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DT amps won't respond to Helix floorboard (Midi/L6 link)


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I'm sending this message regarding the Variax setup of a friend.

First he bought a Line 6 Variax JTV 69S (sunburst strat) and played it through his HD500 pod into a 2x12 clean amp.
But he read, heard and saw so many good things about the new Variax equipment that he decided to give it a spin.
Over the last year he picked up a DT25 (1x12 combo) and a DT50 (2x12 combo).
About a month ago he completed the setup with buying the main processor, the Helix Floorboard.

Everything seems to be working fine.

We followed the manual while setting up and it's all registrered in his Line 6 account. 
It's up and running in Monkey 6, line 6 updater and the Helix firmware is updated to the latest version.


But we can't get the amplifiers to work from the floorboard.
The 69S is connected to the floorboard through Variax Digital Interface cable.
Then we hooked up the L6 line from the board to DT25 and then DT50.
No result.


Then we added the Midi cables (brand Roland black series) from Floorboard out/thru -> DT25 in & DT25 thru -> floorboard in. 
Just to see if it would work on 1 amp.
No result. Plus when changing the pentode/triode switch on the amp it started to make loud burning, crackling, buzzing noises.
(I think that was caused by the connection of the L6 AND midi.) 


We disconnected the L6 link. Also without result. Tried the same with the DT50.

After not getting any result we tried to update the amplifier's firmware through midi, but it didn't get recognized.
This guide:

Everytime we get the same 'undefined error'. Midi device is the Helix Floorboard of course.


We have absolutely no idea how to fix this and get the amps to respond to Helix floorboard adjustments.
Already tried A/B'ing some settings in the floorboard menu.


Hopefully somebody has any idea what can be wrong and how this can be solved. 


With kind regards! 



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It does sound like you need to update the DTs' firmware. Unfortunately, you won't be able to do it through the Helix. The Helix is a MIDI over USB interface, but it won't send the Sysex commands needed for doing the DT firmware update. A dedicated MIDI to USB interface such as the M-Audio Midisport Uno is a good one that's not too expensive.

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1 hour ago, bobcoss said:

You also need to make sure you are using the correct type of cable for L6 Link.   Not all XLR cables will work.  XLR 110-Ohm, AES/EBU or a branded Line 6 cable.


Well, a regular mic cable will work, it's just that over longer lengths there can be issues with data integrity. It's not like it won't work at all.

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Sometimes it doesn't, even at short lengths there can be glitches, especially if you are going for multiple

levels of upright and floor monitor configurations (cascaded stages). And mic cable pin-outs aren't always correct which can short something out.


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