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Hey, Line 6!?
I am a long time user of your products, (have not registered them all yet though.). ha

but.. my new Firehawk 1500, ...(had for 6 months or so)... love this amp.. i use it for everything..

Deal is.. it is a great piece of kit...  But.. I think we REALLY need an editor on our
computers, (mac or pc) not just mobile.... can you provide that?  
I mean...  that is all i would need to keep this in my little studio.

It is a versatile piece of equipment.  i use it as is. (models amps fx etc)
as well as an FRFR with Kemper and various plug-ins in the daw.  through fx loop etc. even mix them all....

Its just the hardware features looked great....so.. I dropped $1000 for this amp via Sweetwater...  
(and mistakenly assumed from your previous products that i'd have
driver/interface support with an actual computer, like with the UX2 etc)

its modern, and the mobile client is great.. but.. please give me an interface to use on the mac/pc...

hell.. if nothing else.. ..hell i am  coder of 20+ years.. in every language...  
drop me some dev assemblies and i'd write it for you. ok?

dedicated fan since the original pod, pod farm - 2.5...  and all the nicely polished stuff you guys put out.  

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was not done yet.
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Hello Line6,

I second this request.
I'm a long-time enthousiastic user of Line6 products (ao 4 Variaxes, Pod500HD).
I'd buy the Firehawk 1500 and FBV3 today if it came with a PC editor and the same ruggedized Neutrik RJ45 connectors for the FBV3 (on both FBV3 and Firehawk 1500) that are on the Variax. 

Other than that, I think it is an outstanding versatile quality product.



Walter van Groningen

Hoorn, the Netherlands

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You could get a program that mimics an IOS phone . . . assuming Mac has any.


Seriously though, it's not happening. Time to make do with what we got. 

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Just got this app on my new M1 Mac mini using iMazing, but for some reason the bluetooth will only work as a bluetooth speaker and will not be recognized inside the app. Hoping someone smarter than me can figure out how to get around this.

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+1 for this idea. The bluetooth connection is so flaky, it makes a lot of sense to leverage the stable USB connection between the amp and the desktop computer to easily edit patches. 

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