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  1. Can you t tell me if the line 6 part number 50-04-0128 BRIDGE ASSY CHROME for VARIAX STD Comes with Piezo pickups?


    AND if part number 50-02-0399 PCB ASSY UI (MODEL/SW./VOL/TONE/ALT-TUNE) Variax Standard.

    Does this item come with the knobs?

    1. psarkissian


      Yes, piezo elements are i the bridge.

      No, UI does not come with knobs, those are separate.


      BTW,... if you are not one of our service centers, self-repair is not recommended.

      Especially if it's still under warranty.

  2. I have installled my LIVE x3 with win7 64 and all works fine. Untill I try to use PODFARM 2. It says I need to activate it. All that was done BUT the Podfarm is there but it wont respond to any changes I make with the PODFARM VST app. How the hell do I get it to work? WHy does it have "Ready to activate" in the corner? Any suggestions? Cheers Antz
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