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  1. I have mixed feelings about that site. They say they use it as their guidepost, but if you set filter by "in progress" to see what they're ACTUALLY working on, there are a lot of items with the LOWEST amount of votes that are actually in progress. If an idea's been submitted it's "in review" within a couple of weeks, and that's where most of the stuff seems to sit. Don't get me wrong, I can see the utility in more than a few of those in-progress items, but it seems to me that if you look what's in-review vs in-progress they work on whatever they feel like, or maybe whatever is easy to knock out quick and dirty not what the masses are clamouring for.
  2. Don't feel; too bad bud, I've had retailers tell me I was going to get my Helix rack/control combo the middle of November back in October, and I've been hearing "it'll be here 'soon'" every couple of weeks since. However, I do feel your frustration, and "soon" better be SOON gosh darn it! :P​
  3. Talking to my peeps and they told me that they haven't heard any comunications, official or otherwise, that would lead them to believe that the current round won't be where it's supposed to be middle-to-third-week of December. So I'm going with my last guess that the backorders are so extenstive that the February date is when the NEXT next order will be delivered on.
  4. Yeah, I guess they seriously underestimated the appeal of the unit as evidenced by the shortages and shipping issues right now.
  5. I want to give them the benifit of the doubt, but the radio silence on the drop-date just feeds the parnoid frenzy and speculation that is the interwebs.
  6. Haven't had a chance to talk to my peeps yet, but my guess now is that date is a reflection of pre-order fulfillment; that's when they think they'll have the NEXT next shippment of Helix racks that aren't already spoken for. At least that's what I hope that would mean.
  7. thankfully Long&McQuade have updated their prices to reflect the change, but mid-february is a real kick in the 'nads! Ugh! I'll have to get in touch and find out if they've been told it's been pushed back that far...
  8. this is pretty much the configuration I'll be running this with too! Only it'll be a 2:100 power amp, and minus that single space silver thing in the middle. :D
  9. totally. DI said not too long ago, they were working some bugs out, then full speed ahead on more content for the unit.
  10. Now when do they hit the distribution chain, that's what I'd like to know! :D
  11. rockin'! Tell me they're in the distribution pipeline, please!
  12. They've got supply issues, but that launched roughly around when they said they would. I'm hoping the Rack/Control is the same, but if it's not showing up for another month or two, it'd be nice to get someting official on that.
  13. Over on TGP forum, DI said there was some "potentially big news" to drop on it, and that forum moves too fast to keep up with these days. Did this news ever get elaborated on? It was slated to ship end of November / Begginning of December; well, we've arrived at that time, so is it going to drop now? What's the dillio my friends?
  14. It's awesome how you're all up in these threads! Good to know you've got your ear to the ground. You guys have A BUNCH of great amps that you're sitting on from the good ol' days, and imho if those gems you modeled back in the X3 period made it into the Helix you'd be hard pressed to find a tone you didn't like or couldn't emulate. I can only imagine how great these amps will sound in the HX engine! :D
  15. Nice to see the love for these amp suggestions on Ideascale. I'm a little suprised the JCMs aren't getting more love, but it's obvious that people feel the same way that I do about the MkIV, VH4/Herbert, and XTC. AMAZING amps that do something special/unique, even compared to what's going to be on offer already, that they have and can/should bring back into the modeling fold. No time like the present with all that new horsepower under the hood!
  16. Much appreciated my friend! Apart from the Randall, they're all amps that L6 have in their existing collection, and amps that have stood the test of time and have amazing tones! It's a great diservice to leave them collecting dust when they could be modeled using the HX tech!
  17. There are a lot of amp submissions on ideascale, and more than a few I aggree with! Especially on the contemporary high-gain side of things. That said, there are some amps (possibly) collecting dust in their amp room that need to be modeled and added to the list, and it's boggling that they haven't made their way into a product for a whole generation! They kicked @ss in the X3, it's time for these to make a come back. I've started a few idea scale submissions for these gems! Please up vote them! Marshall: JCM900, JCM2000, SILVER JUBILEE Mesa Boogie MkIV Diezel VH4 (channels 2, 3, 4) Herbert Bogner XTC (Blue and Red channels) And for a modern/contemporary amp that I haven't seen come up already on ideascale Randall Thrasher
  18. Boogies, Diezels(VH4/Herbert) and Bogners (xtc)!
  19. Helix rack not available until sometime this fall? I had the impression they were release simultaneously. Well if this doesn't suck Line 6 Monkey app balls I don't know what does. Boo sir, boooooooo.
  20. What do I think of the Helix? I think it's going to drive my G.A.S./A.D.D. nuts having to wait 2 months for it to hit shelves! Damn instant-gratification-culture ruining my sense of patience! lol
  21. To be honest my friend, 45 is likely 35 more than I'd ever personally use if the right 10 are already in there, with the occaissional exception arising every so often. I just see the extra additions down the road as added value. :) And as for it sounding that way a little, well, when you say you can't divulge the current list of amps because it could change, what other way is there to take that? lol :P Whether they're going to call a mesa MKIIC+ a "classic cali crunch" or maybe "metallicrunch" it's still the same amp. If it's going to be in there it's going to be in there, unless there are other amps on deck that might push if off deck until a later date. :D
  22. If you read between the lines there they have MORE than 45 amps ready to go, but for launch are going to START OFF with 45 amps. Good to know they've already got more stuff in the pipeline for it. Hopefully given the price of the unit we can look forward to some free additional amps in the not-too-distant-future. :D
  23. I just bought the metal pack only a month ago. the last week or so I've been thinking about picking up the vintage pack but wasn't going to pay the 50 and not get the bass pack (not that I need or would use the bass pack, but if I'm paying the mega bundle price in total, I want it all) but now I think I will pull the trigger on vintage pack as it's 35 bucks and I can live with that. :)
  24. I could live with that; JC120 for free works just as well :D
  25. For months I've been considering biting the bullet and getting an axe. I've been keeping an eye out over at TGP and on eBay looking for an axe II at a decent price because I just couldn't get all the tones out of the POD that I wanted... Then the metal pack dropped, and it's a whole new ballgame for me again! So far I've been spending most of my time with the Shiva, 5150, Purge and just recently Big Bottom models, and it seems like all the tones I've been craving I've been able to coax out of those four. In a single update and 49USD later I went for pining for "the next best thing" to being totally happy with the unit. Sure, don't get me wrong, I'd still like a MkIV, VH4, and an XTC to find their way into the unit, and feel the friggin' JC120 should be in the metal pack to begin with as I refuse to cough up another 50 bucks for just that clean channel, but all in all I'm a very satisfied customer. I've stopped hunting for a new processor, and I've started playing more and more. with that 50 bucks I've saved thousands! With the Purge I can get all my old-school marshall metal tones and then some, the shiva (while the controls are still not very intuitive in the way they respond - I guess that's just a Bogner thing?) offer ups some seriously juicey hot-rodded plexi tones, the 5150 offer up that classic browness, and the Big Bottom's giving me a nice alternative to the dual rec that's already on offer. At some point I'll start exploring the other 6 offerings, but I'm just having too much fun with those four atm to bother messing with them. And L6 you offered up a metal pack 2 with the above amps' various channels in, I'd throw down another 50 on it in a heartbeat! I'm that pleased with the current offering! So for those of you jumping ship, I'm climbing back aboard! I thought I was done with my HD Pro, but now I feel like I'm just getting started!
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