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Pod HD pro to racked amplifier to PA. and now the CONNECTIONS..


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helllo my fellow man, definitely have been dying to create my first pod post and im already a year old user, procrastination is a harlot but uh this here sitiuation had to be brought up to the boys for this here noobeh. thanks aton.

   so here is my desired signal chain:


                              ---PODHDPRO--crownXLS1500 rack'd amp--PeaveySP-2 600wPA speakers---


     First question: shall i run the outputs of the pod hd into the crownXLS using balanced(XLR) or unbalanced(1/4)  i plan to use the pa speaker for all around use, from band practice, to live, and to just me riffing off on myself. i want clarity like most and im playing an electric guitar with a back track from desktop btw...


     Second question: i also have a  yamaha emx 640 6channel mixer i could put in the signal chain right after the power amp and then into pa speakers but  honestly i have no clue if thats is useless or necessary..?

      (i have been using studio monitors when writing but im just tired of it sounding like runny shards when i plug into my spider iv combo amp or our other pa system for practice)


     Third question: would you guys recomend using an old arse pa like the peavey sp-2ti 600w for this setup or should i go with another rig setup approach.

           i always thought just my pod hd pro to pa system would do but apparently not but im not to sure on this point, so far im just following directions of a god-like guitarist friend of miine (refering to new power amp addition). id like to say the help would be for the greater good lol but i appreciate all who read this.

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For very short runs, the 1/4" unbalanced should be just fine.


The Yamaha EMX-640 has its own power amp section.  You could cut the Crown out altogether.  In any case, I don't think that running a power amp (Crown) into a power amp (Yamaha) is a good idea.

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I prefer Pod to PA. But, to each, their own. 


Given that you want to use an amp, here's my suggestion: 

First decide if you want to go direct or use a mic. 

If you are going to mic your speaker, use the XLR into your amp. 

If you are going to go direct, use the 1/4" into your amp. 

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You could either use the powered mixer, or the crown, but both would be redundant. Even if you can bypass the poweramp of the mixer somehow, I don't really see the point of doing so. I run a single XLR cable from my pod to a bridged channel on my poweramp, and directly into speakers. Simple.

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