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USB IN 1/2 Destination: Lacking AES/EBU option!!


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Helix Floor

Under Global Settings, IN/OUTS, Multi (fifth parameter):  USB IN 1/2 Destination.


The avalilable options are:


— Multi : All outputs, including 1/4", XLR, and AES/EBU

— 1/4": just 1/4" output

— XLR: just XLR output

— ???

My question is: Why the hell there is not a option to choose just AES/EBU output for the USB IN 1/2??



My setup is the following:


Computer > USB IN 1/2 > Helix Floor

Helix Floor > stereo 1/4" Out to Roland GA-212 (just guitar)

Helix Floor  > AES/EBU Out to Stagesource L2T (intended to use with the incoming audio from the computer)


I already know that I could use the XLR out to feed the Stagesource L2T, but I hate to do that, having the L6 Link cable.


Using the USB IN 1/2 as input and AES/EBU as output doesn't seems to be a problem, since it works using the "Multi" option, so....


Anyone in the Line 6 stuff can answer my question, please?

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On 10/24/2018 at 5:37 PM, phil_m said:

There can only be one digital output active at a time, and the USB audio connection is serving as both a digital in and out whenever it's active even if you aren't using the output in your case.


But.... when "Multi"  is selected: All outputs, including 1/4", XLR, and AES/EBU works (while using the USB audio IN).


This means that the system is capable to use USB IN, and AES/EBU as OUT (along with the rest of the Multi Outs)


So, the problem is not having a single AES/EBU Out option.

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14 hours ago, Digital_Igloo said:

I can add it to the backlog, but it'll get looked at sooner if there's an IdeaScale item to link to.


Done! Here it is:!!/942192-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments


Thank you, Eric  for your kindness, your availability, and your great support!



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Yes the routing options REALLY could do with a spruce up!  Been waiting nearly 2 years now (since submission of my Ideascale - that even DI himself upvoted!) and we have had many amps added that sound almost exactly the same as the other amps - but not these sort of crucial improvements to usability.


My pet peeves

1) we cannot assign Send / Return blocks to USBs, 1/4in, XLR, Digital  

2) Path out - I would like a Multi that did XLR and USB/1/2 - not the 1/4in jacks as well, or just XLR and Digital.  Or even better a "user multi" where you chose what outputs were included.


Surely those are easier to code than an amp model?

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Ah, Send/Return USB blocks, so I can use my iPad live like an external effects board via AUM, or for more looping options, or to drive iOS synths, etc... Endless possibilities without tying up entire signal paths on the Helix. Still hoping for the day. And yes, I've already voted for it on ideascale because nobody of concern will find this here. Just dreamin' out loud, ya know? 



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