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  1. Here are my two rig examples... I run everything in MONO to the P.A. One rig uses a Power Station Amplifier and two 12" guitar cabs for stage monitoring and the other uses two Alto TS210 Powered monitors for stage monitoring. Both feed the PA from the XLR MONO (in the first example the guitar cab can be mic'd as well) I have two Banks with different output configurations... In Rig 1, I use Amp models to feed the Power Station via the 1/4" output and then Y split to another path with an IR to feed the XLR output In Rig 2, I use Amp models to feed an IR which feeds both the XLR and 1/4" outputs... (no Y split required) Please let me know if you have any questions seeya Joe
  2. Here is a pic of the mod for the MKV:25 (The Mini-Rec might have a different switching requirement) I hope this helps seeya Joe
  3. Quote from another forum: Quote Hey U-O-D I turned the volume level of all of the strings down to to 33 % in Workbench HD...didn't make a difference... (It looks like the Workbench string volume doesn't adjust the gain of the first Variax Gain Stage where the initial overload may occur...) EDIT: I had broken a wire on one of the piezos that was making all of the noise... also I was adjusting the patch string volumes and should have been adjusting the Global String Volumes What I am trying to do with the Subsonic filter is reduce the low-band noise right after the piezos which might reduce the overload to the first Variax Gain Stage. The addition of an attenuator for each string after the subsonic filter might help further. Stay Tuned :) Seeya Joe
  4. Hey CW, The stock piezos are excellent, no problem whatsoever... I believe that the stock piezos are ok because the piezo element is a small part of the whole saddle; with less chance for noise transmission from the saddle to the piezo The JTV-89 uses a Graphtech/Floyd bridge, but, the piezo element is mounted in the metal saddle like the LR Baggs The sub-filter may help this ... only time will tell... I will have the board in a few weeks Let me know if you have any other questions :) Seeya Joe
  5. Hey Sn I did install the Graphtech saddles, but since the piezo is embedded in the saddle (which is made completely of the special Graphtech material), just rubbing your palm across the saddles would create a whoosh/ scratchy sound. Here's some pix before I reverted back to the LR Baggs Piezos... I still want to install the Graphtech saddles with the sub-sonic filter... I will report back on the results. seeya Joe P.S. My guitar is from 2011, Line 6 may have integrated filtering in later revisions (can anyone verify this?)
  6. Hello Folks... Last October I received my Helix and then caught the Variax Bug... I found a used mint JTV-69 on craigslist and I am very happy with the guitar... But, just like many of you, I replaced the neck with a Mighty-Mite neck and did some aesthetic mods as well like a Graphtech Black TUSQ XL Nut, Fender Locking Tuners, Greasy-Groove Tortoise Pickguard, Black Single Coil Pickup Covers, a Black Chrome Humbucker Pick-Up Ring and a custom decal for the headstock. Here are some pix of my new-old guitar... I am planning to swap the Piezos with Graphtech saddles, but, since the hardware in my JTV does not have a subsonic filter, there will be a lot of handling noise that will make the Variax unusable. The way that I will fix this is by installing a small filter circuit board between the bridge saddles and the JTV circuitry to filter all of the subsonic noise. (work in progress) Let me know if I can help with any questions seeya Joe
  7. Please find the design below for a one channel power block...not to scale... now the legal mumbo jumbo... "I claim no responsibility for damaged equipment from mis-connection, error or any other problem that may arise from the use of this design." The design is based on two sources... https://www.gearslutz.com/board/attachments/geekslutz-forum/232400d1304024213-phantom-power-blocker-phantom-blocker.pdf http://circuitlab.com/cf3e79a I hope this helps. seeya Joe
