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  1. That's why you're deservedly most Excellent :)
  2. Anything is possible. They can be first to introduce two different firmware modes one of the modes would be an amp modeler that runs higher quality algorithms without the need for dual path and heavy hitting effects while the other mode would be the current mode which is " Modeler, Multi effect, Sound Card, Live or studio, dual path and everything under the sun"
  3. I wish they would reduce the number of amps and effects but improve the quality of the simulations.
  4. Pickups heights also effect intonation, if set too close to the strings their magnetic pull will definitely cause major intonation problems. Some of the single coil staggered pole pieces are closer on the G and D, so if that's the issue, you could have problems with the G and the D strings more so than other strings. Regardless Check to make sure that you have at least 1/16 between pickup pole pieces and strings, specifically neck pickup, then middle and bridge in order of significance.
  5. I think another major problem is line6 don't respond as much to the concerns on their own company's message board as much as they do on other message boards which I find baffling. I see Line 6 employees address and post in the gear page about topics that they completely ignore on this message board. Also How hard is it provide EQ frequency and Q information? They made an announcement in NAMM January 2013 about an upcoming update to the JTV that I was considering, it's mid may already :blink:. Also where is POD HD plugin? It can't be in the making! They must be waiting for Revalver to come out or digitech to answer . My eleven Rack comes with the Eleven Plugin. I think line 6 should really start listening seriously.
  6. Please remember to come back and post about your experience. I think line6 can use the knowledge also. Interestingly enough when you mentioned about how the dynamic response is better in the Kemper than the actual real amp, I remember specifically that Kemper himself mentioned that he put a compressor in the Amp block to get that effect. Later the AXE FX II makers adopted the same idea of a compressor in the amp block. I'm waiting for line6 to do that also.
  7. I I know what you're saying, but at the end of the day, I say sure, let's compare. If someone bonds with the $400, they will get pretty damn good result that will render the 2000 unit irrelevant. I've heard pretty damn good clips from POD HD, that rival those of AXE II and Kemper. Steve Howe from Yes uses the POD HD 500 and many other working musicians. If you bond with the HD and know how to dial it to a point where you're happy with it and are inspired to play, you're golden. Many folks have done that, but if you struggle with it, then maybe it's not for you; and that's fine. If someone has the money and they can afford a tool that will make it easier for them, I say go for it, but that says nothing about the quality of the sounds that can be gotten out of the HD series.
  8. "Tone is in the fingers", let's all ditch our amps, Pod HDs, Kempers, and seymour duncan pickups, Dimarzios, and go back to the original POD 2.0 and a pignose and save our money. Forget about TONE. This thread was, the way I see it, about "Production of Sound". You want to call that TONE, then talk about Production of tone. Injecting that phrase "tone is in the fingers" was just a red herring. The OP seems to think it would be easier to produce sounds or tones using a Kemper and I wish him luck. I'm sure the problem is not in his fingers! If I had the cash, I would do the same thing.
  9. If tone was "only" in the fingers then all guitar players would use the same guitar and the same amp. Granted almost all solid state and tube amps can be made to sound similar, but differences from the players' prospective are not only in the sound, but in how the guitar and the amp reacts to the fingers. Isn't that the number one reason why tube amps are perceived to be better to most players even though quite a few used solid state amps, DIme bag, Boston guitar player, T REx etc...
  10. If I may suggest: since you're getting the Kemper, also get the Eleven with Expansion Pack. For under $400, you can try it out and if you don't like it, you can resell it on Ebay, I doubt that you'll lose any money on Resale. If you like it, you can return the Kemper and put the couple of grands on something else. SO far based on my research it seems that there are small improvements as you spend more money, but nothing mind blowing or signifcant. It bottoms down to getting comfortable and enjoying the specific piece of gear where it inspires you to play. The HD500 can still inspire me to play but now that I have the eleven, the HD500 is a controller only. In the Eleven, The Bogner EXtacy three models are dead on, the fender Super Reverb and Vibros are amazing, I honestly think that all the amps are amazing in the Eleven, 4 band parametric EQ and amazing reverbs! Just to clarify I still use the HD500 to control the eleven and I'm hoping a new update will improve things in the HD but as it stand, Eleven is so easy to get good tones and it sounds and react more like the amps it simulate.
  11. That same prominent guitarist who said "Tone is in the fingers" Probably has a collection of amps and guitars that would very likely fill a 28 wheels truck, managed by a dedicated full time guitar tech and maybe an amp technician also. The recipe for his studio guitar tone is probably top secret. Clearly he will sound good without all that gear, but to add that secret sauce, the specific amp, guitar, pickups, Mics and every piece of gear is of huge significant to bring the tones out of the fingers.
  12. I recently bought the Eleven Rack and I'm keeping it. I bought it with PRO TOOLS 10, sold pro tools and kept the Eleven. Eleven Rack cost me $350 and if compared with POD HD PRO, Eleven is a better bargain. I also have the HD500 and I compared both. You can get very similar results as far as tone is concerned, but the Eleven Edges the HD500 in the ease of getting good tones and the amp models are more realistic. The reverb in the Eleven is one of the best sounding reverbs for guitar ever, and I'm comparing to Lexicon and TC Electronic At 350 it's very hard to justify the POD HD PRO. I honestly think line 6 should be concerned with the HD PRO and eleven. At $699 you get Eleven with Full version of Pro Tools. Line 6 better do something quick. Elevens are selling very quickly and people are separating them on eBay, you can find Eleven the Hardware for 300-400 and also Pro tools version 11 for less than $400, clearly all as a result of people purchasing the Eleven Rack bundled with Pro tools. As far as Avid is concerned, the Eleven is generating a lot of sales at $700 and the way I see it even at the price they pose a serious competition to the HD PRO.
  13. Thanks for your post. I hope you come back and let us know how it goes. I would personally truly appreciate this as I'm in the market for a Kemper and I'm still in the researching stage.
  14. Doesn't the HD Pro have a on - off switch? If that's the case then It probably does have a fuse.
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