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  1. I'd like that option in HX Edit too. This is something I liked better before it was there. The PopUp ist not very user friendly.
  2. Dshow

    Helix Youtube Remote

    Here you go. Be sure to make a backup before importing! TEMPLATES.hls
  3. Dshow

    JCM 800 Model

    It's one of my favorite amps in Helix...
  4. Scroll down to legacy effects
  5. If you have the Floor (not Floor LT) why not put the mic in the Mic IN?
  6. Are you using Helix LT? Have you changed the Input from Mic to "Aux" in the second Path then?
  7. Why are you using your PC soundcard for the mic? Plug it into your Helix and you're done. To start you could try the patch 04A "Guitar + Vocals" form the templates Setlist
  8. I used the Katana 100 with helix. Best is as mentioned by pfocas to go directly into Effects Loop Return. So all modelling of the Katana is disabled.
  9. I'm running my Helix into the Effects Return of my BOSS Katana 100 and it sounds pretty good ... Of course you will have to adjust your patches to the gear you use
  10. I just got a Gorilla GC-MDJC Medium Case and it fits my Helix floor nicely. The width is bigger than on cases that are made for Helix but it protects the helix well and costs half of the price. I thought about the Helix Bag but don't need it so often, that's why I was looking for a cheaper solution.
  11. Die Yamaha HS5 wären auch eine Option. Gibts auch im Bundle beim T... Ich persönlich nutze die HS8 obwohl schon etwas groß für den Schreibtisch aber ich denke die Basswiedergabe ist etwas besser als bei den HS5. Evtl. gibts den passenden Subwoofer dazu.
  12. I've added an new Idea: Please add the possibility to virtually lock the Volume and Phones knob in the global settings. I've seen people putting tape to lock the knobs or other caps and so on. But we have a digital unit I'm sure there is the posssiblity to lock them in the software.
  13. AS cruision2 said, there's no best and worse. (Un)fortunatley there are lots of Options to choose from. Here is a list to start with:
  14. Thanks for the reply. I fixed it in the meantime. Just opend up the pedal and turned the volume volume potentiometera bit and now it seems to work. Not the most quality volume potentiometer but for home use its ok.
  15. Dshow

    That's it???

    I'd say - just because we don't see it, it doesn't mean that it isn't there ;-) As far as I have read from some other threads there was a lot of under the hood work, that will help to maintainance and ease to integreate new stuff. So I'd say it's a good update. Regarding the marketplace I don't really care about it and propably will never use it but they where clever enough to integrate it quite descreet so that it doesn't get in the way.
  16. Edit: Just saw he already fixed it for you: Please don't do double posts do avoid confiusion ;-)
  17. Dshow

    forgot password

    That doesn't make any sense. You're here and writing. If you where blocked you couldn't write here or log in with saved password eighter. Just wait a bit. Iif the email doesn't come here're some things you can try: - Be sure to check the Spam folder! - As you are logged in on your old computer you can always change the password in your acount settings - If nothing helps open a support ticket.
  18. Boss Katana 100 in the Acoustic mode works pretty well
  19. I bought a pair of Yamaha HS8 for the same reason. They might be a bit too much though - maybe HS7 or HS5 do the job as well.
  20. Thanks for your suggestion. Where did you get that information. I prefer to post only information that was officially released and would like to keep it clean from guesses
  21. The lists are now also available as PDF-Download. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page: Amp Models Cabinet Models Microphone Models Effect Models Enjoy!
  22. There shouldn't be that many typos on the website. I copied the information directly from Line 6 information. So if there are any typos they where there too ;-) I had a quick look through the site and didn't find any. Thanks for controlling
  23. Hi there, thanks for doing the pdf-file. I'm the owner of the website. It would be nice to include the source of the list in the pdf-file so people know where the information was copied from ;-)
  24. Sounds like a good idea - thanks!
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