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  1. The patch "Acoustic APX" on the Spider V 60 uses an amp model called L6 Piezo 2. Is that amp model or the APX patch available to download onto an HD500X?
  2. schweizt

    HD500 or HD500X?

    I have the HD500X. I found a mint M13 on eBay. I run the M13 in the FX loop of the HD500X. No more DSP limits. :-)
  3. I put a Diamond Compressor, JHS Morning Glory, Bondi Effects SickAS, and Xotic EP Booster in front of the HD500X. That gives me more gain options. I put a Line 6 M13 in the Effects Loop, so I can offload DSP for different patches. I have the Effects Loop located after the Amps.
  4. schweizt

    G50 Reception Issues

    I just need clarification of your statement: "In any case you can't use both at the same time." Do you mean you can't use two G50s at the same time? Or did you mean you can't use RF1 and RF2 at the same time? Context: I have a G50 and was thinking of getting a second one. I would like one mounted on my electric pedal board and one mounted on my acoustic pedal board. Off topic, I run my electric pedal board into the front of the HD500X, then use an M13 in the FX loop (post amp placement). Terrific setup. Eliminates any HD500X DSP issues. :-) Have access to unlimited HD500X effects and M13 effects.
  5. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    Has anyone connected one HD500X to another HD500X? Purpose would be using the 2nd HD500X only as an effects unit (storing a wide assortment of FX patches that are accessible on the fly). I currently use the FX loop on an HD500X to access additional FX pedals. Works great. However, the FX on the HD500X are so good, I would be happy to use them and ditch the additional high end pedals. I could also store a lot of "custom" FX patches that could be accessed by the first HD500X. It would save money and actually be more flexible. (I can only access one Timefactor setting at a time in a typical FX loop.) I can easily purchase another HD500X by selling some pedals. I am pretty sure it would work. It's a matter of what the correct settings would be on Unit 1 and Unit 2. I don't have a 2nd one to try it. Just wondering about the optimal way to patch the two HD500Xs together. I *could* use the FX loop on Unit 1. I could I use FX send on Unit 1 to guitar in on Unit 2. Then send mono output from Unit 2 back to FX return on Unit 1. Is there a better way? I currently use stomp box setting with FX and get no noise. I want to avoid any "double modeling" issues that would mess up the tone of Unit 1. Curious about the switch settings directly to the right of the Master knob on unit 2. I seriously want to do this. I just don't have the extra unit to play with the settings. Can someone set up up and let me know?
  6. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    M13 arrived and it sounds awesome in the HD500X FX loop! Thanks so much for the idea and recommendation! Thanks also for explaining the various connection options. I now have 3 mint FX pedals on eBay - I won't need any of them. :-) My only struggle was updating the flash memory. I've used midi before, but I have never needed/used MIDI-Ox. It took me a few tries. I wish Line 6 Monkey worked with the M13 - please put in a request???? :-)
  7. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    Thanks so much! You saved me a couple of hours of trial and error. The stomp setting on the HD500X is really quiet, so I'm thrilled I can use that setting. I will start with something simple - using my comp/gain/boost/etc. off a pedal board in front of the HD500X and the M13 in a post amp FX loop, since I need access to an unusually large number of mod/delay/verb combination settings within one song. I used my high-end mod/delay/verb FX pedals in a post amp FX loop, but they could not provide enough on the fly mod/delay/verb FX combinations within one song. When I get time, I will play with some pre amp FX loops, since the M13 won't be limited to the mod/delay/verb FX pedals I used in the FX loop in the past.
  8. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    I purchased a used M13 on eBay. It should arrive Saturday. (Figured I would try that before trying two HD500Xs). Do I treat the M13 the same way I have been treating other post-amp effects? I normally use stompbox (not line) setting for FX loop. So it would look like: HD500X FX Send ---> M13 (what M13 input should I use?) -----> M13 (what M13 output should I use?) -----> HD500X FX Return I assume connecting them by midi is optional. I'm not a midi expert. If connected by midi, are you saying the HD500X patch would recall the M13 patch automatically? Thanks for your help on this. I love the HD500X - I have a lot of experience deep editing (started with the POD 2.0, then HD500, and now HD500X) - it really pays off - awesome sounds.
  9. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    Thank you! This helps me a lot! :) Thanks for the DSP tables, too!
  10. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    I have definitely hit DSP limits with the HD500X. Just using post amp FX. How much DSP would I "get back" if the 2nd HD500X was only for effects and used no amp models? The M13 allows only 4 effects together at one time. I realize other effects are instantly "available" in a "scene," but the limit is still 4 at one time. The HD500X would theoretically be able to access 8 effects at one time. Can an M13 handle any combination of effects without hitting DSP limits? Would the 2nd HD500X be able to access any combination of 8 effects without hitting DSP limits if no amp models were being used?
  11. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    I do want to make sure I avoid problems caused by "double modeling." I've run into that problem with other modeling units connected to a POD 2.0, HD500, and HD500X.
  12. schweizt

    Connect HD500X to another HD500x?

    No, I am totally unfamiliar with the M-Series. I will take a look at what they do. I should clarify that I run from my G50 wireless to my compressor, then gain/dist/fuzz pedals, and EP booster in *front* of my HD500X. (That would be unit 1.) The compressor is always on. The other pedals are on true bypass switches. I prefer these gain, boost, etc. pedals. I would be using the 2nd Unit for "post amp" effects in my chain. (I *am* using the amps in the HD500X.) I am not using any guitar amps. I run direct into FOH and it is a killer setup.
  13. I actually place my compressor, gain/distortion/fuzz pedals, and my EP Booster *before* guitar in on the HD500X. (I did the same thing with my former HD500.) I leave the compressor on. The gain/distortion/fuzz pedals and my EP Booster are connected to a unit with true bypass switches for each one. I reserve the FX loop for FX that are post-amp. I love the choruses, delayes, reverbes, etc. in the HD500 and HD500X and use them as defaults. However, sometimes I need more variation on the fly. I may need a completely different reverb or delay setting. So I have additional mod, delay, and reverb pedals available in the FX loop. This also saves DSP. I like the sound and control of the gain/distortion/fuzz pedals and my EP Booster better than the ones in the HD500X. I've even run a noise gate as the first HD500X "effect" and it still sounds great. Set up this way, the FX loop is also quiet - there is no noise. I'm running out mono direct into FOH.