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  1. Just install the new editor. When I try to backup before updating the firmware, I'm getting this error when the preset backup start (30%) -Errors occured during the backup (code -8606) Do you want to retry? I'm running Windows 10 Pro with firmware 2.20 any hint?
  2. US only. This pedal are 200$ in Canada. it's ridiculous and frustrating. :angry:
  3. Never saw any mixer without an on/off switch for the phantom power. If you plug a condenser microphone you activate it otherwise the phantom power should be off. So you can plug an helix using xlr straight into any xlr port. just d'ont acivate the +48v. Same thing for most instrument or for a dynamic microphone. http://www.dawsons.co.uk/blog/what-is-phantom-power
  4. Demo sound really good for me but why it's so pricey? Most of the patch sold turn around 1 or 2 bucks/patch. 7 Euro for 1 patch? Yes, i'm ready to pay for a patch matching a band or a song that I love but I will not pay this price for a generic patch.
  5. New user : Richie Castellano from Blue Oyster Cult watch it on youtube:
  6. BUG: I'm using Sonar 3 producer for recording with a mackie ONYX firewire mixer and a MOTU 828 firewire. (also using a motif XS8 with firewire ) Since I've installed the helix driver, when I start Sonar (with the helix on) all my ASIO driver(mackie,motu,yamaha) desapear. I'm not able to reactivate the driver when the Helix is power ON. As soon I put the Helix OFF, all my other Asio driver are working back in SONAR. So if I want to record from the helix with another instrument plug in my Mackie mixer I have to unplug the usb cable. Sonar 3 producer Windows 10 64bit PRO 32gig ram Intel i7 Asus z97-a
  7. Same problem here.I'm running Sonar 3 on windows 10. I have a Motu firewire, a mackie onyx firewire and I Motif xs8. When I power on the Helix, all my other sound driver turn disabled. so I cannot record from my mackie or my motu when the Helix is on. Never had problem recording from all my stuff at the same time with a Pod XT but with the helix it's a big problem for me.
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