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  1. I got in touch with Line6 support. The fix was to turn off the Helix then press and hold FS6 and 12 (Mode and Tap tempo) while turning back on to manually put the helix into update mode. I was then able to finish loading the update through Lin36 updated.
  2. I just attempted to do the 2.9 firmware update. I am doing the update through Mac Catalina. I didn't see the note on updating through the Helix Editor software so I tried to update through the updater. As the update was loading my computer went into sleep mode. I received instructions to reboot my Helix and try to start the update again. When I turn my Helix off then on again it got stuck on the boot screen below and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the computer and Helix to communicate with each other again. Any suggestions? Because I am using a 2019 Macbook Air all I have is Thunderbolt 3 connections so I have to connect the Helix through a hub. I have been able to connect the Helix with Helix Edit via the hub previously so this would not appear to be the issue.
  3. Hanscath, or Denohpakni, have you had any luck using the sonic port vx for Facebook Live? I am very interested in purchasing the VX if it can be used for FB Live.
  4. I saw the sales too. Makes me wonder if new models will be released during NAMM 2014. Anyone have an inside scoop on that possibility?
  5. I would love a new variax bass, especially with some good acoustic bass options. Ernie Ball has their Game Changer bass which I think does all the electric tones I would need, but having the POD HD integration is nice.
  6. Does anyone know if the POD HD products (HD 500X) will get an expanded library of HD bass amp and console models like what was available on the POX X3 Live? I'm a multi instrumentalist and the lack of bass amps and console models for running acoustic and vocal microphones through is keeping me from upgrading. I would hate to upgrade to the 500X hoping to get these models in a model pack upgrade like Line 6 has done in the past only to find out that to get bass and console models I would have to upgrade again to a 500X Live or some other new hardware version a year down the road.
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