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  1. A few notes..Up till practice time this AM, the jury was out on this device. Let me start by saying, I am a long time line6 user starting from the XTLive and each new incarnation since. So for me, a couple of things drove the purchase of this, 1. I am getting close to retirement and thought that I have one more rig in my future, 2. The church that I play at regularly is very Ipad centric, monitoring, charts, etc. Along wiht the Amplifi 100, I also purchased an Ipad Air. Most of my issues have been with the Ipad...It is aggravating. Big plus's: I understand now why only 25 patch banks and no extra user folders. (My HD500X is filled to the brim with patches that I use and move around depending on the set that week). The ability to save tones into a MyTones location and make space for customization without deleting a tone is nice. In the My Tones Panel it would be nice if the Save Tones function followed you down the page. I love the simplicity of the footswitch/save function. In the past I would work with my HD on my desk until I designed the patches, then set it on the ground. I would only occasionaly use the editor on my laptop, as it seemed clumsy, just me. There is no point in having the Amplifi anywhere but on the floor. This week was probably not a great week for me to get this, as our group is playing at a different location this week and we have an extended set. I DO press on. This AM I set up the Amplifi and my HD500X next to each other at my workstation, and duplicated the patch bank for one song, 4 patches.I started with my root tone in location D and copied it over to C, B and A. In about 15 minutes I have all of the patches developed for that song, each one pretty complex. Patch A Intro Swells, B clean with stereo trailing delay, C slightly driven and D over the top for the ending. Downside: It seems a little glitchy in the edit mode. It likes to hiccup between patches during play back and editing in general. I did shut down the App and switced between patches and it seemed smooth, no latency. Here is a suggestion, maybe add to the interface, a Performance View screen that looks like the GUI on the HD. Sort of an overview of the patch you are in on the screen. If you need to edit, have an Edit button on the Performance view screen. I am going to update the firmware as soon as I resolve a Wi Fi issue with the stinkin' Ipad. Luckily, I have PCs that work fine so I can log on to the Apple Help to troubleshoot my Ipad. I LOVE that the Amplifi uses the X3 effects package! I used the stereo delay this AM and am so glad to have the old offset function back. Something about this control is just different from the new stuff. The old X3 controls that I have encountered are like seeing and old freind.BTW welcome back Auto Wah..I missed ya! I will be using the Amplifi at rehearsal Thursday night, and will report back after that and the gig on Sunday. I plan to run it in Editor mode for rehearsal and sound check, but may shut the App down during the gig. More to follow. Strato
  2. Will it run on a MS Surface RT? I bought an Ipad with my Amplifi 100 and am having fits with the Ipad,. I will confess the Amplifi function works great in it. The problems are with connecting the Ipad to Wi Fi and basic Ipad navigation, file management so one. For something that is supposed to be so intuitive, the Ipad seems really anti-social. Luckily, I have several PCs in the house that work fine, so I can troubleshoot the Ipad on the Apple sites! Gracias Strato...out
  3. This may be answered, just double checking. I pulled the trigger on an Amplifi FX 100 and a Ipad Air w/t IOS7(not the newest). One thing that I overlooked is actually playback of song files, I will explain. My set lists for the each week are sent to me via Planning Center Online. Along with the charts are (legal) MP3 files transposed to the keys that we will be playing them in...A very nice function. Normally, I just patch my Laptop in to my HD500X from the headphone out to CD player in..Good to go. My question is; can I stream the MP3s to the Amplifi as files or do I have to stream them from Itunes? I understand the "Tone Match" function won't work with random MP3s, I don't care about that. IF I need a tone, I will find the song on Itunes and Tone Match from there. I am assuming based on what I read, that as long as my Ipad is connected by Bluetooth, that I can monitor the MP3s from Planning Center. One of the driving forces to my going to the dark side with the Ipad, is that Planning Center is Ipad centric. It "works" on my MS Surface, but is glitchy and looses some of the functionality. I have been doing this for a long time, and have to say, Planning Center has made my life so much easier. I get my setlist Monday morning, with MP3s and PDF charts, scheduling reminders and all that stuff. Secondly we will be going to an Ipad controlled monitoring system soon. While we are at it. I picked up a Line 6 Relay G30, it is incedible! Who knew wireless could be so cool, simple and inexpensive? Will have many more questions once my Amp 100 and Ipad arrives in the mail. Gracias, Strato
  4. In a way I like this news! I felt like the effects in the X3 were the best, if that is what you meant. I miss the X3 Auto-Wah and the "offset" adjust in the X3 stereo delay. It is like the HD FX editing went deeper, when maybe it didn't need to?? ....Just sayin'! Don't get me wrong, I love my HD500X, but then I loved my XT, X3and HD500 too! What I am struggling with is the upper row of switched not being there on the Amplifi 100. The BIGGEST selling point for me and Line 6 was the idea that within a patch I could assgn switches to single effects and toggle them within a patch. For me, that left every other multi rig in the dust. I will miss the FX loop as a volume boost.I will attempt to adjust, but will not sell my HD500X in the meantime. As it is, I still own my HD500 as a back up. I always keep the last generartion rig as a back up. I don't use the looper BTW. Thank you, Strato
  5. What about moving tones from HD500X to the Amplifi 100? What are the file extensions in the Amplifi, can tone files be renamed and moved from the HD to the Amlifi ? I am planning on getting the Amplifi 100 and an Ipad, maybe not using it as my main rig for a time, but there are tones that I use all of the time and would prefer not re-inventing the wheel as it were. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you, as along time Line 6 user, I am planning on going to the AMPLIFi system. It seems like everything I am encountering tech wise is IPad centric, so I am looking to get an iPad. Am currently a Surface user but the venue that I play at is going to an iPad monitoring system and all of my music comes from an iPad centric planning site, I must succumb to the dark side. I am looking forward to editing at eye level. Next questions will be about converting HD500X tones to AMPLIFi files. Thanks again.
