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  1. Hi i'm looking to get a case for my Helix control and one Mission pedal. I'm torn between the Pedaltrain Classic 2 and the Gator G-Tour large What you guys do to make sure the controller and the mission pedal won't move? I was thinking on removing the rubber feet at the bottom of the control and get longer screws and bolt it to either board Anyone care to let me know? I'm set on these two boards thanks, C
  2. So far is the Pedal Pad upfront Really like the hinged floor that I can lift and fix/hide anything etc... Just want to house the Helix permanently with side connectors and go. I use a Varian so wondering if they can have a Variax connector on the side as well.... Maybe make a mini snake with all cables...or going full wireless and hide an extra Variax battery underneath? Hmmm CJ
  3. That's pretty much what I'm looking for Roscoe5, I need a leave in case for the Helix Any other cases for the Helix you might recommend? cheers, CJ
  4. That's exactly what I meant zooey My show is a one man band type and don't need to get to fancy either Power, GTR input and stereo out should be more than enough Any pics or links would be appreciated thanks, CJ
  5. Anyone knows on the smallest pre-wired board like the Trailer Trash that you just have to connect 2 cables [power & audio] on the side and that's that? I'm looking for something like that for the Helix Does it exist? Links? Pictures? thanks, CJ
  6. Hey Chuskey I though I was one of the few that really liked the Dr. Z amp but that sounded GREAT...! Also the acoustic sound was really convincing and there's where I lack so far with the HD500x and my JTV69 Would it be possible to see those presets anywhere? Would love to see both but the acoustic is the one I really need HELP thanks again Charles
  7. Wow Jandrio.... I knew it this could be done.....! I will try and see if I can come up with this setting on the workbench HD I have never used it before but it's a good time to start tweaking and learn this thing thanks again regards, Charles
  8. YEAH YEAH AND MORE YEAH....! I think it will be just fine, I don't hear any artefacts because I had to go down just -0.2 which is not that much I will try later on today when I can crack my dream rig and take it from there.... Thanks a lot guys TRULY APPRECIATED....! C
  9. Hi everyone I have a one man band show and came to this situation last night with a backing track I just got. The backing track is "Def Leppard - Animal" is tuned to 435hz instead of 440hz. I would like to know if there's a way I can make a preset with my JTV69 and HD500x to 435hz or try to get as close as possible without to actually tune the guitar since it has tremolo and the change in tension takes a while to get back to 440hz. Thanks a lot for your fast response regards, Charles
  10. The problem is that the backup track tuning is BETWEEN 440hz and half step down and the only way to play the song is tuning the guitar to 435hz When I play along at 435hz is spot on in tune. Running with the Devil is half step down.... I can easily move the tuning wheel on my JTV69 half step and I'm there. The other song that is in between tuning is Footloose. This is driving me crazy because I love this song and where I'm performing they are a BIG Def Leppard fans so I have to play it I can tune it to 435z but the problem is that because the JTV69 have a tremolo and when the tension changes it's hard to put it back to 440hz and keep it there Anyone from line 6 that can help with this? thanks, Charles
  11. Stumblingman I would appreciate if you can help me with this... I do use my JTV69 via VDI thanks, Charles
  12. So no way to do what I need in any way? BUMMER...!
  13. I know that... What I want is to save the tuning preset with my Variax so I can recall it anytime I need to. I'm guessing using the HD500x Edit software? C
  14. Hi guys I have a one man band show and one of the backup tracks I just got is oddly tuned to 435hz instead of 440hz [Def Leppard, Animal] I also have a JTV69 guitar and would like to know if the JTV69 can be tune to 435hz as a preset using the HD500X Edit or any other way. Not entirely sure how it can be done so please help... thanks, Charles :)
  15. Peter You did it again brother...! Great video thanks, Charles
  16. Hey leesteel & Matt "Mom" Brown Used your patch on Saturday's gig and it sounded great...! I will use it again tonight let's hope I can get some video going thanks again to both of you guys for helping me finally play this song which I love :) cheers, Charles
  17. Hey leesteel Yours works and after doing a reset Matt's is working as well Ghosts in the machine... B) thanks a lot guys C
  18. Matt Mom I will see what's wrong with my system because after checking both patches they are very similar but for some reason yours does not work like it supposed... Ghost in the machine perhaps? thanks so much for your help with this truly appreciated Charles
  19. Perfection.... leesteel This have been my quest for a little while and you NAILED IT...! thanks so much it works perfectly cheers, Charles
  20. Hi Matt Just got home and tried the patch and it's PERFECT but I think I have a problem The main sound of the guitar sounds muffled with no definition... I will try to fix it, maybe it's my system not working correctly.... cheers, Charles
  21. Leesteel I have the JTV69 (love that neck) C
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