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  1. What is that suppose to me mean? What is good tone to one person may be crappy to another it's all a matter of taste. I like stinky cheese with my reverb. Enjoy playing. We are lucky to have the toys available today.
  2. I know this topic is old but to anyone reading when I first received my Helix I was sure I had been duped and all these people were insane and I could get better tone with an RP 360. I was extremely wrong and I'm glad I didn't give up. I have gotten IRs and I hardly use those now because I've learned how to use the helix to get what I wanted from it. I love it and no longer look externally for presets and IRs I simply make my own and they sound Vetter to my ears than anything I'll buy. Learn to really use the tool it is amazing.
  3. I feel that for the price they should sound better than a $100.00 multi effects pedal. My zoom g7 had an awesome sounding reverb. Although I know the helix is different and tweeking it takes some serious getting use to.
  4. Definitely. I'm having a blast playing with them.
  5. I know this is older but for anyone new. I personally like the legacy effects. Especially the reverbs.
  6. They should give us more options on the view style. I loved the digitech nexus librarian set up.
  7. I just got a brand new Helix and right out of the box when playing my audio will cut off for about .25-.5 of a second every few seconds. I've tried every output,input,changing cables etc. but it still happens. Luckily I purchased it through sweetwater and they are sending me another unit but I was wondering if issues like this are common and if I should get something different.
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