  7. The setup options on the Amplify site do not show a connection to the board\house, nor does the pedal have xlr out. Is it not meant to be run direct?
  8. To all, Thank you in advance. The noise does change slightly depending on where I turn. I recently bought a Telly Cabronita with Fender Fideltron pickups, hoping ti would solve the problem. Earlier I had replaced the P90s in my Paul with a Stealth Version, One of my Strats has Duncan Everythig Axe set, (dual in single slots) and my other Strat has A pair of Duncan P-Rails (P90 next to a single rail in the same body). Each has a different level of the noise, the P Rails are the most quite, but I have to run them in dual mode, both coils on, the Duncans in the other Strat run a close second. I actually just sold a guitar with P-90s because stock P-90s were just un-usable on that stage. I have clad the interior cavities of the Cabronita with copper foil, and will know how effective it is tomorrow at rehearsal. I have been told that the cost of enginerring this out is just not in the budget...This being said, the music leader, has decided to occassionally start playing electric on a few songs and just recieved his first Telecaster Electric, with basic stock Telly pickups. We will see if the noise he gets will, how do you say...grease the wheels of progress? Thanks again Hombres!
  9. I am dealing with a stage noise situation and am attempting any avenue to relieve this. Basically the Church remodeled the Sanctuary and since, the lighting has been transmitting through my pickups. I tried some expensive ground lift/isolation devices. Have replaced some pickups and even replaced a guitar. Still there. All of my signal chains start with a noise gate, so the rig of course is silent when it is not being played. On punchy driven tones it is not so apparent, but even then, it is adding another annoying/unwanted wave to the signal. The worse is quiet clean tones, if I pick a note, you can hear the buzz during the fade. I watched a tone building video yesterday and was surprised to see the moderator inserting the noise gate after the drive section. I did try this today, and was surprised at how my distortion device(s) seem to require less drive. This help the distorted tones, but not the clean ones. Any hints regarding ways to trouble shoot gain structure to help turn down noise? Are there hard and fast rules when building a tone to assure that it is quieter? I know this is an extremely subjective question as there are many things in a signal chain/amp relationship that would contribute. I will admit that I have, over time,turned up the Amp and Device models to get volume instead of turning up the output. It has been so long since, I have played anywhere else that I am not 100% sure that my rig was quiet. I certainly used to think so. Thank you, Strato.
  10. Probably been covered, I am helping another HD owner ot set up an acoustic guitar in to the Aux input and would like some clarity on the input assgnments. Basically we are going to have his electric in to input 1 (Guitar in) and acoustic in to Aux with patches designed accordingly. Right now he is using A-B switches, an outboard eq and a spaghetti mess of cables in order to switch back and forth, I have assured him that we can create a seperate input for his acoustic and eleminate all of the other mess, and only use 2 input cables and no headache for the sound guy. I just want to be clear on how to assign the inputs. A description or a link to a tutorial. Thank you
  11. A combination of the Community Support and Support Ticket response, the 500X lives again. I Posed a couple more questions to the Support Tech, basically, I asked "why do you suppose this happend"? One thing he mentioned was it could be a corrupt patch. I actually DID download some patches earlier that day. 3 were NOT from the Line 6 download area, they were from a Youtube link. So with that in mind, I asked about a delete function, or how do I remove them from my rig? I Love the answer. (paraphrasing) There is no delete function,but you can grab a New Tone patch and save as/copy it to that slot. Why didn't I think of that? (duoh!) Just wanted to say thanks, Stato
  12. Went through steps over again, and re-calibrated the volume pedal. The HD500X is back and functioning. My question now, why did it lock up? I suspect that I over-ran the DSP causing it to lock up. If so, why no warning? It allowed me to insert the second amp model, then it started cycling. For the next couple weeks, I will probably continue to use by back up HD500 until I have a chance to build confidence in the X rig. I will pose the "why" question to Customer Service when they respond to my service ticket. In the meantime, thank you for your help. In the end, I still prefer Line 6 to any other product that I have encountered. Strato.
