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  1. Interesting. OK, I think you have part of the idea worked out: You have a stereo out from the HX Effects, two 1/4"... technically "Y" at default (it is Y if no stereo effects are in play). With any split, you can set the mixer at the end of the chain and pan all right or all left (A or B). So there is all three states with no need to involve the effect loops. The trick is "one button" A/B/Y. The two options I can think of is making the mixer controls controllable by Snapshots and set each output configuration with a separate snapshot, or set the pan to an expression pedal and sweep between a blend of A and B. Other ideas, folks?
  2. I asked about this in a more multiple choice question earlier, and got a "what are *you* doing" type response... After using onstage the past couple weeks, and trying to isolate what could be the cause, it's a bigger issue that I'm nowhere closer to solving on my own. I've been noticing random snaps, cracks, and pops when switching off the tuner on HX Effects. This is barely noticeable at bedroom levels, but when I play out at a moderate club level (not quite "loud") sometimes those random pops are... everyone in the joint is turning and looking where the huge bang came from. And if it's a patch with a delay or big reverb; it's just that much bigger a noise. One thing I've noticed mucking about with it at home: If I play a note and hold the Tap Tempo button to engage the tuner, when I turn it off, no matter how long it was since I played that note, it will ring for a second when turning the tuner back off. This occurs with delays and reverbs set for Trails on or off, or with reverb or delay off. Most of my working presets are 4 cable method - Distortion -> Wah -> Preamp loop -> Modulation -> Delay -> Reverb -> solo boost switch Gain. Some of them I try A - B paths for reverb and delay. I have one other where I have an EHX C9 Organ box in loop 2 where I put Guitar on a path all left and the "Organ" all right. I think the HX has a much better tuner than the one on my G70 wireless, and I prefer using my pedalboard than clamping something silly looking on my headstock, but I currently can't trust my HX Effects tuner or use it as a convenient set-break mute, because I don't know what will come out of my speakers when I re-engage the unit to play.
  3. One of the things software modeling can't replicate from components is a Leslie rotating speaker... and, sorry to say, it shows in the results: my least favorite sound in the box is the three rotary speaker effects. And I want that sound. Could you model a Hughes Kettner Rotosphere for the HX? Even the Boss RT-20 Rotary Ensemble did a better job of fake Leslie (it just wicked off pick attack when it was turned off, not a problem I imagine occurring within the HX) Another thought, the HX's Tube Drivers (new and legacy) are really good, just not exactly as I remember my old washing machine, and then I see "Chandler Tube Driver" listed as the effect. Are you modeling from a Chandler or a BK Butler unit? (Butler is way better, if you believe it's unnecessary because it's "too close" use one of the new modified bias control models; call it "Tube Driver Mod" or "Valet" or whatever) But, yeah, seriously model a Butler and not a Chandler unit of Tube Driver. (Boring personal story, I had the idea to switch everything from pedals to rack gear to control under my Midi footpedal back in the day. I sold my Butler Tube Driver, because I could get this thing that looked just like my box in a rack case, the Chandler Tube Driver rack... if the Chandler pedal version was not as good as the BK, the rack version was completely worthless. Stupidest gear decision I ever made.)
  4. I've had the HX Effects for about a month now. Overall I love it, I built my new pedalboard around it, and have been doing my shows with it. I've found a few issues, though that are either bugs, or that I haven't found a solution or work-around from the manual. Issue 1) I'm hearing a loud pop (or maybe more accurately a "pak") switching out of my muted tuner. Issue 2) I have a set of snapshots where three have a long delay (Simple Delay, 400 ms with about three repeats) and one with a slapback. (150 ms with one repeat) If i change to the Snapshot with the slapback delay while playing, I get a fraction of a second of higher pitch. Issue 3) I like the suggestion from the manual for having a clean boost by assigning a controller for level on the return mixer. I like having this in Stomp mode, but I also like making Snapshots for switching more than one thing for, say, a rhythm and lead sound. If I set the footswitches for snaphots, they get remembered, except for Level. Whatever Level is set at, will be the setting for all four Snapshots. I am guessing that this type of control assignment ban be only either/or, footswitch or snapshot, but not both. Issue 4) I see that both Path A and Path B are stereo. I am trying to mix a parallel path with a block or two of effects on one path that outputs full left, an external effect with a loop, plus additional effects (rotary speaker on the parallel path that outputs full right, and then have a switch that bypasses the second path and has path A in the right and left output channel. So far when setting up controller assignments trying to turn off path B, I have only been successful in bypassing the loop and getting various mixes of half path A and half clean signal with rotary. How do I route this? Thanks in advance for solutions to any of these.
  5. HX Edit is still just a librarian and IR loader for the HX Effects. I'm sure there will be a bit of fanfare when these features get added. I know that I am quite eager to not have to bend over and twist knobs to do everything.
  6. I knew it had to be something just that simple. Thank you! I would add a wah to the preset, and it would automatically assign it to one of the six footswitches - so no auto engage, then I would switch it to "None", also no auto engage.
  7. Hi, I've had the HX Effects for a couple weeks and have already built a nice pedalboard around it and used it for some shows. I'm using a Boss EV-5 as an expression pedal in EXP-1 (currently nothing in the second, plan to use it for amp control as I expand the board and its uses) I see that in the manual the default for wah and whammy effects are an auto engage for the EXP-1 jack. If I add any wah to a preset and turn it on, the Expression pedal works it fine, but the auto engage feature doesn't work, and I'm not finding in the manual or in the menus where to turn that off or on or how to adjust this. So far I've had to use one of the six footswitches to turn off and on the wah, jump to the expression to use it, then go back to the footswitch to turn it off again. Not ideal. Since I've been able to do build presets, multifunction control assignments, snapshots, and just about everything else I've wanted to so far fairly quickly by RTFM... I like to think my reading comprehension is fair. What do I need to do to set and adjust the auto engage feature for wah pedal?
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