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  1. Here is what I found when I tried to monitor through headphones and was unimpressed with the sound... This is how all of my patches are configured... I have one path, without an IR, out to a 1/4" output go a tube power amp and guitar speaker for stage monitoring and I have another path, with an IR, out to an XLR to feed the P.A. In the Global settings, under Headphone Monitor, I had that set as MULTI which would mix the IR and non-IR signal to the Headphones... (We all know that the non-IR signal is buzzy and that was what I was hearing. :( ) So, If you have IR and non-IR paths, and you want to monitor using Headphones, make sure that you are sending only the IR-affected path to the headphones (On Page 3 of 4 of Global Settings, make sure that Headphones Monitor is set to the output where your IR is.) I hope this helps seeya Joe
  2. Howdy Folks, You can use a footswitch plugged into an EXP Jack to go from full on to full off with a a latching switch (or stutter FX if the footswitch is momentary... Just solder a 10K ohm resistor across the switch terminals... Also, (Previousy posted on TGP)... here's something that I implemented on my HELIX from an idea on the AX8 Forum... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/tip-adjustable-lead-volume.123607/ It is for adjustable lead volume... this is useful when you need to globally adjust the lead volume depending on the stage... It is a small box with a pot and 1/4" jack connected to the HELIX EXP2 I set The EXP2 Position to GLOBAL and set EXP2 to control the GAIN of a Volume Block (MIN to MAX = +3 to +6dB) I marked +3, +4, +5, and +6dB positions on the box, but it is infinitely adjustable. Since EXP2 is set to Global, the Lead Volume that is set transfers to all Presets and Snapshots... Just in case you need that little extra boost... available at the turn of a dial Please let me know if you have any questions seeya Joe
  3. Hello Sacco, Your experience is the same as mine... There is no way to use two Transmitters into one Base and there is no way to force the transmitters to a specific Channel :( Thanks for confirming my thoughts seeya Joe
  4. I have one Base Receiver and two G10T Transmitters... The only problem is that you can't tell the base which channel to assign for each transmitter... it will pick the best after each specific scan... (i.e. if one TX is on Channel 1 and the other TX is on Channel 2, there is no way to force the second TX to Channel 1) :( I did read in another post that if you are lucky enough that both TX's are on the same channel, the audio will mix in the Receiver... Sounds cool, but, I have not tested this. seeya Joe
  5. The above only works if both transmitters find the same channel from the start. :( I docked the first G10T and it locked to Channel 2, I removed the first G10T, (it was off), and docked a second G10T... it locked to channel 1... Since the Receiver was last set to channel 1 it could not negotiate with the G10T set to Channel 2 when switching transmitters at the guitar without re-docking the channel 2 transmitter. P.S. I was able to find out what channels the G10T's were transmitting on with the use of my G50 Receiver... (I just plugged the G10T into a guitar and spun the G50 Channel switch until I got green lights) I hope this helps Seeya Joe
  6. Hi toasterdude, If you are in pickup position 5 in the JTV-69, once you plug the VDI cable into the guitar, you should hear the Variax circuit relay "click"... then you can turn on the modelling by pressing on the model selector knob. I hope this helps! seeya Joe
  7. Hello Folks, I am having the following anomoly after loading the 2.1FW (a proper reset using the 9&10 footswitch was performed right after :) )... When I first power up the Helix, the patch, on Snapshot 1, comes up with the EXP display showing EXP 1/ EXP2 On Snapshot 1, I can assign EXP 2 to Phaser Rate and EXP 1 as the Univibe Rate and I can switch between EXP 1/ EXP 2 using the toe switch. When I switch to Snapshot 2, the display changes to EXP 1 only and I can continue to control the Univibe Rate. When I go back to Snapshot 1 the Display continues to show EXP 1 and I can't control the Phaser Rate if I hit the toe switch. The only way to get EXP 1/ EXP2 on the display is to restart the Helix. Probably a bug, any insight or confirmation is appreciated! seeya Joe EDIT for Solution From Igor on the Helix FB Page replying to another user... "QA and I have just looked into your issue more deeply and there is a small bug with converting older presets in some instances. We will address this as quickly as possible. In the mean time, go ahead and resave your presets after plugging and unplugging a cable into EXP2 to restore functionality. You should no longer see the problem after saving in the normal state." You have to do this for every snapshot... I tried it and all of my presets have returned to normal!
