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  1. Also, don't forget to update your speaker firmware! I had issues when I was running mixed versions.
  2. Either a damaged piece of gear, or bad settings on the L3s itself, or in your StageScape mixer. I use 1 or 2 subs depending on the size of the space and mine thumps either way.
  3. Since your speakers are L6 linked, are they both running the same firmware version? You'll need an M20d mixer to check, and to update firmware with a USB drive.
  4. Update: A while back, we found a work around for the trim glitch. Delete all affected channels and recreate them from scratch. It seems that only the settings themselves get corrupted. For the first time in over a year I feel confident again running this system. Wanted to make it known since I know others had the same problem.
  5. JamzOR

    Using Helix Live

    I go L6 link out of Helix to an L3T, and XLR left and right to the mixer. I angle the L3T from my side of the stage for stage and drummer coverage. Works well, basically a guitar monitor with balls, and doesn't bleed out to FOH as much as a backline would.
  6. Ok, that's encouraging! Hoping it plays nice with my EVH 5150 I read about Helix only controlling midi through USB connection or something, had me worried...
  7. Hey all, I've read some conflicting information in regards to using Helix as a midi controller. I'm hoping to be able to have my Helix patches also switch my Midi controllable amp, between it's three channels. Is anyone running this type of configuration? Thanks
  8. I won't know until tomorrow's gig if it's silent, but I can tell while cranking it in my studio the noise has decreased by at least 80%
  9. Oh, I was a perfect gentleman on the phone. I fully expected them to have an answer for me. Fortunately for me, I got a clue from one of you helpful guys that has made a noticeable improvement. Set XLR outputs to Mic! It turns the level way down, but when I cranked it back up to match what it was previously, the noise floor stayed down! Would have been nice if the rep had that answer for me weeks ago. Thanks guys! And especially ColonelForbin! Not sure why setting a Line device to Line would cause the noise, but it is much quieter set to Mic. I feel much better about my purchase now :) But, I hope this info is passed along to the support guys for future QUICK help calls!
  10. I did call Line 6 and have them TRY to help me and the rep acted like it was the first he'd ever heard of such a thing. Then I had the call get dropped and didn't feel like waiting 30+ minutes on hold again... Especially after dealing with someone who was basically fumbling for ideas himself...
  11. I'm considering ordering a new one to test that very theory. What's frustrating is that Line 6 pretends there is no problem. And a lot of people who are probably apartmnt or bedroom jammers, chime in and claim their units are quiet. For those guys, try running it at small concert levels and report back to me.
  12. LMAO at the notion of putting a DI between Helix and my M20d. OMG....laughable! This is all on Line 6 and possibly Yamaha for cheaping out on a circuit design to cut costs. Newsflash: Someone who is willing to pay $1500 for a modeling pedal would probably pay $1510..........
  13. Also, as I explained in my original post, it happens in all output methods, 1/4" / XLR..... I have read up extensively on the matter, and tried everything. I will however check that I'm using mic level on my XLR outs. Still find it odd, if not pathetic, that there is no hard fast KNOWN absolute solution by now. By having faith that this would be remedied with a firmware update, I have slid right past my return window with my vendor. I sure hope Line 6 is willing to take it back and refund my money if a solution is not forthcoming, soon! So far all I can tell anyone in the market is to beware of Line 6 and their shoddy post buyout by Yamaha equipment. And I repeat....HD500....SILENT. System fully CRANKED. SILENT. Who tried to fix a circuit that wasn't broken?? Can you guys tell I'm annoyed yet? :)
  14. NOT PHANTOM POWER ISSUE. It happens when I run into my DAW system as well. I have explored all so called KNOWN causes of hiss in Helix. It's not any of them. As phil335 said, exactly. This is ALL Helix. WHITE NOISE. At any volume, any setting, clean channel, distortion channel, all amps, all effects, in tuner mode, no matter what. I have 8,800 watts of StageSource speakers running off my M20d. 8,800 watts of white noise hiss. Until I mute Helix' NON PHANTOM POWERED channel on the mixer.
  15. Hey all, My Helix is up to date, and I like pretty much everything about it...except the noise! I have a completely line 6 setup for live applications. M20d mixer, stagesource speakers... This rig was dead silent until Helix showed up. My HD500 and HD500X were both SILENT. Helix, even when turned down completely, introduces hiss throughout the system, mains and monitors. Mute the Helix channel on the mixer? Silence. It doesn't matter which outputs I am using on Helx, they are all equally hissy. Models have no affect on the amount of hiss. Noise gate fully engaged, still hiss. In other words, it's purely the Helix outputs. What is the problem here?!
  16. Line. Got to try Helix at rehearsal today...it wasn't terribly loud, but there is some hiss while using 1/4" out, compared to my HD500X that is dead silent, no matter how it's connected. I use noise gate.
  17. Lol, figured out the PIN thing....Windows 10...ugh....
  18. JamzOR

    zZounds Shipment

    Thanks for replying! You would think so, but nope! All I get is a keypad to enter a PIN...
  19. Yup, I did read that, but I also saw a rep reply to a thread about this, without mentioning a word about the issue. Sure has been a looooooong time since any firmware updates... No excuses for this oversight and delayed remedy. The mixer is awesome, when it's not blasting out the eardrums of club patrons due to a SOFTWARE GLITCH.
  20. My Helix has a lot of hiss when using XLR outputs. Running 1.03 firmware. Swapped to 1/4 inch and it's quiet.
  21. I'm logged in and can't get past the "no permission..." thing either. I tried on my old XP machine, and a Windows 10 laptop...with Helix plugged in. I also checked on my iPad...same message. It also keeps asking me for a 4-digit PIN...wtf is up with that? Never seen that before...
  22. JamzOR

    zZounds Shipment

    I did receive my Helix on Wednesday. zZounds got a shipment on the 20th, but only at their Mississippi warehouse, so shipping took an extra couple days. Mine did come preloaded with firmware version 1.03. I can't seem to get in to download the latest update, this website keeps asking for a 4 digit PIN...wtf is up with that?? Tried it on 4 computers or devices..same on al of them...
  23. JamzOR

    zZounds Shipment

    That's what I thought too...AMS Mine shipped either Friday or Saturday...the tracking probably won't update before I get it though...zZounds gets stuff here in less than two days if it ships from the NJ warehouse.
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