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  1. Not able to get the channel volume to fade in and out on two amp setup though. I just reverse the min and max for each amp right?
  2. Ok I guess 33% and 66% wasn't a big enough difference in my setup to tell much of a difference.
  3. Recalibrated pedal. Same thing. Does it matter where in the chain I have the pedal? Do I have to disable the volume on the pedal in the controllers tab or something like that?
  4. I only have one expression pedal in my setup. It's set to volume, not pan. In the controllers tab I have: Model: Screamer FX Assign: ESP Toe Switch Parameter: Drive Controller: EXP1 Min: 33 Max: 66 I hit save twice on the physical device, however EXp1 still just makes volume go from 0 to 100. I then tried doing it to EXP2 but it does nothing. I'll try and recalibrate. Never done that either lol
  5. Ok so how do I do it if I want to raise and lower the screamer? By the way I'm doing this in Line6 Edit. I've added a pedal to my setup. I've put it on volume instead of pan. However in the controller tab when I assign it to screamer and set it to control drive and output, it's still just controlling overall volume. I can't tell it's doing anything to the screamer. thanks for any help
  6. Cool I will give that a try! I assume I lose most of the cool stereo effect of having two amps though?
  7. I recently bought two KRK 8 inch Rokit studio monitors and play strait into them from hd500x. Greatest decision I ever made. Haven't played through my amp since, except to make sure it still works before I sell it. The speakers were $250 each. Sounds incredible.
  8. Is there a way to fade in your distortion? For example when moving from a clean verse to a heavy chorus? If you can't do that with the hd500x, what is the best way to do it with post production? Thanks!
  9. Some very cool sounds here. The settings are at the end of the video. They are blurry at first but become clear right before the end. I've confirmed they are correct.
  10. Bought these monitors and HD500x a few weeks ago. Will probably never play through my amp again. Sounds incredible.
  11. Read the rest of the post, steve....
  12. Finally found the little knob for mic on the back. It's very small and below something else. It's also not on the picture in the quick setup guide, and not referenced either. Strange. I do have to turn the volume way up, and I'm not sure it sounds any better than 1/4. Maybe even not as good. RobertMcCollins3, why don't you like using XLR?
  13. I have the HD500X as stated above. I started this thread before I chose between that and the Firehawk, so no big deal. I'm looking at the setup guide for the HD500x. There is a switch in the same place but it is for the FX return. I'll look again when I get home, but when I had the XLR's all connected, I tried every switch on the whole device and read everything I could find. Volume is probably just too low since it's "mic level."
  14. I tried turning the volume on everything all the way up, still no sound. Tried all switches. Guess it's just too low to hear. I'll take the cables back and get some 1/4's. Thanks for the help!
  15. The only switch like that is on top of the device. I tried that while connected with XLR. It did nothing for me.
  16. tylerhen

    finding patches

    Thanks! Yes I do have google. I searched for "hd500x patches" "hd500x tones" "hd500x etc. etc. etc." and did not find those. They aren't exactly the most popular sites. Thanks again.
  17. tylerhen

    finding patches

    Pianoguy, you say there are plenty of places around to find them. Can you tell me some? :)
  18. tylerhen

    finding patches

    Thanks for the link! I will check them out.
  19. tylerhen

    finding patches

    I understand, but I found some really cool tones yesterday by just searching. Some of the slash ones I made some minor tweaks, but I didn't have to do that whole thing from scratch, which was a relief considering how complex they were for my level of experience. A lot of the ones on customtone gave a "page not found" when I clicked the download button. Not sure why. Probably 25% of the ones I tried to download.
  20. tylerhen

    finding patches

    Other than the customtone area on this site, is there any other good place to find patches? Preferably a large pack of them? I read somewhere there are places you can find thousands of patches. Thanks!
  21. I bought the HD500X and two KRK Rockit 8 speakers. Sounds incredible. Doubt I'll ever play through my amp again unless I have to. Thanks for the help! Also, anybody have any packs of patches they can share?
  22. Yes they do have their own power. So why can I only hear sound when I use 1/4 line? I get no sound when using XLR output. Thanks!
  23. Well I bought the HD500X and a couple of KRK Rockit 8 studio monitors. 8 inch. I connected them with XLR but got no sound. Working on that. Connected them with 1/4 and got sound. I'm blown away. I only had time to play with it for about five minutes. Every single thing I heard sounded better than any amp I've ever played through. Every pre-set effect and model blew my mind. Stuff I never heard or thought of. Incredible. I am very, very impressed. Unless playing with my friends, I can't see myself ever using my amp again. Thanks for all the help guys. Can't wait to play with this stuff some more.
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