  8. Hi Jake, Although there are many different Drawing programs, I use Microsoft Visio... I make up my own device stencils and connect them using different colored lines and annotations. I hope this helps.... Please let me know if you have any questions :) seeya Joe
  9. Howdy Folks, I had a similar problem when trying to connect my JTV-69 with my HELIX...it wouldn't turn ON! I would have to connect and reconnect the VDI cable many times before I heard the relay in the JTV click; telling me that the Variax circuit was active....(This was hit and miss and I was not happy...) I could hot-wire the operation by placing a 1/4" cable into the JTV, turn on the modelling and then insert the VDI cable and remove the 1/4" cable... (This worked every time but I was not happy...) I read some other posts that mentioned setting the tuning knob to MODEL... although it worked the first time I did it, it wasn't repeatable... I jammed for a while, turned everything off and came back a few hours later... I think that I found a solution... I powered up the Helix and connected my JTV via the VDI cable and it came up right away!.... I plugged and unplugged the VDI many times and the JTV came up right away everytime!!!... what was the difference? The difference was that my pick-up selector was in position #5 (Neck)... any other position and the Variax relay would not click. I am a tech but I don't know why this worked for me but it solved my problem 100%. I thought that I would share in case it helps someone else who has the same problem :) Good-Luck. Seeya Joe
  10. Hello Stig, Unless you want to use an external "Control Switcher" controlled by MIDI (i.e. the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher or the RJM Switch Gizmo) You will have to build one of these with relays to isolate the Helix and the amp... I hope this helps seeya Joe
  11. I saw the necessity of that cable since I bought the spare G10-T transmitter for my G-10 set :D USB ground to G10-T Sleeve USB +5 VDC to G10-T Ring G10-T Tip = no connection seeya Joe
  12. Hey hhyndman Sorry about your trouble... Once you get your problem worked out, for future reference, the tuning roller will light blue for any default tuning that has been modified or replaced by a custom tuning... handy for 'visually' getting to custom tunings. Here are the default tunings for the JTV69 STANDARD: E, A, D, G, B, E DROP D: D(-2), A(-1), D(-1), G(-1), B(-1), E(-1) 1/2 DOWN (all -1): Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb DROP Db: Db(-3), Ab(-1), Db(-1), Gb(-1), Bb(-1), Eb(-1) 1 DOWN(all -2): D, G, C, F, A, D DADGAD: D(-2), A, D, G, A(-2), D(-2) OPEN D: D(-2), A, D, F#(-1), A(-2), D(-2) BLUES G: D(-2), G(-2), D, G, B, D(-2) RESO G: G(+3), B(+2), D, G, B, D(-2) OPEN A: E, A, C#(-1), E(-3), A(-2), E BARITONE (all -5): B, E, A, D, F#, B I hope this helps seeya Joe
  13. Hey Guys, I know that the camera shape is 'sexy' but would a circle be enough to get a few characters back? Seeya Joe
  14. With the Alto TS210A's I set them to Ear level... (or whatever the height is with the MINI-stands fully extended) :P Happy 4th of July! seeya Joe
  15. Hey Zooey, In the beginning, I used the Alto TS110A's to set-up my core sounds so that I could properly assess what the PA was going to get... In that case the Allto monitors were at ear level and I stood back about 10 feet.... then the 1/4" output, without IR, feeds a tube amp and guitar speakers and everything sounds awesome on stage. We use the venue's monitor for vocals only... My side-fill guitar cabs are my stage monitor and make it easier for controlled feedback and so the rest of the band can hear me better. :D I hope this helps, seeya Joe
  16. Hey Zooey, Here's the link to the mini-stands on AVAlive... https://www.avalive.com/search.php?searchVendor=Vendor&vid=&pid=&searchModelNo=SKS-02B&searchName=Name I hope this helps seeya Joe
