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amps that helix doesn´t switch correctly...


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here´s a little list of amps, that helix will not switch correctly...if you know some more, please pm me and i´ll update this list...


mesa boogie dc-5 (user: rudomat; doesn´t switch at all)


vox nt50 (user: rudomat; switches, but as soon as you connect, the expr. pedals´ worth drops from 100% to 97%...)


orange dual terror (user: rudomat; switches, but leads to ground loop at unusable volume...)


hughes&kettner tube20 (user: rudomat; doesn´t switch at all)


friedman smallbox (user: ultraknilch; switches, but as soon as you connect, the expr. pedals´ worth drops from 100% to 97%...)


friedman jj100 (user: JC-Tonequest; switches, but as soon as you connect, the expr...his helix got tuned to work from line6 support!!!)


mesa boogie v:25 (user: GadgetGuitar; doesn´t switch correctly...)


mesa boogie mini rectifier (user: GadgetGuitar; doesn´t switch correctly...)


marshall silver jubilee 2555x (user: oliverspark: doesn´t switch…)


marshall yjm100 (user: oliverspark: doesn´t switch...)


marshall afd100 (user: Turnerbrown; doesn´t switch correctly)


ibanez tsa15h (user: Inerzia; doesn´t switch correctly)


note: it seems that some major ground loop problems are also caused by helix´s bad switch soon as you´d do the switching via relays (as any professional gear does!), the ground loop is gone....!

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just wanted to add that external expression pedals as well as the onboard pedal are affcted by this... the values change on both, as soon as you connect the ext amp channel switching...


I mentioned this elsewhere, but power cycling the Helix re-calibrates the pedals, and the pedals give you the whole range then. I think the best practice in setting up is to plug the pedals into the Helix before you power it up.

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It doesn't work with Ibanez TSA15H either... well, not fully.
It can switch the boost, but the Tube Screamer circuit is always on, it can't be turned off.
I figure I can try to couple a resistor of certain value, as a2dconverterguy suggested in this topic, but at the moment, I can't use the Helix to switch the amp.

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HI everybody, first post here, I own a 2555x and the amp ext out of my helix works perfectly with the amp in a 4cm configuration. 

Before buyong the helix a couple of weeks ago, I've read this thread and was expecting a problem, but there's none. Everything is fine.


The only "issue" I've had is ground loop noise I've solved with a passive ground loop killer between helix send and jubilee input.

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