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Important Note Regarding 2.1 Update & IR's


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Hopefully we'll get more IR slots and better management capabilities in the future.


Definitely hoping for better IR management. I also hope and assume I am not the first guy asking for stuff in the next firmware version on the day of the latest release. Things I would like to see happen first to improve IR implementation:


  • Whatever mechanism L6 comes up with so that IRs can be restored with no fuss, no muss, and no renaming. Hopefully it will be using the IR name such that IRs can be restored to any slot without have to worry about your IR list's order, as long as a preset's IR is in the list somewhere.
  • Longer name space that does not require renaming an IR so that it does not cut off critical information like 'cap', 'edge', distance from mic, etc..
  • Ability to handle IRs larger than 2048 (thinking this might be the most challenging one to implement by a country mile)
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There just needs to be an IR mapped/saved location file, like the setlist file is handled. As long as the software can find the IR file it then maps it back to the slot.


You make a good point Spikey, I edited my post a bit because I don't care what mechanism Line6 comes up with as long as a preset is able to refer to the correct IR after an update with a minimum of hassle. I most like the suggestions that have been made that have the lookup in the preset using the name such that it does not matter which slot the IR is restored to as long as it is on the Helix.

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