  17. Hey Guys and Gals... Here's my implementation of the TRIO+ with the HELIX... Lots of wires!! Since everything is mixed to the XLR outputs, this set-up is mostly for rehearsing/ riff-writing... but, I routed the pre I.R. guitar signal to the 1/4" outputs for stage monitoring of the guitar signal with a tube amp and guitar speakers. There are [2] full FX loops, used to take the TRIO+ in and out of the HELIX signal chain, and a single FX return for the TRIO+ MIXER output which carries the Bass and Drums. The TRIO+ Guitar signal is processed by the HELIX to allow FX/ CAB/ MIC on the recorded/ looped Guitar Signal and returned to the HELIX for output via the balanced XLR outs via FX LOOP 2. When there is a cable plugged into the TRIO+ AMP Jack, the TRIO+ MIXER output carries the Bass & Drums separetely... these are mixed to the balanced XLR outs via FX LOOP 3 Here's my satellite board for the TRIO+... This Pedal Board has a Back-To-The-Future theme which includes a custom B-T-T-F decal, mini Flux-Capacitor and integration with the following components... Digitech TRIO+ Band Creator Looper 9VDC Power Supply Custom FS3X Footswitch FX LOOP Break-Out Box Flux Capacitor more info here... http://www.stagecue.com/looper.html Let me know if you have any questions... seeya Joe
  18. Hey Zooey... Here's a relatively inexpensive "short" stand bag... http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Sound-Speaker-Stand-Carry-Bag-Small-/131682378624?hash=item1ea8e1a380:g:yPkAAOSwhOVXdOuL a little bit longer than 27 inches, but, a real neat design... Seeya Joe
  19. Hey BSD Although there are other technical drawing programs, I have been using Visio for over 10 years :D I hope this helps seeya Joe
  20. Hey Zooey, I have the following MINI-STANDS from Yorkville (Canada) but I'm sure that they are available from other manufacturers... They are very compact...Collapsed Height = 27.00 inches https://www.long-mcquade.com/4432/Pro_Audio_Recording/Stands/Yorkville_Sound/Speaker_Stand_-_Mini.htm Details: Maximum Height: 46.00 inches Stand Material: Aluminum Collar Material: Nylon Load Capacity: 100.00 lbs I use them for raising up my 2 MESA 1x12 Cabs to allow easier controlled feedback and more accurate monitoring, but, they will work perfectly with FRFR... I used them while while sussing-out my HELIX rig with [2] ALTO TS210A's... Now I go Helix 1/4" to Power Station to [2] Mesa Cabs for stage monitoring and the Helix XLR goes to the P.A. Here's a pic from the stage showing the 2 side-fill guitar cabs.. (You can barely see the stands under the cabs...) P.S. to get the MESA cabs onto the Stands I drilled a hole in the bottom of the cab and added a speaker Flange... I hope this helps Seeya Joe
  21. Hello Gents, Please find another pic showing the Standard 4CM connection with internal Pre-amp and external Pre-amp selection per patch. (depending on the Helix FX Loop being ON or OFF). I hope this helps seeya Joe
  22. I found the joystick, I'm still looking for the Pac Man shortcut P.S, The actual Pac Man shortcut is when you move the cursor and reach the end of a Path, if you continue to move the cursor, you will end up at the beginning of the path. seeya Joe
  23. You're welcome.. I'm glad that you can control your amp... The grommet is a good idea.. I will remember that! seeya Joe
  24. Hi Ricky Unfortunately, you have a ground loop... You'll need an external control switcher or a relay interface like this... I hope this helps Seeya Joe
  25. Hey Ricky, Try using a Stereo 1/4" cable... It looks like you are using EXT AMP Control #1 (TIP) to control your amps channel change; which is on the TA-15 footswitch (RING)... (The only way to do this is with a mono cable inserted half way :D ) With a Stereo cable, you can insert the plug alll-the-way, but, you will have to use EXT AMP control #2 (RING) to control your TA-15 channel switch. I hope this helps seeya Joe
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