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  1. Wow!! If you can afford the Bose than I'm very surprised you're not using a Helix instead of the Amplifi system!! Just sayin'Jim
  2. One more thing to remember with Firehawk and Amplifi products, when using the remote app to save a preset, you will get the pull down menu. If you choose save to amp or save to Firehawk FX, you will select a location by bank and Footswitch ABCD. if you choose a location including any of the factory presets, that preset will be over written! It's a good idea to save the older preset to "My Tones" first before over writing in case you want to retrieve it later! Jim
  3. This is great RSM0. Ya I figured it was easier and cheaper to connect with instrument cables to the female TS adapter. Lastly, the bit about two amps? Would it change anything if you plugged one cable into power amp input and one into guitar input Jack? Would you still get stereo effect?
  4. Thanks. I'm getting that you need to split the stereo headphones Jack signal. But why not get something that splits to two male 1/4 in jacks? Also. You mentioned having to go to two different amps. Is that so you can maximize the stereo signal? Much appreciated. I just have one standard Fender HRD I'm plugging into. I have no intention of using this as a gig set up. Just practice. Jim
  5. Can you be more specific about the "TRS to TS" connections and splitter? What are they and where can you get them? Where do they plug into on the Amplifi and how!? Thx!Jim
  6. I totally agree. The app is the brain of this tool. It is so easy and intuitive. You are not going to learn anything in a manual that you cannot experiment on your own to learn. No tools required!! Just play guitar and have fun!!Jim Ps. If you want every feature built in to the amp you could have just bought a very inexpensive Spyder IV and played along with an MP3 player connected to a jack in the amp. A lot more playing and a lot less fiddling!
  7. You may want to check out the Firehawk FX forum. There are many recommendations about output options people have had success with. Jim
  8. It can be done with powered speaker FRFR cabs as well as long as it has that 1/4 in Jack. I cut out those tinny highs by selecting "no cab" on the remote ap of the Amplifi. I find the 12" fender speaker has better balance for volume and tone than the cab selections in the Amplifi. It was just an experiment. I'd never play a live gig with that setup. Just use my Fender HRD and an M9 pedal! Jim
  9. A lot of people report having great success with the Fender Mustang IV v. 2. They use it as an FRFR speaker by plugging into the power amp Jack and not using the pre amp or digital modeling that comes with it. There may begetter solutions like the Mackie or Line 6 LT3 but that Mustang can be obtained new for $400-500! Just sayin' Jim
  10. Hey just had a great experience hooking up my Amplifi 75 headphones jack to the power amp jack of my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe!! Incredible! Very loud clean and powerful! You have all the parameter settings on the remote ap available but it sounds like a real amp! I did select "No Cab" for most of the amp settings in my preset patches which cut out a lot of the tinny sound and adjusted the EQ settings to cut treble a bit. So cool!!Jim
  11. You should be using the remote ap. With the Firehawk FX you select the tone you've downloaded from the cloud. Tweak it with the editor in the ap. If you are using an iOS device, look for the little square save icon and tap it. You'll get a pull down menu asking if you want to Save it to My Tones or the amp, etc. you should also get a choice about where to save it on the amp (bank location and foot switch ABC or D). Select one of those. If you are also using an FBV foot controller, you may be able to bank up or down and select a foot switch location from there as well. Then push and hold the foot switch button for a few seconds until the name changes in the display and it stops flashing. That's it!Jim
  12. I have had no difficulty overwriting the built in Line 6 presets with my own stuff or patches that I have downloaded from the Cloud. Seems to be working well.
  13. I think your solution is the Firehawk 1500!!
  14. I got mine a week ago and have had no technical, connectivity issues, but the tone matching capability is very weak at best! 90% of the tones don't come close to the songs and/or are simply unusable. However if I just go to the "Cloud" and type in a song or artist name I get several interesting tone matches which are very cool. It is clear the device and software need improvement and enhancing. Also the price point is too high for a boom box. But, this is a really great tool for kids learning songs or anyone just learning to play. Jim
  15. Seems like it should just update or over write the file which is what happens on a computer. It does not. Also in My Tones I have 5 of the same preset because it is storing the newly saved files all slightly different because they have been tweaked then saved. It does not update or overwrite the file. Jim
  16. I have had zero connectivity issues so far ðŸ‘ðŸ»! A few issues getting the device to return to any saved settings for my presets! I'll tweak a sound and save it with same name to My Tones followed by a save to the amp. When I switch preset locations and return to the one I previously saved it defaults to the old setting. If I tweak a preset and save it with a new name to the amp then it works correctly. Anyone else have this experience?
  17. jdebiase

    ios 9.3

    BTW the line 6 support site clearly states that you should do this (forget old blue tooth connection, then find Amplifi again) after any firmware updates. Just sayin'
  18. Just got mine this week and could not update via USB on a Mac but no problem using the iPhone to update albeit 45 minutes. But it worked great! Enjoying it very much. When u did try to use computer to update I got this black screen that said "Select a Product to Update" but there was no list. Just the black screen. Anyone else have this issue on a Mac?
  19. If you can detect the difference from playing with the sag feature on the Firehawk then consider yourself part of the 1%! Jim
  20. If you want to learn more about "sag" in tube amps there is a great article describing this on the web site. Basically it is a natural drop in rectifier tubes and others in a tube amp that fluctuates with your attack style giving you dynamics that usually cannot be reproduced on solid state amps. Jim
  21. Not sure if this helps but you could have two identical patches assigned to two adjacent foot switches only one would have the wah engaged the other would not. You could toggle between them when you need the wah. Still a lot of tap dancing but not horrible! Cheers. Jim
  22. jdebiase

    Amplifi TT

    Have you also checked the other forums that specialize in Multi FX units like TT, Firehawk FX, Helix, etc. there may be more users with similar issues that have already found solutions. This forum caters to Amplifi amp users (150, 75 and 30). Jim
  23. Can you describe this process a bit more in depth? It seems you've been doing this. I have seen where people are recording directly into Garage Band for instance. What DAW and output process do you use? ThanksJim
  24. I think, from watching the videos, you can just use your iOS device or Android to select, survey, reposition any patch from the remote app. The foot controller certainly would make that easier! Jim
  25. Just found brand new in the box Amplifi 75 on the "" web site for $259 + shipping! And yes I pulled the trigger! Can't waitJim
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