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  1. They sound no less AITR than any other FRFR speaker. I have both PC+ models. In FRFR modes, no it doesn't sound like an AITR, nor do any other FRFR systems... sorry, they don't. Argue all day, but they don't. In speaker mode, they'll never sound like the AITR you're hoping for, because of basic physics. The cabs are not the same shape/dimensions as the models on the Helix and you can't get a 4x12 feel from a 1x12 cabinet. After that, it depends on how you set your patches up - if you use a sh*tload of pedals in front of a valve combo, there comes a point where it stops sounding like an amp in the room, too.
  2. If it means that much to you - Inkjet printer, ream of A4, several spare cartridges... My Grandfather used to own a printing business... I'd be willing to bet that it'd be cheaper to 'do it yourself' than what would be a reasonable retail price for a professionally produced book - even if you don't own an inkjet printer to begin with. Last time I had some pdfs printed out at a local print service, it was something like 12p per page. That'd be about £55 ($67 US) for just an A4 paper print. If you want an idea of how much you'd have to pay for it in a book format, get on Amazon and look up Burst Believers or the PAF Myths & Reality books, and bare in mind they don't have 450+ pages.
  3. No apology necessary... I don't translate my posts in to other languages. In my experience, most native English speakers don't speak English well enough for a translation app to be able to make any sense of what they say, anyway. The important thing is the OP understands the post and manages to sort their problem out.
  4. Thank Eric for Google translate... If @PerS recommendation didn't restore things, I have a 212+ that I'd be happy to send you a copy of the factory presets from. Let me know. Cheers
  5. ^What he said. I did it the opposite way round - bought a 112+ and then got a 212+ a couple of years later - earlier this year, as it happens. On both occasions, I got them when the store was doing an incredible deal on them, and I'm in the 'I love 'em' camp. The lack of bug fix updates over the last couple of years is annoying, although I don't experience the issues with 'em that others have. If/when a 'new improved' version is released I probably will trade them in, though I don't see me getting a 1x12 AND a 2x12, next time.
  6. Hurrah! Makes a change from reading complaints all the time. Yeah, the mic positioning thing is something I've had in my 'amp sim' plugin for about a decade, so I was made-up when it came to the Helix. They just need to get it on all the mic models, now. ;)
  7. I'm by no means an electronics expert, but it sounds to me like a faulty/dead capacitor - gut feeling based on what capacitors do in amps. I'm confident that no amount of factory resetting, re-installing firmware, consulting the forum etc is going to fix it. It's a job for an electronics bod who's familiar with the Helix.
  8. Depends on whether you can impedance match the amp and speaker. Of course, you'd have to open the PC up to try it.
  9. As I understand it, the 'Way Huge Overrated Special' is a Klon clone. Use the 'Minotaur' model.
  10. Hmm? I've recently (over the past six months), been writing presets that emulate the sound of a guitarist well known for using a Strat and an AC30/15 over his career ;). A couple of months ago, I bought my Dad an AC15 (C1) for his 80th birthday, which (naturally) I 'tested' here before presenting it to him. I found the Helix, through my Powercabs' speaker modelling, was more capable of matching those (AC15) tones than the (modern) AC15 is. That said, it took me quite a long time when I was initially writing the presets to get the Helix models sounding anywhere like they should.
  11. My gut reaction is 'turn the reverb down/off' on the guitar. Record the guitar either without reverb or with a subtle room reverb - just enough that you can hardly hear it in the preset. As far as using reverb in the track goes, that comes under 'learning to be a sound engineer'.
  12. With regard to getting it updated, try the Line 6 Updater - when HX Edit gives up trying, the next 'place' to go is the Updater... ... but yeah, I'd get the power issue sorted out, as well.
  13. I bought a Helix back in Jan '21. My computer crashed during the first firmware update - I set it going, went for a smoke, came back to a rebooted computer and the Helix being unresponsive. First instinct was, 'okay, switch the Helix off and back on again, see what happens - worst case, I box it up and send it back to the shop.' Reboot came up with some error code, IIRC, so I opened the Line 6 updater, plugged in and crossed my fingers. Twenty minutes later, the Helix was fully updated. Experience has shown since then, it's important to read the instructions when doing firmware updates, and it's not easy to turn a Helix in to a 'paperweight' without a hammer. The (W10) computer update/crash in some first update scenarios, suggests (to me) that the Line 6 Edit software requires some 'Windows 10 add-on' that those of us who 'manage' our W10 updates ourselves missed out on - I'm speculating, since it doesn't happen to everyone. When 'we' turn off automatic updating, it's a bit rich to go blaming Microsoft for the computer misbehaving. Some peeps need to get a grip - not aimed at you, by the way. I'd hate to be in an actual life or death situation with some of these forum members.
