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  1. I currently use 9 and I have used 8 gauge strings (with proper setup after changing gauges) with no tonal difference at all. I've seen many A/B videos online, A/B recorded my own guitars after changing gauges and there is really very little to any truth about tone and string gauge. Now, if you attack the strings differently, maybe you play softer on light gauge strings for example, then you'll have tone changes. But nobody can say ZZ Top's tone is thin and he uses 7 gauge.
  2. Thank you Phil... but just for anyone else who gets confused it doesn't show up in the menu right now. You can only set it with the Mode Footswitches in 2.81.
  3. I'm not seeing the option to have the helix floor or the helix lt use the 8 stomp format. I don't see anything in the notes about that. If it is in fact gone, this would have been extremely helpful to know, I do a lot of pedal hopping and I need the 8 view. I honestly wouldn't have upgrade if that was the case. So am I just missing it or something? Did we really lose this view?
  4. yelldog

    frfr speakers

    I have 2 headrush units. I have one behind me and louder to come as close to having an amp on stage as I can and I have one directly in front of my helix on the ground to simulate a typical live stage monitor. That way when I really need to hear something clearly I can stand in front of the monitor. When I'm moving around I have the louder one acting like an amp so I can hear it anywhere.
  5. I know these pop up here and there but I'm checking all the major vendors who sell the JTV-89F and they are all saying unavailable or discontinued. Anyone heard anything? Did I miss an announcement? I've got 2 of these but if they are off the market I have to grab a backup ASAP!
  6. I know this has been posted but I've been digging for an hour and can't find the post I read a while back on how to clean the pickups. Any tips?
  7. I've used 8 gauge tuned ½ step down for years on both of my 89Fs. No problem at all with stability or tone. I've experimented for years with sting gauge and tone and honestly it is nowhere near as important and many think it is. ZZ Top uses 7 gauge strings, can't tell me his tone is thin. A good amp and a good guitar gives you the versatility you need to make up for any small difference string gauge introduces.
  8. I did it for 4 years, never had a problem. That said, I was probably just lucky. I don't do anymore since it was brought to my attention.
  9. Anyone figure this out? I'm having the same problem with dual cabs. A works B is 100% off.
  10. I've used Helix FRFR for years with outstanding results.
  11. No regrets at all. Maybe knowing the tuner was so unstable. I would have bought a little bigger case so a tuner pedal fit.
  12. yelldog

    Crank it up!

    It would be the same for any device by any manufacturer. IT all has to do with volume not the devices.
  13. We need a db meter. That would make it easier for everyone to get patch volumes right.
  14. I've used a couple pedals with the helix like the vise grip that are more organic/gritting sounding to me. I've tried all the compressors on the helix. They aren't bad but they all dull my tone. Not to a 'sucks' point I guess but enough that I the only additional pedal I use with the helix is one of my compressors pedals.
  15. Tuner. Compressors are only ok in my opinion. Otherwise, I love this thing.
  16. yelldog


    It is extremely jumpy anc I'm using both a variax and a "regular" guitar. It has improved a bit but it is very jumpy. I've compared it against two pedal tuners and they are much better. I pulled out my hd500 and it was much better. This is actually a very frustrating issue because I don't want to have to carry additional pedals to gigs. This should just work properly.
  17. $999... I'd buy that if it tracked perfectly. As good as modern wireless units.
  18. I would buy an upgrade for all three of my variaxs. This is a great idea
  19. Update, I tested both my 500X and Helix with both of my JTV 89F guitars. Both have the same strings and both were restrung at the same time 1 week ago. The setups are always done at the same time so these two guitars are about as close to twins as possible. My black one through the helix has much less pronounced plunk than my red one. Both guitars have very clear plink when I use 500X. I'm not trying to muddy waters or create confusion but this is just so frustrating. I hope we hear something soon.
  20. I took the and decided to pick up a Helix over the AX8. Since I have 2 89Fs I had to gamble that this plunk issue will get resolved... or better. I still have my 500X. I play the 89F with the 500X and I have a very clear plunk, plink whatever. I play the same guitar, same strings, the same guitar part and the plunk is almost gone. All I did was swap my 5e cable from 500X to Helix. Plunk nearly gone. I have no idea if this is going to help solve this but I had to share.
  21. Yes at least admitting it is a huge step forward. Hell I'll even pay for the fix I just want to be able to use my alternate tuning.
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