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  1. I run a Plexi pre-amp mod via the 4CM with my Helix into my Mesa Rectifier's power amp section. Sounds great. Gets that thick smooth Recto gain plus that classic Plexi spank. Signal path is basically GTR > RECTO > FX SEND > PLEXI PRE-AMP MODELLER > RECTO FX RETURN
  2. Fifteen pages in and no sign of Godwin's Law. Nice job!
  3. I sold my Strymon Big 3 to buy my Helix. You'll love 'em. The Big Sky basically destroys any reverb patch on the Helix. It's that good. I do miss my Strymon stuff, but don't regret my decision. Strymon's UI/UX definitely feels dated compared to what others are doing these days. Personally, I always struggled in a live situation dialing in specific patches, especially when just jamming. That said, I do miss having them. They sound incredible.
  4. Feedback is a huge part of my playing and that's one area the tube amp has the Helix beat. Until then, it's 4CM for me. At home, it's 100% Helix tho. In my band, I need my Mesa + the Helix.
  5. I converted my Rectifier loop to a serial effects loop. I've never had any issues with my Helix and noise. My main rig is Helix + Mesa Rectifier. I love the combo. Maybe it's the loop conversion? I can't say because I modified the loop long before I bought my Helix.
  6. I set my return from the Helix to -4db, that helped me a lot. I also have it set to line level, and just like you, I modified my FX loop to serial. Mesa should just put a switch on their amps that let you change to serial FX loops. I also had to put some time into dialing in the Helix. I noticed some of the dirt boxes didn't sound so good with the Rectifier -- like the OCD. Since we have the same amp, I can post my patch this evening when I get home.
  7. I have the same amp and have it set up the same as you -- except I am running a mono cable from the Helix to the Channel switch on the back of the amp. I don't have any hum or any issues with extra noise. Try ditching the Y cable and use one cable for the channel switch. If you don't have any hum, I would guess that your Y cable method is causing a ground loop issue. FWIW, I use the Helix's Simple EQ block as a boost instead of using the Mesa Solo switch.
  8. I run 4CM as well and, like you, leave the amps and cabs out of the chain. 1. As always, effects chains are subjective but here is a good starting point. GATE > WAH > COMP > PITCH > VIBE > TREM > DIRT 2. Assuming you run in mono - No. It's just a parallel path. Kinda need two amps to get the Wet/Dry sound. 3. I have an acoustic IR that sounds solid. I don't remember where it came from tho. Sorry. General tips: Gain stacking into a tube amp tends to get really mushy really quickly on the Helix. It doesn't behave as I expect, so experiment to taste. Using the Simple EQ as a boost works better than using the Kinky boost. Try placing a pre-amp model in your chain right after the Loop block. It's counter-intuitive for sure, but my primary patch I use with my Rectifier has Plexi pre-amp model that sits right in front of my power amp. The chain is basically GTR > some Helix FX > MESA PRE AMP > PLEXI PRE AMP MOD > Delay/Verb > MESA POWER AMP > CAB. Sounds amazing.
  9. Ha! My band is working up Enter Sandman right now! I'm playing James' part. What I did was create a patch with two amps that were selected via snapshots. I used the Roland JC for cleans adding 70s chorus and tape delay and the Rectifier for the rest of the song. I used the same cab for both amps. Works great and sounds fantastic.
  10. Absolutely! You'd never hook up a rack effect between amp and cab. However, there was a big difference in the way Helix processed the effects placing them in between the amp and cab vs. after the cab. Placing them between really captured that Lynch/Nuno/Lee processed tone.
  11. I've been trying to re-create some of those highly-processed 80s metal tones. What really helped nail it was to think in terms of how those guys set up their gear. Most of them had rack processors that sat between the cab and amp in the signal chain. So I created a parallel loop between the amp and cab and placed all my modulation and time-based effects. It sounds great and just like those 80s guitar players.
  12. All my favorite bands play guitars, so therefore guitars are better.
  13. Geez, do I have to do everything around here?
  14. This thread needs less name-calling, more spectrum analysis and a touch more butthurt.
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