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I have had my Helix for almost 4 months now, and I've had some issues, but all in all this thing is just plain wonderful. Every week I discover new possibilities, and it amazes me.

As I told my wife the other day: of all the guitar gear I  have bought since I started playing 40 years ago (and believe me, you could easily fill a medium size store with that)  the Helix is really the thing I have had the most fun with, I can already say that after 4 months.

So instead of giving you guys a hard time about imperfections, I thought  I 'd give you a big compliment, for all the pleasure it's given me.


Hats off!   :)

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Much love for the HELIX. Excuse me while I review the unit a little for those you might be curious about getting one: 


Besides the mighty Helix: I can only think of probably one other piece of guitar gear that exceeded my expectations and the ability to master it out relatively quickly and that was my former GR-55 guitar synth, that puppy took some serious learning curve.

The Helix is just the best amp modeler I have had to date and I have had a few. The unit is deep enough to have a myriad of programming features to keep you busy with all manner of preset design and tones.

At first I thought $1500 was a mint, but really for what it can do and its potential I am really pleased with it. Due to the manner in which I study and absorb as much technical info and programming savvy as I can before I rig it up, I have spend my last few weeks headphone learning the unit to build around 10 presets of personal major coolness before I totally bring it on line with my full sound system.

I want to be able to wail on some tones without killing my back bending over every 2s to adjust something. Much less trying to build a preset from scratch while I am wired up holding the guitar. I have learned to love the late night headphone sessions working on things in blissful silence for my wife's sake. Did the same for my GR-55 which required months of study and learning curve to really use it to its potential. While the Helix is not that deep, it still requires one get in there and try a bunch of possible ideas to use the unit to its potential.

It begs to be taken to a higher level of tone ideas over just a simple amp and mini chain line and I cannot believe that was all it was intended. Multiple amps, switching, routing, inventive arrays of effects, and if you want simple then isn't it just an easy thing to click off the extra but nice having it there if you want to orbit Titan?

If you're like me or pondering the issue of getting one of these and selling off your pedal board: I can say having done that maybe three times with the latest greatest multi unit, pause and hold your roll for a second. I suggest if you have some cool overdrives or even high gain pedals you like maybe you should hang on to them as this unit has superior quality effects loops and ability to position them anywhere. Now maybe modulation, delay and reverb you could sell those off unless you have something really cool or expensive that was hard to get. Maybe be selective in what you unload as a lot of the ability to the Helix is the ability to route and control your gear. While I have no major complaints on the effects there are just many I do not use nor cared to have the pedal versions. So if you have a cherished OD maybe hang on to it. 

The effects in the Helix are stellar compared to other modeler units I have used. The mod, delays and reverbs have everything you might need and probably a lot of fun in store for some you do not. Some of those reverbs like "cave" can be a real hoot.

The drive/gain section is pretty well stocked if you have no pedals or want to stay within the unit. I appreciate the efforts L6 did to render a decent Klon and Timmy and their TS rendering is pretty dead on to the original and they included a mod as well. Certainly there are ways to adjust things that might not have occurred to you "outside the box" via running a pedal into something to buffer it down a little. Like say a Klon after a fuzz and things like that. Personally I have my 4 hard sought after drive section pedals I have piped in to the loop as I am used to them and they have survived my constant gear change-out syndrome. 

At any rate, big recommend for the Helix from me, and I say that as a "you-could-not give-me-a-Pod" opinionated former user. The notion that the Line6 cats drew me back on board with the Helix magic is no small feat, believe me. Now as a friend to all guitarists if you are like me and cannot afford this much baksheesh in one bucket. Bop on over to (not affiliated in any way) and grab a Helix unit while they still offer it for 12 easy, no qual, no card approval, no interest or finance charge, payment plan.  :rolleyes:

Thank me later. 

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Agreed. Thank you Line 6 for putting such great sound and so much flexibility and capability into a single easy to use package.


Please don't mistake my ever changing fickle rig configurations, IR madness, and flood of Ideascale ideas for discontent with Helix. That's just the way I'm wired...especially with so many options and possibilities :)

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Agreed. I have had so much fun playing the guitar for the last 2 months since I have switched to the Helix. I have worked with the factory presets, purchased Glenn's Artists 1 package, and created many sounds on my own. Now I am starting to play with IR's and snapshots a little more intensely.


What a pleasure to have all of these great sounds at your fingertips. To sound like Hendrix, then Clapton, then Hillage with a step of the foot. Priceless !!!!


Thank you Line 6. The future sounds GREAT !


And thanks to all of the Helixheads out there. This forum is awesome.

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Same here, I have ran into some issues, but other than the issues. It is a wonderful piece of kit. 

I can confidently say I don't need amps/cabs anymore.  I haven't owned any in a few years anyways, but the Helix just cements it in for me.


Way to go Line 6, you have a monster on your hands, and the potential for it to go even further with continued support!

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