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  1. Same issue here a replacement unit. New unit, new problem. Still waiting for line 6 to respond to “ticket”
  2. X3 better than HD, vanilla better than chocolate? I believe a matter of taste and ESPECIALLY how you tweak and "tune" the pod to whatever equipment you run thru, HD requires diffrent tweaking than xt , x3. soooooo many musicians disregard the line 6 stuff before putting the time, work and variables required to get these AMAZING units to sound as jaw dropping stunning as they can be! I also wish line 6 would bring back the x3! Had 2 hd500s after the 3rd locked up, just settled for bean HD. Love it! But after spending countless hours shaping tones on x3, for cover band, original band and recording...... I wanted to KEEP many of those tones, I scoured the Internet and FOUND A MUSIC STORE IN NJ THAT HAD A BRAND NEW UNOPENED X3! $400.oo. I am sure there is one out there seek and you will find...
  3. I had 3 hd500s get the "logo loop of death" returned all and settled for Bean HD for recording. I suggested problem may have been in the limited processing chip. Line 6 rep came to music store I taught at and SWORE the Bean never had the "loop" problem. And he was correct, still runs perfect. LINE 6... IF YOU SEE THIS,,, here's an idea for all who have the HD 500. Years back you OFFERED A UPGRADE CHIP for the pod 2. It was easy to put in, well worth the money, and I instantly heard the sound diffrence. How about offering a UPGRADE CHIP FOR PROCESSING CHIP FOR HD500's? Of course I would put stipulations on installation so YOU would not be responsible for noobs wrecking there units! Lol Customer could find a qualified installation "tec" if they felt they needed such. Bottom line is YOU WOULD MAKE ALOT of money selling this update chip! And a lot of hd500, 400, 300 and hdpod customers happy! Hmmmmm, maybe next generation pod could have user friendly plug in/swap out slots to occomadate chips. Chips you could sell as technology races forever faster..... Customer could perchase particular upgrades to fit "there needs" Just saying,
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