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Bass players that uses HX Stomp


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Any bass players around here? Anyone tried pairing the HX Stomp with any darkglass pedals(specifically the big ones)? Does that even make any sense in regards to tone and usability? Is there any instance that such method is just repetitive and waste of money? I'm considering the HX Stomp for my home studio as overall guitar/bass gear to use and i need insights before i pull the trigger.


Hope everyone's fine.



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4 hours ago, spikey said:


Any many many others - Youtube is your friend! 

yeah, already watched this one among his other hx stomp videos and those were the reason why i'm getting one. i'm just curious if using it with an actual darkglass pedal would add up any awesomeness or just ridiculous and waste of money.

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If you have a DAW/computer setup with a decent audio interface, some folks have used a free trial of Helix Native to do some preliminary testing to see if the hardware unit might work out for them. But you need to be proficient and in/out routing and gain staging and that sort of stuff....

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Hello as a Bass player, my rig is as follow :


A cali compressor in entry, then the hx stomp, and on a send return, I have a derkglass alpha omega ultra.


Then I have my old beloved pedals, the compressor and the Darkglass and I'm set.

The alpha omega is mainly a distorsion pedal and act like a blok (send return block) and you are set, all other effects (chorus delay octaver filters) are done with the stomp.


I use the BK7 block of the stomp mainly to act like a préamp for my clean sound adding a tiny bit of distortion and shaping low etc. For the real distortion I go thru my darkglass. Works perfect for me.

I use the cali bass compressor since years, no compressor in the stomp can match that pedal (or maybe it's me I'm to0 used to it).


Hope it can help.

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I’m a bass player, and I’m using only Hx Stomp.

For me it’s the best compromise cost/quality/audio and has the amp & cab sims where can choose mics and infinity other settings.

Don’t be scary because Hx Edit is very simple to be used.

You can keep out a wide variety of sound.

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I'm using the Stomp for recording bass, the way I set it up is I'm using the g cougar 800 amp into 1x15 ampeg B-15 cab on the right channel as a parallell signal chain, on the left channel I'm using Ampeg SVT-brt into a 6x10 cali power cab, both with a compressor on the front of the amps. Then I'm using my source audio aftershock tweaked to sound as I want it into the return R and a clean DI into return L from a DI-box/preamp, this way I effectively get 4 separate tracks with different processing recorded simultaneously and I can then blend them to taste/mute the ones I'm not feeling I need when it comes mixtime. I've just set this up but the flexibility is massive in combination with only having to record 1 time and still have 4 sounds to choose from. I hope this will help me during mix stage and I'm quite certain it will, initial impressions are good. Something similarly could probably be made with the darkglass pedals but I'm not using the aftershock (which is what I would guess my complement to the darkglass alternatives) as an input to drive a cab sim of the stomp, more like I've tried to eq it to sound like a cabinet itself.


If you're interested I could upload a picture of how the setup looks (not sure it makes much sense to anybody else but I've taken a picture for me to remember how to set it up)


You will have to dig rather deep in the manual to understand the routing of it tho. Took me a few months to figure out the routing flexibility of the HX stomp which is astonishing.

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I'm primarily a bassist. The Stomp does everything I need and more for bass. I use it live in all sorts of venues, and I have patches for each of my gigs with variations to suit both my electric and acoustic basses. I also use it for personal practice and for recording.


I do add a few external pedals to my Stomp for electric guitar, but as KozMcCharlie mentioned, there's already a lot of great bass tones in the box. If you want the Darkglass sound, the Obsidian OD model is the Helix equivalent, and it's in the HX Stomp. The Obsidian can get you very close to a B7K with a bit of tweaking.

You can also adapt other Helix OD's to bass, by mixing in some direct signal. That's a big part of Darkglass' recipe for high-gain tones with plenty of note definition.

If you're experienced enough to know exactly what you want, it's all pretty easy to dial in via HX Edit. Once you've nailed your patches and saved them them, you don't have to go back to HX Edit very often.

Where a physical Darkglass pedal would come in handy, is if you're just starting out and don't know how to dial in a good distorted bass tone.


In that situation, the B7K, Ultra, etc., will give you quick, easy access to popular Metal bass tones. If you're unsure on how to tweak the settings, help for Darkglass stuff is all over the internet, and you can dial up your tones without having to go menu-diving.

Still, Darkglass gear is pretty expensive.


If you've got the time get to know the Stomp a little better, I would wait until you've maxed it out before deciding whether or not you blow the big buck$ on more pedals.

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I have been experimenting with native and have a rack turning up today (very excited).  Coming from some really nice pedals and preamps I have been massively impressed with Helix and cannot wait until my rack is here to incorporate the gear together.  I found the best result so far was doing a freq split and running the cali ch2 as a preamp and the clawthorn in the higher freqs but both pretty subtle and then bringing it all back in with the cougar.  this gives that more gritty and organic overdrive tone that I love...I must admit that i have gone a bit away from the brittleness of the darkglass world even though the obsidian also sounds great.   I then use the two notes cabs as a separate app (also have a captor x) and also worked well with another IR i love.  The inbuilt cabs are a bit bland for me and i really like using a very specific cab setup. 


I think with Helix if you know what you want and what works it can be a hugely powerful tool.  If you are looking for a plug and play tone I think it could be a bit overwhelming as the real magic seems a bit buried.  

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Im new to all this I am thinking about getting a stomp but how would these setups worth at home? equipment i currently use is a Mesa Boogie Subway D800 has a DI on it and effects loop, Darkglass compressor, Bass Soul Food Peterson Tuner and Bass Cloner Chorus. Does anyone have any pics of there set ups using bass amp I do like the pre amp on this.

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Hi Guys!

Do you use Impulse Responses on your HX Stomp?

hoping to do something nice, i will share with you an interesting IR pack dedicated to iconic bass amps: Aguilar, GK, Trace Elliot, SWR, Ampeg. Is made by Italian company DrapSound in collaboration with the Youtube channel Bass Your Life. 

I use these IRs on my HXStomp and IMHO DrapSound made an incredibile job, you can feel the small differences that distinguish each brand

They also made a Bass Pack with the iconic Vintage Instruments (Pbass, Jazz, Pre EB MM, etc...)

If interested, check here https://www.drapsound.com/ir-for-bass

(i made a video here)

Please share your opinions about IRs on bass, i'm very curious about








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