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  1. Hi datacommando,


    I'm uploading version 2.0 firmware (for the first time) (Mac OSX) for my Helix floor controller. Doing this so I can back up my patches in case any problems occur when further updating to the latest (2.81) firmware. Two questions: 1. Line 6 Updater is asking me to complete the 2.0 update by 'resetting globals and restoring factory settings'. Helix seems to have kept all my patches fine, so is this necessary, and if so, how's that done? and 2. When updating to 2.81 will the 2.81 firmware automatically find my patches and settings from 2.0 and install them ... ?

    Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 15.02.47.png

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    2. simon1808


      No, thanks, you've been great. Truly I don't know why anyone would be generous enough to give so much of their time on this. Me, I take the view (unlike many, I know) that although it's fine that making music requires a degree of technical input, there comes a point where it's about the music, and you just want the gear to work. You're not the only one who's needed a drink in the past couple of days ... but thanks for getting me to The Other Side


      Cheers, Simon

    3. datacommando


      Shades of Hawkwind "Mirror of Illusion" in those Wood Demons folk – in fact reminiscent of many things from when I was an art student in the late 60s. Cool

    4. simon1808
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