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  1. nope, you cant use the helix reverb from the powercab. and yes, buy the best option.
  2. ok for starters, try connecting the helix to the powercab plus, from the l6 link out - to the l6 link in. so u can control the powercab from the helix itself. u want to create a send return or fx loop block at the end of your chain in the helix. connect a cable from the send 1 (or whatever u chose) on the helix, then to the in on the beatbuddy. then out on the beatbuddy to the return 1 of the helix. if the beatbuddy has midi, then u can control everything from the helix. midi in to midi out and so forth
  3. if you followed the steps you should not have any issues. plain and simple
  4. i think i know why i thought Reaper did 2 soundcards at once. when i used to use reaper i was on a mac. with the Aggregate Soundcards
  5. i just went into reaper and ur right. why was i thinking different? i think because everything was set for the focusrite. sorry man i made a mistake there
  6. you basically never need to look at Ableton, and never need to touch the mouse. it can be in the background while u have youtube up or something, and it still works with Push 2
  7. ya i can write and record songs with 0 touching the mouse. all with push 2
  8. or being able to select ONLY usb1/2 AND Digital. but nothing else. that would fix it. (in ONE output block on the Helix)
  9. or i can spend more money for a 3rd soundcard and run all the outputs of the line 6 gear into it. which is what i used to do but i cant do that anymore because it broke and it wasnt any good really just a focusrite. i been eyeing the universal audio soundcard...
  10. this is an ableton problem really. as you can only choose 1 soundcard. where as using Reaper i can use as many soundcards that r plugged in i like. but making helix and powercab share the same soundcard would make everything so easy
  11. the helix is 1 soundcard. and the powercab is a 2nd soundcard. both have there own usb port on the pc. seamless would merge the 2. i dont think u understood that part
  12. maybe they will update the helix and powercab to work with better routing, maybe instead of multi on the output, we could choose exactly what we want. or make helix and powercab seamless so that we only need 1 soundcard
  13. but my main issue i think is that every patch i make has to include the path 2 being split like in my patch i uploaded
  14. this is my patch i use with the Powercab on the helix.
  15. 1. Helix signal path without cab block plugged straight into Powercab. (so i need to set the output block to Digital, because Multi will have the guitar coming out my monitors on performance 2. Powercab using LF Raw as the amp in the room sound. 3. Output from Powercab to DAW w/DAW set to use Powercab as sound card. ( this wont let me playback my DAW from the helix XLR, if Ableton is set to use powercab as the soundcard.) i really need helix for playback in Ableton, and to Record from the Powercab. sux because i can do this so easy in Reaper. but i just got Ableton and i wanna use it lol
  16. yeh i really want to record what the powercab is doing. i have to split every patch i make at the end of the chain (so it takes up both bottom rows), with one output with a IR to USB 1/2. and the 2nd output goes to DIGITAL which is the powercab. im not sure what to do
  17. hi guys i got myself a powercab plus to go with my helix floor. its really great. but i have a problem because i use ableton live on a pc, means i can only choose 1 soundcard. Either the helix or the powercab. what i really want is to record the powercab, but use the helix for playback of abelton because thats where my monitors are plugged in. (into the xlr's of helix) thx in advance for ur help guys.
  18. knoxdaz10

    Preset volumes

    channel volume of ur amp is where u do it
  19. if u just want to use someone else's presets and not do the work yourself, fremen has some great ones. ive brought all his patches and u will find a goto few in his packs that are great and also help you by showing how he makes them. especially for headphones, his patches rock
  20. knoxdaz10


    line 6 updater not working?
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