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Helix to poweramp & cab and Helix to FOH - easiest way to make this happen


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I'm coming from Kemper land where all I had to do was hit a button and I was able to send the XLR to FOH with cab sims and plug in the Kemper to a cab (no cab sims) and voila!  I heard guitar onstage through my speaker cab and the FOH mixes a cab sim of my amp ... very easy


I'm not complaining it's not as easy on the Helix,  I'm just curious how most of you that like this setup (helix & cab onstage while sending cab sims to FOH) ... are handling the routing/split/merge etc...


I've only spent about 2 hrs with the Helix and I'm really, really enjoying it, I feel as though I've given the manual a pretty good reading but I still don't have enough hands on time with it to answer my question and the section on merge/split is not very detailed IMHO


It seems it should be as simple as guitar - effects - amp (just amp or preamp) - delay - then split to two outputs - one with no cab sims 1/4 inch out and one to XLR with cab sims for FOH


I have not found an easy way to do this yet, either I'm missing something simple or I don't understand the merge/split rules yet... any help would be greatly appreciated


OR if I missed a thread that details this greater please direct me... I did do a search

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There are actually a lot of ways to skin this cat with Helix. Without making your signal path super complicated, you could strategically place a Send block in your signal path (wherever you see fit, pre-cab block). Make sure that you setup the block so that it passes audio downline as well as to the send. This would allow you to pick off the audio and send it to your stage amp. Another way (if you're not using all four available paths), is to split down to a new signal path (again, pre-cab block) and route to the ¼" outs. This would allow you to add different processing after the split point. You'd have to make sure that you changed your FOH outputs from "multi" to "XLR."


That's just a couple quick and dirty ideas... the routing capability in the Helix really is very powerful.


Another tip when running separate stage/FOH feeds: go into your global settings and assign the big volume knob to only control whatever output(s) you are using to drive your stage amp - that becomes your "monitor" volume and the FOH feed is sent at unity gain - let the FOH guy deal with his levels without worrying about you making monitor volume changes.


Hope that helps a little.

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I do this

Easiest way is to split just before the cabs

Set the cab output to XLR

Set the no cab output to 1/4

Job done (although I also shove an eq block in the no cab path for tweaking)

Also for added usefulness set the big knob to 1/4 only to control only your backline volume (edit: as stated very clearly above)

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Have you thought about Helix L6 output to L2m cabinet or other Line6 cabinet (L2t) for your sound then use the XLR out of L2m to FOH.


This is how I am running mine and what I hear onstage is exactly the same tone out front. As long as soundman keeps the board channel flat or minimum EQ

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many thanks for the suggestions!


forgive me... everyone is asleep in my home and I'm hoping I can post a screenshot of an example, I'm praying this will work



I do it like this, you have to drag the cab/IR from 2 a to 2b, then the same with the y-merge. Have to do it manually on the actual Helix as the editor has a bug which doesn't like to do this


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If you look at your screenshot above Troy the top path ends at the 1/4 in jack output.


Just wondering - what are you putting in the send/return blocks?  Are you using some FX or EQ pedals?


The lower path has no input at all - so you won't get any sound from that path into your XLRs


I've just been to my Helix and this should work....


What you need to do is:

1)  Change the output on the Upper Path 1 from 1/4 Jack to "Path 2".

2) Select the SEND/RETURN, on Path 2 and move it to the left to make a space

3)  Add a GAIN Block on Path 2 just after the Send/Return but before the IR (leave the Gain set to 0dB)

4)  Select this GAIN block, press action and drag down to create path 2B

3)  A merge block will appear at the right that joins path 2b to path 2a  (like just before the 1/4in jack output on your diagram)

4)  Go on the Helix, use the Joystick to select merge block, press ACTION and drag it down to path 2b -  this should create an output on Path 2b

5)  Select 1/4in outs for the output on Path 2b.

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here is another killer tutorial on making this happen from RRMark, I have pics that go along with this setup, feel free to message me if you'd like to have access to them, many thanks for the assistance Mark!


I have accompanying photos/screenshots that illustrate this process, message me for info.


I have enclosed a helix preset with the following instructions already performed so may be worth saving as a template.
I put in a dual cab in incase you want stereo to FOH/FRFR but easily changed
Yellow circles indicate the bit i am talking about.
Important! Have to do this on the actual Helix
Image Helix1.
First i set the output of path 1a to path 2a.
Image Helix2.
Put a cab or IR block at the end of path 2a.(Has to be a dual cab block for stereo output to XLR, all IRs are mono)
Image Helix3.
Whilst the cab/IR block is selected press the action button and drag it down with the dial to the right of the Helix screen.
This will create and place it on a parallel path 2b.
Image Helix4.
Select the Y-merge where parallel paths 2a and 2b meet.
Image Helix5.
Again using the dial, drag it down to path 2b. This will create the separate outputs for 2a and 2b.
Image Helix6+7
Change the outputs to 1/4" and XLR
Image Helix8.
If you want both outputs to share all blocks (apart from the Cab/IR) this reverb is placed to show the last available position.
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