  8. Since I'm on my Holiday / Stay-home Vacation; I have had time to tinker with electronics...(that's what I do when I'm not on vacation as well :D ) I built a dual channel Phantom Power Blocker.... The Female XLR pig-tails plug into the HELIX. The box filters the DC from the Mixer via 2 Male XLR outputs and provides indication of the presence of 48 VDC on each channel via a red LED... I also added a ground lift on the box to make it more useful... It took a while to acquire the parts, fabricate the circuit board, drill the die-cast box etc... I made it for my own use.. (It is not something that I want to produce as the blockers on the market today are cheaper than what I would have to charge for my time :( ) I hope that you enjoy the pix.. seeya Joe
  9. Hi js I just wish that you have the same luck as I and many others have had with the Helix.. Its the time of the season to reflect on how lucky we all are to afford such luxuries :) Seeya Joe
  10. js, When you get your Helix back, it will be new hardware and the newest firmware If anyone signs into their Line 6 account and opens a support ticket Line 6 will ensure that you have good hardware.... I know that they have been working on this problem since you first noted it... I had the same problem as you with the wah cutting the audio occasionally when engaged... When I reported the problem via a support ticket, they responded to my support request the same day and a few days later they had the Helix FW v1.04.3 released. Not only do I believe in Line 6, but, I am getting really good sounds from my Helix....my band buddies noticed that my sound "really has balls"!!!! Seeya Joe
  11. Hey js Helix FW v1.04.3 solves the audio drop-out problem when using the wah I hope this helps to restore your faith in Line 6 and the Helix!! Seeya Joe PS... The boot time is now 24 seconds
  12. Lexan is a good idea.... I decided to go with 4 pieces of 1/8" Lexan to protect all of the displays... When the Helix is on, the displays are not affected by the clear Lexan. Here are the dimensions that I used.. 1 piece 6" x 3-1/2" for the main display 2 pieces 1-1/8" x 17-12" for the Scribble Strip Displays 1 piece 2-1/2" x 1-1/8" for the Expression Pedal display Luckily I have a "Plastic Depot" that cut it to size for me for about $11.00 I used strips of 3M extreme mounting tape, which is Black, to attach the protector to the Helix Here's some pix seeya Joe
  13. True... I found this as well.... Use the AMP models if you are using a tube amp FX return with guitar speaker cabs... So much better when you 'crank' it! Seeya Joe
  14. Hello Robert... Do either of those amps have an FX loop.... it would sound much better if you connected the Helix OUTs to the amplifier FX Returns. The Helix was not designed to go in front of an amp unless 1. you are using it with 4 Cable Method or 2. unless you are using it for Pre FX with your preamp and without any Helix models/ cabinet responses.. To respond to the original Post I am using the Left/ Mono 1/4" Out to a Fryette Power Station feeding [2] Mesa cabs. I hope this helps seeya Joe
  15. AH....ok...gives me an idea After the warranty is expired on the Floor Helix, somebody could parallel the wiring on the Helix internal toe switch and bring it out to an external 1/4" jack... hmmm Seeya Joe
  16. Hey Cuch Scroll over to the Volume Block, Press Bypass until it is active and save your patch! I hope this helps seeya Joe
  17. I wish that we could use the toe switch in the Mission Pedal to bypass the Wah in the Helix. :( I am waiting for auto-engage though... maybe a few months after launch seeya Joe
  18. Hey bb If you plug an external Expression pedal into the Helix EXP 2 jack you will have Volume on a separate pedal. I hope this helps Seeya Joe
  19. Hello Carl You will need to get a Line 6 specific expression pedal as they are wired differently from Roland type expression pedals.... The difference is the use of a 1/4" mono cable as opposed to a stereo cable.... Also, Line 6 uses a 10k ohm pot, but you can use most other values with the Helix without difficulty. You can probably re-wire yours... I Included a modification drawing for your Mission EP-1... (the third diagram includes the addition of a switch so that you can switch between the stock MIssion EP-1 and Line 6 Functionality.) I hope this helps Seeya Joe PS.. Mission sells an EP1-L6 specifically for Line 6 devices... Here is some info from the Mission website.. *Note that the EP1-L6 is the only Mission expression pedal that can be directly connected to the expression pedal input on Line 6 devices. Other Mission expression pedals are not compatible with the Line 6 pedal interface.
