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  1. Cool and thank you for that post Colonel. I am very tempted to go with the 1500 because of the many stage options for outputting. I am a bit concerned about the 63 lbs! My Fender HRD weighs in at 45 lbs! But what on earth would I do with the FH floor modeler I just bought? Dilemma! Jim
  2. I'm not sure why you would use another modeler such as the Helix with the FH 1500! The latter is the modeler built into a digital amp, right? It has ample power and all of the modeling stuff that the regular FH modeler has, except you have your output solution. The only other thing you would need is the FBV to switch patches and banks, etc. You also have the benefit of the remote app which is what I love about the regular FH. It just sounds terrible out of a standard guitar amp in a live setting! Even with all the fine suggestions that other users have offered such as turning off the cabs, using the 4CM, using the FX Loop in the chain, adjusting EQ, adjusting the three volume knobs for gigging volume, and all the rest; it is not satisfactory!! Tones are very muddy or MIA! None of this would be an issue for a guitar jockey with unlimited $$$ and a monstrously large man cave to store all this stuff we buy and never use! LOL!! Jim
  3. OK Now you guys are driving me crazy! I've been bitching and moaning about how I can't output my FH floor modeler to an amp, but the FH1500 is the supposed solution? I just bought the FH a month ago! Had I known all this stuff earlier, I would have opted for the FH1500! So typical. McB, you especially have been so helpful on the FH forum. Did you switch to the 1500 as well? Excuse me while I curl up into fetal position, thumb in mouth! Jim
  4. I'm curious Rayneman about how you are liking the Friedman ASM-12 as a substitute while using the FH modeler? Is it powerful enough to use as an amp or are you only using it as a monitor? Just curious. Jim
  5. Don't get too excited! I've done all of the things you just figured out and the sound during live performances is not terrific. Be prepared to make sacrifices and many changes! I'm still very much on the fence with FH! Jim
  6. But did you turn on the FX loop on the remote app? The Firehawk sees the orange as a device in the fx loop chain. Also, if you are running the newest firmware, you should move the FX loop (like a device) in front of the "amp" in the app's signal chain and make sure it is turned on. Play with those amp out and line out little buttons near the jacks on back of the FH. You may need to change your output. Jim
  7. You can also try turning off the FH amps so you are only using the Orange pre amp and cab. Then use any of the sweet fx in the FH and tweak away!
  8. I'm really struggling to understand what the "white" volume is doing? Is the guitar pushing the amp harder when it's turned up? I'd assumed it balanced the guitar with mp3 playback by altering the volume of the mp3 but seems I'm wrong I played with this tonight at rehearsal and there appears to be a duplication of services for the white (guitar) and red (device) volume controls. They both effect all patches and stay set where you put them. But I did a test to see if there was a true volume difference if they were both cranked or if just one of them is cranked in a live amp setting (not with playback music). There was no difference in volume, but, raising just the white gave a cleaner tone than raising both. Raising just the red did not seem to effect the tone. Last wknd at an outdoor gig, I raised the red and the pink. Not the white. Big mistake. The pink channel volume totally changed my tones in a bad way, very muddy. I think from now on I will attempt to increase the volume with white or combo of white and red. Leave pink alone. Jim
  9. Thanks. Will do when my HRD returns from the shop (bad voicing coil)! Jim
  10. Would you mind sending a screen shot of your settings for the delay, reverb etc. I'd love to try that. Or, I guess you could publish it to the cloud for all of us to steal! But let me know if you do and tell us the title your giving it! You da man!! Jim
  11. I'm plugging into the power amp jack in the back of the amp not the guitar input. I'll check to see if I've selected amp or line can't remember. One setting is mute so I would only be using the setting that responds. I'll try playing with the no cab setting. When I first played with this I did not notice a huge difference except for the patches with giant metal amps with 4x12 cabs! Thank you again!!Jim
