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  1. Hey @Rezzy777 glad that everything worked out in the end. Was browsing on the WIDI Master site and saw this . Wondering if this would allow you to do what you originally wanted (seems like it would).. EDIT: Although it doesn't seem to be available just yet..
  2. You can read about that (the global eq on L6 Link) on this thread: But in short, it has to do with overall DSP availability.
  3. Very true indeed! Thanks for the video and all the info. It would be cool if our l6 boxes could act as host as well (as I originally thought possible) but it is what it is and it is very cool already. :)
  4. In the interest of continuing this conversation and learn a bit more about our devices uses and its functionalities... I read the below statement on the hx stomp manual regarding midi: "HX Stomp transmits and responds to MIDI messages over USB in the same manner as via its MIDI connectors." This confused me a bit as my understanding from it is that the USB MIDI functions just like the regular MIDI connectors, and hence direct connection between devices using USB would be possible. However, this contradicts what PierM explained above, which btw made sense to me. Any thoughts on this one anybody?
  5. No worries. Its good that its been cleared up now so that we go on thinking there are special units out there lol Regarding the presets question, I was checking the manual and there it is referenced that it should recognize the entire range (from 01A to 42C in my case). Probably some residual minor bug on my unit from the upgrade. Will do a factory reset when I get a chance and see if that fixes it, probably when 3.1 comes out...
  6. On another note.. @Elephantstomp when you configured you FSx for preset X, were you able to choose from all of the list or was it limited to a specific range? When I tried to simulate your setting I notice that when choosing a preset I can only go as far as 32D (which is not the full range of presets). Wondering if this is per design or a fault..
  7. Yeap, it seems he configured FS1 for snapshot 1 / FS2 for preset / FS3 for snapshot 3, and is calling this SNAPSHOT mode.. The fact that there are no arrows between FS1&2 and FS2&3 indicates that he is on STOMP mode. Its either a misunderstanding from him what MODE is, or his unit, for whatever reason, allowed him to do this setting which is not possible on any other.
  8. Thanks for the explanation @PierM!!! To me this is what a forum is all about, sharing and learning all the time. @Rezzy777 back to the drawing
  9. Are you sure you are doing this from "Snapshot" mode and not "Scroll" mode set for snapshot browser? The reason I ask is because I tried to do this on Snapshot mode and it didn't work at all. I tried to set the function to the next preset and a specific preset number as well. To me it makes sense for this not to work on the Snapshot mode as you would lose one of your Snapshot options by doing this, which kind of defeats the point of being on this mode to begin with. Doing this on the Scroll mode however seems more reasonable and quite easy to achieve, and probably one of the reason why it exists.
  10. You can try using your existing cable with an adapter on the USB A side to whatever USB type the H9 has * (or you could check on Amazon, or whatever online store that sells cables, if they have a cable with both ends you need.). At least this is a cheap way of testing out before having to resort to more complex and expensive solutions.. ;) *You could also use the H9 usb cable and buy an adapter to match the Helix port, which is USB B
  11. Bearing the hw wear in mind, if you have available FS on your preset you could assign a Stop command via command center to another FS to avoid the double pump ;)
  12. Have you checked the possibility of connecting the Helix to the H9 via USB? If this works it seems to me that you original question can be fulfilled very simply. You would just need to get one of the bluetooth MIDI connectors already mentioned, connect it to the Helix and connect your iPad to this. This is assuming that the whole point of your question was to have a wireless midi control to your Helix, whilst the connection between Helix and H9 can be via cable (as it currently is).
  13. I think we are on the same page... Although I don't know the H9, I was trying to suggest precisely what you said as well. To sum it up what we are saying is: - Connect Helix and H9 via usb cable - Connect iPad to Helix via MIDI out/in using the WIDI master (or similar product) @Rezzy777 I guess then you can try connecting your H9 to the Helix with the usb cable and see if it works out. If it does that its just a matter of buying the WIDI and connecting your Helix to the iPad..
  14. @datacommando Apparently the OP is aware of those but he is currently using his midi ports to connect to another pedal, what he was wondering is if there is something similar to this via the USB B port. @Rezzy777 Having said this. Does your pedal also have USB port with midi support? If so, you could maybe connect the pedals with the USB cable and use a MIDI device as the one @datacommando posted to connect to your iPad/Phone (have no idea if this works, its just a thought based on assumptions of usb midi inter connectivity)
  15. @DunedinDragonMIDI commands are 100% supported over USB. I currently do it with the cable connected to the PC, and have seen many people do the same via android/ios too. @Rezzy777 I came across this just now and it seems to be along the lines of what we talked just now.. It seems though that is not available currently.
  16. yeah, I get the same.. Whenever I search for something I get either audio bluetooth transmitter/receivers or wifi extenders. Maybe there might be some other term to be used for this search or simply it doesn't exist.. I'll dig around and if I ever find something I'll post here.
  17. I would be interested to know as well. In theory this should be feasible (since it works via usb already). I haven't searched around but there should be wireless usb extention devices already which you could potentially test this theory. Have you ever searched for this before?
  18. An alternative would be to set it to Scroll mode, which you would have fs1&2 to move up and down snapshots or presets, and having a free fs3 to either set as a global snapshot/preset changer or configure via command center to to do those functions instead.
  19. Hi. The Stomp USB outputs are default, there is no need to set anything up to capture the sound via them. Just have the stomp connected with the USB cable and in your DAW add a track with Stomp USB x/y as your source (1/2 is your stereo sound as it comes out of your chain, 5/6 [might be another number might have to check the manual for the correct ones] is the unprocessed sound, just the dry guitar with no effects). hope this helps.
  20. Cool, tks for sharing. Always thought of doing one of those, if I actually do it, this will e very helpful.
  21. The method works but I couldn't say if it works for with this specific power supply. I think worst case you might not have enough juice, don't think there will be harm in trying to make sure.
  22. You can follow this: HX Edit—Access the 3.0 Pilot's Guide from within HX Edit itself. Click the question mark in the lower left corner and select "Pilot's Guide" I know I downloaded this but can't remember from where now... The above should solve it for you though. Saving/creating snapshots is very straight forward on HX Edit. Most settings will only require that you right click on the parameter and set it to snapshot, the values will become white when this is done. After this all you need is to set the values and save the snapshot.
  23. I'm not sure where you are based off but with the deals going on this week I'm sure you can find a Stomp for much less than 600, this assuming you would be ok carrying 2 Stomps and the only issue keeping you from that is the cost (also there are always used ones around going for much less). With two stomps and with the recently implemented command center I'm pretty sure you can get very creative on the control side of things.. Just food for thought..
  24. Would be interested to hear what people's experiences are with the new PD power banks. I currently have one of those ionic converters and works great with an older power bank I have. However my powerbank is only 5000mAh and I was looking to upgrade it for something around 20000. On my research I came across the newer PD powerbanks, (have been checking out the RAVPower brand) which can output different outputs (ex 5/9/12/18V at xA) and in theory I'm thinking this would kill the need of the converter altogether, but I haven't found any examples of people using one to confirm my thoughts. Anybody out there using these currently?
  25. As much as I would like to see that as well, we have to be conscious that its pretty rare to find situations in which a product will cater to 100% of of all its users needs and wishes. I remember to have read somewhere on TGP a similar discussion in which it was mentioned that hardware changes, such as this would require, would be very difficult to achieve just given the logistics and support centers required, never mind the actual physical composition of the device. Probably it would be easier to have new Stomp with the additional DSP rather than modding the existing one (this is my opinion only, based on the limited knowledge I have of the product).
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