  14. LMAO. I don't know what's going on, maybe it's haunted? Since I last posted, I've used the Helix, whilst connected to HX Edit, and all is present and correct, AFAIK. Unless it bursts in to flames, I'll assume all is good, and leave it at that. Witha bit of luck, 3.7 won't be too far away and this will just be a funny story for the grandkids.
  15. FWIW. I'm now missing the 'Dual Legacy' cabs. Not bothered, but just wondering if that's supposed to be the case, or is it an indication of bigger headaches to come?
  16. Thanks for the reply. After I posted, I tried taking the firmware back to v3.15, then updated to 3.5 - both through the L6 Updater - and then updated to 3.60 via HX Edit, without doing the full reset. That seems to have fixed it. Hope this helps anyone else if they're in the same situation. Cheers.
  17. Hey, Updated Helix Floor - followed the usual process - HX Edit update>Backup>Helix Update>Factory reset (9+10). Lost all the new cabs, including the 3.50 cabs. I suspect the factory reset wiped them? So, ran firmware update again, through the Line 6 updater. Still no new cabs. Anyone got any suggestions to get the cabs - I know, I'll still have the 3.50s in the backup. It's the new ones I'm scratching my head about. Thanks.
  18. Shame I couldn't access the clip, nevertheless, the idea sounds really cool. I actually own a B Bender Tele, so the title caught my attention. Don't really know much about the Variax, but seems like a fascinating bit of kit.
  19. Bought a PC212 a couple of weeks back, registered it with Line 6, then a couple of days ago, I received an email with reference to taking a survey of registered Powercab owners. This is my second PC+, and as far as I remember, I haven't been 'surveyed' before. Just wondering if this was 'just me', because I'd registered a new one, did all registered owners get the same email on the same day, and do you think Line 6 has accepted that while the PC+ is a brilliant concept, they haven't executed it as well as they could have done, and are now thinking about taking it seriously and either doing a proper software update, or maybe getting back to the drawing board and doing a proper job with a Powercab 2? Just thinking out loud.
  20. Not so much a brand recommendation. I got one from a local (UK) cable supplier. You'll probably get lots of suggestions that a standard XLR cable will do. Maybe it will... I dunno, but I wasn't going to risk the best part of three grands worth of Helix/PC212, just for the sake of saving a few quid on a cable. An AES-EBU cable has a 110 ohm impedance/resistance. A mic cable doesn't. There's a good reason why they specify AES-EBU.
  21. All I saw/heard was a Bad Monkey CASING on a PEDAL MAKER'S youtube video with some expensive pedals sounding the same. Just saying...
  22. Hiya Neil, Best place to try is I'm a member there, as well, and have seen a couple of threads there with good advice. Also, try the Matchless models. Assuming you've got the latest updates, in the cab setting, use a U47/67/87 condenser mic, set 12" away towards the edge of the speaker. Fine tune to suit. Set the Low cut to around 100Hz and High Cut to around 5-8kHz. Amp models set as you'd set the real thing, as a starting point. Fine tune from there. Cheers. EDIT: I've attached a zip with a couple of presets to have a look at. I did these on a Helix, with a '54 reissue (A3 pickups), so they may need a little tweek for your guitar. Also, because I used a Helix, they may be a bit too... elaborate for your unit? Any problems or questions... anything... send me a PM and we can take it from there. I've assumed you're already a HBM expert, perhaps not so familiar with the Helix 'ways', yet? HBM
  23. Haven't listened, because at my age, I probably couldn't hear it anyway. What you describe sounds like a digital thing where the dsp is 'rounding off' the maths. Used to be a common thing back when we were using gear with lower bitrates. I'd be amazed if you were actually hearing it happen at 48kHz, though. If you've got a noisegate going on, switch it off. Perhaps, try a low pass filter?
  24. 'People' are idiots. It's a tuner. It either works or it doesn't. The weak point of the Helix is it doesn't come with a sun roof.
  25. Tuner, bottom of screen, third knob.
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