if I could use all of it). But I believe these are the essentials which would prevent most of us to update. If you are still scared to upgrade or would like to have any additional sw tested, please let me know - if I can, I will gladly help you out. Addition: I’ve recently done a very extensive troubleshooting on Drivers compatibility for Catalina (Big Sur shouldn’t be that different) so I’m throwing the complete troubleshooting guide in as an attachment. Take care! PODHD500X_MacOS_Drivers_Troubleshooting.docx
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