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  1. Thanks for your answer ! I started a new project and ensured that "I want to hear my instrument while recording" is unchecked. And the new recording was OK. From there, the other project started to work as expected too, and I tried to reproduce the issue by re-enabling audio feedback, but I was never able to do so: while I have experienced indeed the result you described when enabling audio feedback on garage band (chorusey voice), it was clearly different from what I have experienced when I wrote this thread. Maybe it was just a random bug, I don't know. Anyway, and while I don't know why, thanks to you it works :-) so thanks !
  2. Hi folks, I'm trying to plug my TC Harmonics G-TX pedal into my HX stomp. For those who don't know this pedal, it's a pedal meant to be used with a microphone, and which enhance your voice by adding 1 or 2 additional voices at different pitches. For this purpose, I removed every FX block from the chain of my preset to have the more neutral sound (as I discovered that enabling true bypass also disables USB output !) and while the sound is OK from the headphones (which are plugged in the HX stomp), it's awful once in GarageBand (basically, the harmony voices become like a weird cher-like auto-tune effect) I tried to play with the output settings (typically I tried to set "Line" instead of "Inst" everywhere I can) but same results : it's ok in head phones, not ok in the USB output result. Although the HX Stomp is meant to be used with a guitar/bass, I assume that as an audio interface it should be able to manage anything ? Any hint ? Thanks !
  3. Thanks @DunedinDragon for all your very detailed answers. Much appreciated :-) I will probably go with the HS7 !
  4. @DunedinDragon understood. I read that HS8 has a wider spectrum, especially in bass frequencies, than the HS7 or of course than the the HS5. As far as I'm concerned my budget allows me to buy either, so if I can, I should buy the HS8, right ? A final question (or not, who knows :) ) : is it worth it if I only buy one of these, or do I really need to buy a pair ? I'm currently playing using my mono jack to my mono cab so far, but since the hx stomp can output stereo signal, I don't know if I want to use that particular feature. Maybe it will be more useful to someone who actually wants to use the stomp as direct interface and do Computer music with it. But maybe some effects can be more effective in stereo ?
  5. Thanks all for your response, very interesting. Indeed my PM-10 is a piece of crap, but I'm not even a drummer actually, I sold my old td-11k as I wasn't able to do much with it except basic stuff :-) @DunedinDragon you are talking about the Yamaha DBR range which is half the price of the higher end (I can see 420 euros for a DBR10 on my favourite music store), but they still cost twice the price of HS5/7/8 that you quoted earlier (approx. 200 euros with +/- 50 euros depending on the model - and whites are cheaper :-)) so which are the fundamental differences between these 2 ranges of products to justify this difference in price ?
  6. Hi there, since a few months now, I'm using my HX stomp and I love it. Yet, I'm still unsure in what speaker I should plug my new baby in. I have a Spider Jam which doesn't have any FX loop so it's a no as it is hard to have a neutral sound on this. And I have my drums amp (a Roland PM-10), which is so far the amp I'm using through the line input :-) I play mostly at home, and I'd like to have the best sound of my pedal at home, and since it has built-in amp & cabinet simulations, my understanding is that the most neutral speaker ("PA" ?) should be used, rather than a fancy amp with its own personality. I don't know how neutral my PM-10 can be, and I'm not familiar with the PA thing, so can you tell me what kind of speaker can I use to have something which doesn't level down my HX stomp ? I'd like to have get a speaker at a reasonable price, and which takes a reasonable amount of space :-) Many thanks
  7. OK I've just tested with another software (garage band) and it works as expected. The problem is from Audacity then, and we can consider it as solved. Thanks anyway ! !
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to record my guitar using my macbook, audacity, and of course my HX Stomp. I read that no driver is required on Mac if I'm using 48Khz sample rate, so I simply plugged the stomp into the macbook and, indeed, it is detected by the system. But so far, I have not been able to get any sound from the usb audio interface. I set the HX stomp as recording device from the Audio MIDI Setup application, but I can't set master volume nor channels volume Yet, I tried to selected the proper interface and channel (1) in Audacity and expected a miracle : But of course I have a flat line. So is there something I missed (the audio output knob on the stomp is set at max) Many thanks !
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