  12. Aye, Aye Aye! Now I'm wondering if my amp (Fender HRD) will actually be fine live if I redo the Patches at "gigging volume," first! I was under this assumption that the Red master volume knob took care of this. It does not, apparently. I do not go through a PA at the gigs, nor do I mic the amp. We mostly play small venues and I use an amp the old school way, behind me for stage volume and for the audience. Half the time the other band mates cannot hear each other! But, going through the PA washed away the vocals completely. Before I run out and buy another amp or powered speaker, I better try your idea. You are a great resource on these forums!! I saw back in August that you almost ditched your FH. What made you decide to keep it? Thx! Jim
  13. I tried setting the patches as you suggested at the gig before we played to "Gigging Volume" but I did not like the response I got from the amp (in 1 CM). I plugged into the power amp and I noticed a significant loss of volume and power. I didn't notice this at home because I was practicing at much lower volumes. All the volume settings (Red, Wht and Pink) were set to 9 o'clock at home. I tried first just raising the Red at the gig, but it was not effective so I raised the pink as well. This gave me better volume, but muddied the tone significantly! Once again, I may have to switch to another output option such as the ASM-12 as Rayneman and others seem to think so highly of it. More $$$$! Jim
  14. When you did use the mustang with cab sims off in the FH were you using 4CM method and the Mustang as an FX Loop on the app? I'm asking this same question in dozens of different forums because I'm not understanding how this device is to be used for live gigs with a standard guitar amp. The M9 was just a stomp box modeler that allowed you to use a std guitar amp. The FH has all these beautiful built in amps and cabs that make my Fender HRD a second sister. And I agree with Rayneman, at low practice volumes the thing sounds great. But I was a bit disappointed with the live gig sound at a large outdoor venue. I'm considering 2 options: the Mustang IV or the Friedman ASM-12. I'm assuming I will get those crystal clear cleans and lux delays etc with good volume and headroom live if I switch. Any thoughts? Thx Jim
  15. Thanks for that tip Rayne. I was pretty happy with most FH tones but the HRD lacked juice when used as a powered speaker (1 cable to power amp setting only). If I were to go straight from my guitar to the standard guitar input on the HRD I can get arena volumes quickly. If I stay with the FH I'm going to have to try the ASM-12. You think the volume as an amp substitute are good enough for most live gigs? I'm not mic ing out to a PA or monitor at this point! Thx. Jim
  16. I'm a bit confused as well. McB are you saying that when you use the Mustang you use none of the FH amps or you do use them, but with cabs turned off? Please clarify the Mustang scenario. Also, are you using the lt3 as an amp. If so how. Not just as a monitor? Thx! Jim
  17. Message for Rayneman; wondering how your experience has been with the ASM. I was a tad disappointed with the one cable to to my HRD. The FH was great but the amp was lacking juice in this huge outdoor venue in Malibu. Maybe because I did not have the advantage of using the pre amp of the HRD only that lonely 12 inch powered speaker. Jim
  18. I'm trying my maiden voyage with FH and my regular amp tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I'm very curious about the Freidman. Jim
  19. So will you be usung ASM-12 in place of an amp set up. In looking through reviews about Friedman it seemed people were only using it as a stage monitor but went through a house PA system for the audience. Is that your plan as well. I also have a Fender HRD combo and will try the one cable method into the Fender's power amp. But I am not connecting to a PA. Just the back line, but I'm curious about using a system like yours in place of an amp. Thx! Jim
  20. I am only having latency delays when patches have synths active. I'm not having a problem with choruses or delays or overdrives. And that is with or without 4CM. JIM
  21. Yes. I realized that too about certain patches and some are just louder or fuller despite that pink setting being equal. But that's ok. I want some patches to deliver more and will go to them for certain songs or solos. The red volume will vary depending on the room or venue. Thanks McB Jim
  22. As usual you are always a big help. It sounds like I am dealing with this correctly then as the pink and white are all set the same in every patch. I can adjust the red as needed for each gig when playing live. Thanks McB
  23. Why exactly do the three volumes do? Red, white and pink? Are you folks saying that the red vol changes the tone of the preset? I was hoping I could level all 3 say at 9 o'clock then raise only the red on a gig if I needed more volume for all of my patches without effecting tone or drive. Am I wrong to assume this? Jim
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