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is anybody but me interested in a metronome/drum-tool?


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Even if the latest update still isn't out, i wonder if anybody else's missing a simple metronome/drum machine.

Just played around with my cheap (about 50.- €/$) Zoom G1on wich i use for practice on places where i don't want/can to take the Helix with me.

This little cheap piece  provides a 30 sec. looper and a drum section with 68 different patterns, adjustable speed and volume.

The best is: It's ridiculous  easy to sync the looper/loop with the rythm and that's a great tool to do some excercises, while i'm in serious trouble to start/stop Helix's looper just right to stay in the rythm. The G1on can manually set the loop as the Helix but it can also be defined in quarter notes of the actually playing rythm pattern, wich works really great. I just could put a drum machine on aux, but try to take a loop and still to be in time after 30 repetitions  :wacko:

I don't speak 'bout studio quality but just a little tool.


So what do you think: Would this be an idea for ideascale or would this be not professional enough for a big expensive professional tool like the Helix? ;)

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A metronome would be easy, I think, although I don't imagine myself needing to use one on the Helix, but drum sounds and/or loops require more memory and, honestly, I'd rather have that memory filled with more, let's say, "conventional" models and get those drum sounds elsewhere.

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My opinion- There are already too many things attached to Helix that take away from its main purpose, a guitar processor with great tone. As always, YMMV and that's ok.  :)

I agree with that - just concentrate on great tone.

There are so many tools and apps out there for metronome and drum stuff...

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