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Input gain and very high output bass guitar.


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Owned plenty of those guitars over the years. Liked them a lot so i ordered an M2500 without hesitation. After a few days of playing it just sounded cheap. So much so that i decided there must have been a flaw in the build and sent it back. Re-ordered - sent that one back too. Came to the conclusion after playing/two and hearing a 3rd that they are just not a good sounding bass....On one hand at $750 we are talking about a fairly cheap product, so maybe i shouldnt be surprised or i was overly critical. On the other i have another $400 bass and have owned others at a lower price point, that sounded much better than the G$L. So my experience varies quite a bit from yous.

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I solved using a return setted on "line" instead of the guitar in......it's very strange....

Shouldn't be a surprise at all.  The normal guitar input is set to instrument level so if the level of the bass is that high it's obviously going to overdrive the input and cause problems.  Personally I see absolutely no advantage to high output instruments.  They cause way more problems than any advantage they could possibly provide.

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I also have a G&L Bass (L2000) with insanely high output and ran into the same issue. There are 3 ways to solve this:

1. Lower the pickups from the strings

2. Turn down the volume on your bass

3. Either use the aux in or the return in (both have a 10k ohm) if you only have the LT version (like me).


I opted for lowering the pickups a bit ( around 3/16" on bass side and a bit less on the treble side - unfettered, open strings). This cleans things up a whole bit. I now run it through the Normal input with pad on and it's sounds great. I did however also try the return 1 set to line level but found that this doesn't do that much if your pickups are to close to the strings to begin with.


Does your bass clip anything while you have no amp or pedal blocks in your patch? If not, you're probably just clipping some of the blocks later in your signal chain. You could also try to place an eq block before the amp block set to - 6db to simulate using a active input on your amp block. I haven't tried this last part but I think it should work!

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