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  1. obrieri

    Need help with a modern metal tone

    I agree with the Archon and I'd also add the Friedman as well both are in my opinion on another level than the stock amps.
  2. obrieri

    Need help with a modern metal tone

    There are a lot of tutorials for the "milton cleans" just follow those and translate to the helix. The trick Acle uses often is not using an amp model at all. The distorted tone Tesseract uses is just boosted 5150 I believe. The trick will be in the eq. Again there are a lot of tutorials online...just translate to helix. As for the precision drive, you say it's in the loop surely you are running it before the amp block in the helix correct? This is also probably a source of the "buzz" the gate on the pedal should help. Some people go nuts with gates for this type of sound but I do just fine with one(isp decimator) between my OD and amp. I haven't messed with the helix gates much but I'm sure one of them is similar enough. My advice would be to ditch the precision drive at first and just see how close you can get with the helix alone. Once you get close with that then you can sort out adding the external pedals. I'd go tubescreamer, gate, 5150, IR, and I usually throw eq block in front and at the end of the chain.
  3. obrieri

    Metal patch created using only stock amps/cabs

    Scroll up and click on custom tone
  4. obrieri

    Metal patch created using only stock amps/cabs

    Sounds pretty good. You should share that patch :)
  5. You can already do the same thing it does by running eq and tubescreamer blocks(and noise gate if you want all the features of the pedal). The "attack" knob is just an eq sweep control. There is nothing magical in that pedal, it just combines a few things into one package.
  6. obrieri

    Archetype Lead and Stupod OD

    I tend to avoid the models of amps I own but once I decided to fiddle with the Archon model I was impressed and haven't turned on my real one since.
  7. obrieri

    Can you transfer tones from Flextone III to Helix?

    You won't be needing those tones.
  8. obrieri

    Oh... I don’t know...

    Cool story bro
  9. obrieri

    HELIX, When will we get a new firmware update??

    I'd bet they prefer to have fewer people downloading it right off the bat in case there are issues that pop up.