  13. While attempting to add another amp model in a patch, My HD500x shut off, restarted, then went in to a cycle of off, then back on, off etc. I unplugged and repowered up holding the left arrow key. The unit came back on, and when I tried to disable the amp in that patch, it would start to cycle again. Restarted using left arrow, re-flashed rig, usb, and drivers all of that. Unit came back on but no vloume pedal or wah functionality in any patch. The pedal icon is there but no function. Luckily, I was not doing this with headphones on as one patch I selected was WIDE OPEN including the master output volume. I about blew me out of the music room. I have had the HD for about a month now, and fortunately, I still have my 500X, as this happened on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 and I needed to use it Sunday AM. Have sent a work ticket to Line6 but was informed they will respond within 3 days. Come on, really? Am waiting for an answer, and have contacted Musicians Supply about their return policy. Will check on Line 6 Warranty stuff. Appreciate any help here, Thanks all. Strato
  14. Actually, I tried Drag and Drop this weekend and it worked like a charm. I will add that IMHO the amp models in the 500X are much improved. I opened the stock PHd or Dr Z amp model and almost couldn't move on it sounded so nice. I was hoping to spend the next couple of weeks working the X into the routine, but have unexpectedly been called in to action and will be using the HD 500 for a short time longer....Of course unless I have the guts to take the 500X in to battle this weekend... Thank you all, this has been very helpful. Strato.
  15. I have attempted to download the HD conversion utility, and my laptop HP w/t Windows 8 won't let me run it. Claims it is unsafe and could harm my PC. Any hints or ideas? I am really hoping this or something like it is available, as it will take me a long time to re-create my tones on the 500x. I currently am using an HD500. I tried to simply change the file extension on a test tone and Windows 8 doesn't let me see the file name with the extension, it shows me a line 6 edit icon with the patch name only. Enjoy your Labor Day all. Strato
  16. Just as an update on a Friday afternoon. This week and especially last night at rehearsal, I was reminded again that the HD 500 is the maybe the most pivotal piece of gear that I have. As I was selecting/switching a guitar for Sunday, I realized, I can change out a guitar, but if my HD was out of commision, well, let's just say, it would be troublesome. So, that being said, I am ordering the HD500X tonight. My plan is to NOT copy my settings over, but to start fresh at ground zero. Sort of re-create them and see if I can give my tone(s) a new life. I am in a posistion right now that I can work it in to rotation slowly, so I won't be using it right away. Anyway, have a nice weekend all.... Strato
  17. "You will want to test in your PA system at church. I tested my patches at home via an Alto powered monitor. It was kind of dark and bassy on that system but perfect at church.3" You are right on the money with this! Some folks take a long time to figure this out. Read the Fletcher Munson Loudness Contour Study and it will explain why your rig did this. In a nutshell, as you increase your volume level, the eq curve flattens out with the upper mids going through the roof. That is why a rig will sound sweet and bell-like at home, but will become harsh wooden and brittle on the gig. I as a routine, create my patches a little on the dull side at home, they sweeten right up at volume in the house. That is, unless you can create your tones at stage volume at home. Done that too, I warn the wife and the cats... Blessings, Strato
  18. Would a test drive in a store really show me anything? I not sure I would know if it sounds or acts different until I use it on the gig. I guess it would if I prep in advance and knew what patch I wanted to set up/create. Maybe a patch that currently overloads my HD500. Come to think of it, I never tested any of the Line6 rigs I've owned. I bought an XT way back based on hearing one in a live application. All others X3Live, HD500, were based on my satisfaction of the previous unit. IMHO, the XTLive had the best sounding effects, and the easiest to dial in, especially tempo driven stuff, just sayin'. Instead of dancing around the question, I will just ask, is the 500X a step sideways? If it HAS more processesor power, that might be enough for me to pull the trigger.
  19. I did mean the HD Pro. Gracias. Strato.
  20. Reading on, I read a post stating the the 500X has more DSP than the 500 Pro. Is this true? I might be going shopping! Strato..
  21. I am thinking the extension difference will allow for keeping your old 500 bundles without the fear of over writing them during a save, this was a concern I had. Also, I don't want to have to re-create my patches in a new rig, as I have (at least) 2 1/2 user banks full of my own stuff that I have developed and use all of the time. How does the HDX compare to the HD processor wise. It claims more power, what say you? This one thing will move me to purchase. Am certainly considering the 500X and will keep my 500.
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