  20. What will the Line 6 part number be for the backpack? seeya Joe
  21. As everyone else, I was having the same problem with the joystick from time-to-time when flying around the helix. I wanted to minimize the contact area with my finger, so, I removed the knob which was fine until I hit the flatted part of the shaft or when I had to turn it.(and it didn't look nice) I sorted through my parts drawer and found a smaller diameter knob... works for me! I hope this helps seeya Joe
  22. Hello BigRalph I am using a G30 Wireless Receiver with my Helix with no problems... I had to build a 9VDC breakout box to power it as the Helix does not have any auxiliary 9VDC ports to power pedals... There is an IEC power inlet, big red power button and [2] 9 VDC isolated power ports for pedals. A small 1/4" jumper cable connects the receiver to the Helix Guitar IN. I hope this helps seeya Joe
  23. Hello Cacibi, It was easier to use multiple blocks as you still cannot assign a block's single parameter to multiple footswitches...(i.e. you cannot assign mixer volume over two footswitches) Thanks for your help nonetheless seeya Joe
  24. Hello cacibi, Thanks for the ideas! Although I am not at the DSP limit, I will make a copy of my presets and see if I can make any of these work. I can see how FX block limitations are not a problem with controller assignments :) seeya Joe eenymason With the Helix feeding the Power Station and two guitar cabinets... it sounds just like the real amplifier! It looks like you need a higher input signal into your power amplifier... is there an attenuator switch at the amplifier's input or a LOW input? Or, you could increase the level out on the Helix. Another point; if you are using guitar speakers with your power amplifier, even if your power amplifier is very linear, you may find that you get a more realistic sound with the Helix cab sims off. (i.e cab sim response + guitar speaker response will be an addition of the two responses which will be exaggerated) good luck! seeya Joe
  25. Firstly, I am enjoying my Helix and homemade presets... I am running preamps only and feeding the Left MONO out to a Fryette 50W Power Station feeding 2 Mesa guitar Cabinets. The reason that I use guitar Cabs and a guitar Power Amp is that I already have all of these great guitar cabs and power amps and I like to operate my guitar amps in mono... That way, my experience putting a mic in front of a guitar cab is not lost and I hear what I'm used to hearing on stage. Also, with standard guitar cabs that are facing you properly, there is a larger sweet spot in the sound-field unless you are using coaxial FRFR monitors like Atomic CLR. >>Here's a tip when setting up your sounds and levels... setup the Helix at stage volume at rehearsal or in your basement at home.<< Even a few notches down on the volume control changes the sound so much. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is how I have set-up most of my presets... Guitar> Pitch Harmony> Fassel Wah> Vibe> Phase> Tube Screamer> Preamp> Noise Gate> Chorus> Delay> Reverb> Boost> Output Globals are set so that the LED Rings are Normally Off and the Presets Mode Switches are on Upper Row, with four instant Access Switches on the Lower Row. You'll see in the below preset there are multiple instances of certain blocks... explained later on... Three of the four Lower Row footswitches are combinations of Volume Boost / Gain and Delay I have Labeled those Switches as follows... Boost = +3 dB Volume Block to boost a phrase within a song Gain-Boost = +1.5 dB Volume Block and Tube Screamer for Solos Gain-Boost-Delay = +1.5 dB Volume Block and Tube Screamer and Memory Man Delay for Solos with delay I need to access only one of these "SOLO" footswitches at a time, but, to make it work I needed to position 3 instances of Volume Boost and 2 instances of Tube Screamer in the paths since you cannot assign one FX Block to two different footswitches. P.S. I had to add a second instance of the Memory Man Delay also; in case I need delay without any boost. I don't think that there is any workaround for this, I just wanted to share how I did this in case someone had similar requirements... any comments are welcomed! seeya Joe
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