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  1. They were mastering records through digital delay units as far back as the 70s, so most who argue the toss don't even realise they're quoting "analogue" examples that were digitised, anyway. FWIW, the process was the mastering engineer had to EQ the master on the fly, so a delay was introduced to allow him to make realtime adjustments. He listened 'live', made adjustments, the delayed signal was sent to the master.
  2. Okidoki. When I got mine, it was on v2.30, around the time v3.00 was released. I had the same error when I went through the v2.80 update, but it also crashed my PC, so I just set it all going again and crossed my fingers. All went well. If it had failed, I'd have just sent it back to the retailer - UK Law obliges them to repair or replace it if it's defective in the first 12 months. Not had any problems since.
  3. Traditionally, guitarists don't like change. I'll keep the reasons why to myself, suffice to say, the Fender Jaguar was "too complicated" for the first 35 years of it's existence for most. I've been using a MIDI controlled, rack mounted rig since the early '90s, which still scares my mates. All that's actually changed since then, is the new stuff is quieter and you don't get back ache editing presets.
  4. It used to be you had to update to v2.80 first, before going for the latest update, if you were on older than v2.80. Is that not the case, anymore?
  5. There are questions, stupid questions, and 'I'm too lazy/stupid to read the instructions' questions.
  6. I get this error everytime the big Windows system updates come around eg. 21H1>21H2. It's a PITA, but the de-authorising and re-authorising sorts it out (via L6 Auth Manager), but you have to go and log in to the site, as well and remove the previous Windows instance, IIRC. Next time, I must try and remember to de-authorise BEFORE I do the update, to see if that removes the necessity to faff around on the website? If so, then it becomes a 'nothing problem'. I have a couple of other plugins that behave similarly, and if I don't keep on top of it, I end up running out of authorisations.
  7. Unless I missed something, you can't do 4CM with an AC30. You'd need an effects loop?
  8. Well, a lot of amps have the bias adjustment, don't they. ;) What are they missing? Ooh, a whole heap of expense when the amp goes bang. L6 should change the setting from numbers to 'Right, Wrong and F***ed'
  9. I doubt you've killed 'em. Hang around and guys who know these things inside out will be along to guide you through sorting it - datacommando and rd2k (sorry, can't remember his exact handle) and PiersM know their stuff. Until then, there's a recent thread which contains the recovery codes. If you find it try 'safe mode' and then try updating the firmware manually - open HX Edit and update from the file, not over the net. Also make sure you have a good usb cable.
  10. I agree, I think he was channelling his inner Jimmy Page, so you probably wouldn't be far off with a Les Paul, with decent (unpotted) pickups and a Zeppelin-esque patch.
  11. Just spent two days translating my Hank Marvin settings for the Helix - 75 patches in all. This is 'Apache'. Apache.hlx
  12. I didn't say they were 40ms apart, but I guarantee they aren't dead on in sync - neither are you, by the way. There is 1 ms of 'latency for every foot of air between a sound source and your ear.
  13. My own experience... I've been using pitch shifting since the 80s - MXR m129 and then later an Eventide H3000. The Helix shifter/harmonisers are not bad, but they do take a bit of work. Of course, it does depend on the sound you're after - Brian May harmonies are a very different sound to Big Country bagpipe guitars. I have so many does and don'ts, I don't know where to start... One thing that did make a big improvement on the Helix for me. The MXR m129 has an inherent latency of around 40ms - yeah, I know that seems massive. When I first started trying to get a decent shifted sound on the Helix, there was something not quite right. I suddenly remembered this latency, dialled in a 40ms predelay on the Helix and it was thereabouts. That may be because that's what my ear expects to hear after 35+ years or that when humans harmonise with each other there is always a certain amount of natural latency between them...?
  14. Yeah, I know how to use them, it was the 'Reaper/rest of the industry units thing' that was confusing me. At least it keeps me from 'EQing by numbers'. Trust yer ears, as they say. My first amp, back in the 80s, had a parametric control for the mids (frequency and gain). Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, back then. If I'd known then what I know now... I would dearly love to get hold of one, now, but it was a cheapish tranny amp - Laney Session 40 - so most got binned when they died and are rare as rocking horse poop, today.
  15. The ReaEQ bandwidth control has it's units in octaves. I've been using Reaper ten years or so, and assumed that while it's the same function as 'Q', the units weren't the same. I don't know whether that's the case, but it's always bugged me - why they just couldn't standardize it. FWIW, an octave either side of 440hz would be 220-880hz, but I assume you know that, and it's just a typo...
  16. I see. So I need YOUR permission to post on this thread/ F***ing lollipop.
  17. It's actually easy to avoid in Reaper (and presumably other DAWs) as it comes with a latency compensation plugin for send/return purposes.
  18. Okay, another way of looking at it is, what have you already got? In my case, I've already got my old Ground Control Foot Controller (Voodoolabs) which if I added a volume pedal to, would give me an expression pedal. I've also got a Nektar LX25+, which I could add an expression pedal to and write my patch changes in on the MIDI Events page - let the DAW do the changes while you concentrate on playing... or I could just map the mod wheel to act as an expression pedal, if it's something I'm adding post-recording. If you have no MIDI controllers, then of course, buying one is necessary, but whichever direction you come from, you end up having to map something and assign things.
  19. Everything has a latency. Every foot between the speaker and your ears adds 1 ms. If the total, round trip latency adds up to less than 12 ms, you can't HEAR it. It's as bad as the sample rate and bit depth BS, If what YOU'RE doing works for you, why give a f*** what anyone else's gear can or can't do?
  20. Kerching! For an Ayrton, you can't go wrong. Cheers
  21. Yes and no, apparently. It was introduced in a recent update, but it doesn't work. If you're asking, just in case anything goes wrong in the future, then you can export individual presetsl which I do when I write new presets. If you've got one that's duff... at this point it looks like you'll have to rewrite it from scratch.
  22. Thanks... what I was actually pondering is can all backups be restored or is there a cut off point where they can't be updated/rebuilt, during restore. In terms of editing the old 'Extractions', can they be opened in Helix Native, with compatibility mode off? Also, may have been mentioned already, is there a pattern to which extracted presets are corrupte- eg. every 12th preset, every preset with a certain effect,...?
  23. In fairness, we are dealing with guitarists here. In my experience, the vast majority are one step up from a drummer - this technology has been around since the 80s and it's taken 30+ years for most to dare to dip their toe in the water. A lot still think a Fender Jaguar is too complex. If that wasn't bad enough, most of 'em are 'the entitled generation' where they expect everything done for them, and have a nervous breakdown at the drop of a hat. I bought a Danelectro from a kid who'd just left university, a couple of years ago. Advertised as having a chip in the neck, electrical problems and tuning issues. I got it for peanuts. The jack nut needed tightening, there was a tiny crack in the lacquer near the 12th fret end, the strings weren't fitted properly. It was otherwise, pristine. This prick had just left UNIVERSITY FFS. People like him DESERVE to be mocked. I'm middle aged and 'severely sight impaired'. When I screw up, I'll hold my hands up, and take the ridicule.
  24. Thanks, Yes, I was aware that the backups restore fine. Wondered if the bug was the 'extraction of' rather than the conversion to the new structure. My question now would be, how far back do backups restore from? Is there a point from which previous backups can't be 'translated. ie. can a backup from, say, v2.00 firmware still be restored? Again, apologies for the stupid questions, I only go back as far as v3.01.
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