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HX Stomp disconnects all my devices


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HI! I have a great problem with HX Stomp.

When I use it with my computer (I connect HX Stomp to computer via USB) for example to record a song or to make a video tutorial ecc... it disconnects all my devices...
I use an iMac late 2013, when I connect my HX Stomp, in 3-4 minutes it disconnects my webcam, my mouse, my keyboard, my microphone and my audio interface.... all devices!
I'm sure that is HXStomp because I've tried a lot of tests... changing cables, changing USB ports, changing MacOS, and this problem happen only when HX Stomp is connected.

Please can you help me?

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For me,  I have Helix Floor and get blue screens and major issues.   the root problem is the supremely evil Logitech ghub software.   you can start by killing anything logitech in your task manager to see if things work fine... otherwise you may need to uninstall logitech product software.


this has been an issue for 2 years (with Logitech) not helix.    I think logitech incorrectly sees the helix/HX as one of their products and then tries to launch the drivers for it and screws up the system..


give that a try & let us know.

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I have this same problem with my iMac. If i power off my hx stomp whilst it is connected to the computer it boots my keyboard and mouse off too?? I have to manually restart my mac using the power button in order to get my mouse and keyboard back? SOOOOOOO annoying!
First time it happened i lost loads of work :(

Has anyone fixed this issue yet? Im running the latest firmware, installed the latest driver for Catalina and am not using a usb hub or anything, just straight into the main usb port.

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24 minutes ago, Tomh82 said:

installed the latest driver for Catalina and am not using a usb hub or anything, just straight into the main usb port.


I had some similar issues with the HX Stomp when installing the Helix Driver 1.0.9 on El Capitan. It worked but it's actually unsupported on El Capitan per release notes.

Downgrading the driver to v1.0.7 fixed these issues (I hope). But that won't help you if your Mac runs Catalina.


P.S. No Logitech drivers involved whatsoever.

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I'm still having this issue.

The issue has now changed tho and is exactly the same as @RobyRocks. I get 3/4 minutes of recording time then everything gets booted? My bluetooth keyboard and mouse disconnect then reconnect, my stomp looses connection with hx edit and i can't get it to talk to hx edit without a hard restart to the stomp.

Weird thing is i can still hear the stomp in logic and can record with it. I can't however use any of the physical controls on the stomp (dials etc).because its like the screen freezes too?  The lights on the stomp will freeze or shut off completely. I can still change preset manually tho ???????? 

Did anyone find a fix yet?


p.s i have no logitech hardware or software on my iMac ever

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So i followed the steps here and it seems to have fixed it


I tried my stomp with my MacBook pro and logic x and i noticed that in the logic audio preferences the stomp was listed as 'line 6 hx stomp' and on my iMac it was listed in logics audio preferences as only 'hx stomp;


I figured that some how the driver from line 6 wasn't getting used and so the class compliant driver must be being used on the iMac instead.


After following the steps in the link i found out that in fact the driver downloaded from line 6 website was being disabled? God knows why.


Anyway after following the steps in the link i now see the stomp as listed as 'line 6 hx stomp' on my iMac also!! Im gathering that this means it is now using the correct driver. Ive gone from getting 3/4 minutes of use before it all went to sh*t to having my stomp running perfectly for the last 30 minutes. 



so far so good :)


Will update if there is any change


@RobyRocks might be worth a try pal

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